Spring Cleaning – Give Yourself A Cleansing Food Makeover

As the weather begins to warm, I always find myself craving a cleansing food makeover.

When we think about spring cleaning, our minds typically go straight to our home.  While getting our living space clean and organized is important, what about our bodies?

Who here thinks about spring cleaning their insides?

So often we choose to start a cleanse at the beginning of the calendar year as a “New Years resolution.” To me it just feels counterintuitive to begin a fresh cleansing routine while you are still in the dead of winter.  That is not to say you shouldn’t do it – whenever you decide to cleanse, it’s always beneficial.

However, there is something about springtime.  The rebirth of all that is living – all the birds chirping, the baby bunnies hopping all over, the flowers and trees beginning to blossom.  Personally, this is when I feel called to give myself a cleansing food makeover.

In fact, my whole family and I just started the Medical Medium Advanced 3-6-9 Cleanse!  Details about this cleanse and others can be found in Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal. I also have personally committed to eating 10 – 15 stalks of asparagus every day for a month because this helps to remove fat cells from the liver and cleanses the liver, lymph and kidneys. 

If you are new to cleansing and wondering where to begin, let’s start by talking about cleansing foods. 

The Holy Four

There is a group of foods that Anthony has named the “Holy Four” because of their incredible nourishing, healing, and cleansing properties.  

What are the Holy Four?

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Wild Foods


Many of us already know the powers of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices…but did you know how extraordinary wild foods are?  Foods like aloe vera, Atlantic sea vegetables, wild blueberries, and other wild berries. 

These foods are packed with adaptogens which help our bodies adapt to what life throws our way.  Wild foods retain the vitamin and mineral levels created by nature, while carrying critical survival information in their cells.  When we eat wild foods, that wisdom that has allowed them to thrive in the elements of our world throughout time, becomes part of us.  Our bodies actually gain that survival wisdom from wild foods.

“Wild foods are amazing for reversing the damage caused by excess adrenaline, unproductive foods, and especially the Unforgiving Four.  As a group, wild foods are the missing piece, the Holy Grail, and the secret to getting a fresh start.”

Anthony William, Life Changing Foods

For more detailed information on wild foods, check out the Medical Medium blog Go Wild To Thrive.  Also, my blog, Wild Blueberry Health Benefits, is loaded with healing information about wild foods.

Committing To A Cleanse

When we decide to commit to a cleanse, many times we want to dive in head first.  However, the most important thing to remember when choosing a cleanse is that the best cleanse is the one you will actually do.

Ask yourself, what feels manageable to me right now?

Medical Medium has many different cleanses that have different purposes for healing.

  • 369 Cleanses  – the simplified, original & advanced for healing the liver (found in the Cleanse to Heal book)
  • 28 day raw cleanse (found in the Revised & Expanded Medical Medium book)
  • Mono cleanse – for healing gut issues (found in the Cleanse to Heal book)
  • Morning cleanse – to help your liver flush well first thing in the morning (found in Cleanse to Heal)
  • Anti Bug Cleanse – to help you get started with an anti viral healing plan (found in Cleanse to Heal)
  • Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse – to help you focus on removal of Toxic Heavy Metals (found in Cleanse to Heal)


In addition to the many cleanses shared in the Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal book, I also have a 21-Day Intuitive Raw CleanseThis Intuitive Raw Cleanse is based on an adjustable plan that aligns with your own intuition. You can transition to a high level of raw food if you desire, or you can follow your intuition and take a slower pace towards a healthier, raw lifestyle. The benefit of the Intuitive Raw Cleanse is that you get a shopping list, meal plans, and ways to learn how to ease into a raw food lifestyle and ease out of it without overwhelm! 

Regardless of the cleanse you choose, committing to a cleanse is an opportunity to experience a physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.  This is your opportunity to feel healthy, look healthy and experience the natural glow of wellness.

You deserve to enjoy your body and your life.  A cleansing food makeover is the first step.

Leave a comment and let me know what cleanse you have tried or intend to try, and how you felt differently during and after your cleanse.  

To your health & happiness,



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