1-on-1 Laser Coaching

Laser 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Muneeza in a Group Setting

1-on-1 Laser Coaching with Muneeza will support you where you are on your health journey in an educational group setting.

You will not only receive personalized health support, but will also learn from the advice given to your fellow group members.

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1-on-1 Laser Coaching seats fill out quickly. If you do not see any availability, please click the button below and get on the waiting list to be the first to know when the next opening is available.

Muneeza’s 1-on-1 Laser Coaching in a group setting program is designed for people who those who:

**NOTE: If you are brand new to Medical Medium information, please check out my Intuitive Healing Community membership program. It contains a teaching schedule to help you better understand the healing protocols so you can start applying the MM information in your life.
Muneeza Ahmed
Muneeza Ahmed

"Muneeza answered my exact question and went into details that helped me understand the condition better. Most importantly gave me a plan to work with, especially with food and supplements. I feel on track now to make huge improvements....It was also good to hear things that were being told to others as I took notes and picked up other information that would help me and my niece."

J Swatty

What This Program Is:

Muneeza Ahmed
Muneeza Ahmed

"I am very happy with a clear understanding of the root cause of my symptoms and how to heal with diet and supplements."

G. M.

What You Get:

Muneeza Ahmed

Here's what 1-ON-1 LASER COACHING WITH MUNEEZA participants had to say after their sessions...

“I appreciate Muneeza’s attention to and patience with each person and her ability to meet each person exactly where they were at.”

“Muneeza herself is a very outstanding woman, she is so intelligent and warmhearted. She treats everyone with so much respect and mindfulness.”

“It was very helpful getting dosages and just confirmation and support in this health journey.”

“I was finally able to collect the last dots and have a clear view, what I need to focus on to move forward in my healing journey. All my questions have been answered!”

“I did receive answers to my health questions. I learned more about the causes of my symptoms and what additional protocols to follow, including changing doses of supplements I have been taking and adding some additional ones as well.”

There are two big benefits you experience in the group session that you don’t experience in a private 1:1 session:

I encourage you to take advantage of this special invitation. Lean into these benefits.

1-on-1 Laser Coaching



Please note: If you are a NEW CLIENT to Muneeza, you must book 2 spots as Muneeza will need a longer time to address your health history questions.

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Muneeza Ahmed

"I love that I have a place where I can ask questions...

I have been on my own in this for a long time, and it has been fine, but I feel some relief that I have people who have so much more knowledge and experience with this at my disposal.”

S. S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Muneeza will review your personal health history prior to the appointment and give you 20 minutes of individual coaching time during which she will provide you with a personal healing plan.

Muneeza reviews your form in advance and employs her intuition to create a healing plan that addresses your top 1 to 2 issues. As long as you have a baseline knowledge of Medical Medium information, 20 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to provide you with a healing plan focused on your most critical issues. If Muneeza reviews your form and determines that your issue cannot be adequately addressed in this format, we will reach out to make private arrangements.

If there are fewer than 6 people on the call, everyone still gets 20 minutes and we end earlier than the 2 hours allotted. Medium information, 20 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to provide you with a healing plan focused on your most critical issues. If Muneeza reviews your form and determines that your issue cannot be adequately addressed in this format, we will reach out to make private arrangements.

During your time, you are able to ask questions. We ask that you please be respectful of the amount of time used to ensure all participants receive their allotted time.

Group Coaching Appointments with Muneeza are done via Zoom. Muneeza will use Zoom for Group Coaching Calls as we have found it to be more reliable with clearer connections. You will simply log on for your appointment time and Muneeza will join you on the call when she is ready. Please contact to receive a Group Coaching Zoom link. Zoom offers a free account option. Though having an account is not necessary for the call, we STRONGLY encourage clients using Zoom to test and be comfortable logging on PRIOR to your appointment.

You must be present and available in a quiet place for the Group Coaching call. Please do not move around a lot, and if there is noise in your background please make sure your call is muted.

If you are experiencing tech issues, do your best to troubleshoot and reconnect. If it is too disruptive or you cannot regain connection, you will be asked to forfeit your appointment and reschedule.

Each participant is allowed to ask 1 follow up question through the client portal. Participants looking for additional support are encouraged to book another group coaching session, join the Intuitive Healing Community, or book a private session with Muneeza.

Your plan is given to you during the group coaching session. You are expected to take your own notes. It is important that you reach clarity on your healing plan during your time with Muneeza DURING the group coaching call. Should you need to clarify anything regarding Muneeza’s suggestions, please use the portal to submit your 1 follow up question.