New year, new you, but do it right

It’s that time of year again. We’re taking stock of the previous year and setting intentions for the new year ahead. This year, break that cycle for yourself.

New year, new you, but do it right

It’s that time of year again. We’re taking stock of the previous year and setting intentions for the year ahead. How can we treat ourselves and others better? How can we get closer to the vision we hold for our lives?

Our health and habits are at the top of the list of things within our power to change. For many of us, this brings up complex relationships to food, weight, health, and healing. We might experience guilt or shame after indulging during the holidays, or we might hope to see more progress in our healing in the year ahead than we did in the previous year.

It’s easy to pile on huge amounts of pressure as we make our lists and think up our new exercise and eating plans – we have to be careful as we set our resolutions. There are reasons we’re gaining weight, feeling tired and sluggish, and not reaching our full potential. If we ignore those reasons, we get stuck in a rat race of setting goals and falling short year after year.

This year, break that cycle for yourself. Build true healing into your day-to-day for the year ahead and turn your new year’s intentions into a daily commitment.


There’s a trap most of us fall into. It’s a trap we’ve been conditioned to fall for all our lives.

The weight gain is your fault. The lack of energy is your fault. Your chronic symptoms are not healing fast enough because you’re not working hard enough to heal them – your fault.

But there are reasons those extra glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve took you down for several days afterward. And the weight you put on despite just a few cheat days over the holidays has causes that go beyond those extra sweets.

Many of the changes we aim for every January – a better physique, more energy, greater accomplishment, deeper fulfillment – face barriers that are outside of our control. Our livers are struggling because of what we’re up against in today’s world, which leads to weight gain (yes, the liver is responsible for weight gain, not calories or lack of exercise). Our brains are starving because we’ve been intentionally misled about how to properly nourish them (hint: fats harm rather than heal the brain – for proper brain health, we want abundant antioxidants, phytochemicals, and whole-food sources of glucose).

It’s not just about giving up coffee and carbs for a month or only drinking alcohol on Fridays. Our choices and habits matter, but to create lasting improvement in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, we must recognize that there’s more to this story. And it will take more than a few months of meatless Mondays to lead us back to health.


Industries want us addicted and sick. Addicted consumers are loyal consumers, and sick consumers spend money to get better.

The food industry is adding MSG to our foods and hiding it on food labels. MSG is behind these ingredients: natural flavors, flavorings, nutritional yeast, yeast extract, maltodextrin, carrageenan, seasoning, and more. Read about other hidden sources of MSG in my blog on this topic.

MSG is highly addictive and highly toxic. It keeps us coming back for more and makes us sick with each bite, harming the brain and causing neurological symptoms. Food companies are aware of this and continue to poison our children and us. Even tea companies are adding natural flavors to their products, making a healthier choice like herbal tea a potential toxic exposure.

The pharmaceutical industry has been adding toxic heavy metals  like aluminum and other toxins like formaldehyde to medical treatments and prescribed medications for decades. Toxic heavy metals contribute to almost every chronic condition, and other toxins bog down the liver, detracting from our overall health.

We’ve learned from Brain Saver by Medical Medium that big pharma is also working with the caffeine industry. Pharmaceuticals contain caffeine, which further drives addiction and masks an individual’s symptoms.

If your medication seems to be helping due to a mild adrenaline high from caffeine numbing your symptoms, you’ll keep going back to that medication over and over again. You’re simultaneously becoming addicted to caffeine, increasing profits for big pharma and the caffeine industry – their number one priority.

Every day poisons rain down on us. Just look up, and you’ll see lines of toxins streaking across the sky. Learn more here. And check out my GMO and Chemtrails Master Class for tools to protect yourself and your family.

Every time we step into a public restroom with air fresheners, we encounter yet another toxic exposure. These vaporized toxins, masked by what some find to be a pleasing scent and loaded with nanoparticulate toxic heavy metals, enter the lungs and bloodstream, wreaking havoc on our livers and weakening our immune systems. These toxins become a feeding frenzy for pathogens in our bodies, which consume them. Learn more about the hidden dangers of fragrances from the Medical Medium blog and podcast.

Our health is being attacked from all angles. Our health challenges are not our fault. The weight we can’t seem to lose is likely related to a burdened liver doing its best to protect us from so much toxic exposure. And our lack of motivation or debilitating depression often stems from toxic heavy metals disrupting neurons in the brain. We’re not lazy or broken; we are alive in a world where purposeful toxic exposure lurks around every corner.


This isn’t about generating fear. Increasing our awareness of the true scale of toxic exposure can feel scary. Still, I believe it’s scarier to be exposed without our knowledge and without the tools to protect ourselves. We are being exposed whether we’re conscious of it or not – better to know what we’re facing and how to fight back.

Focusing on two crucial organs in our bodies will allow for a huge step forward in our health: our livers and brains. If you make no other commitment in 2023 than to understand how to better care for your liver and brain, you will still have made tremendous progress that will lead to tangible improvement.

Problems in the liver are directly related to weight issues, skin issues, immune system strength, lymph health (also connected to weight issues), and the health of all our organs and body systems. As the filter for our bodies, the liver bears the brunt of all these toxins.

When we know how to cleanse and restore the liver, we can transform our well-being. A strong liver means weaker pathogens and fewer toxins. Read Liver Rescue by Medical Medium for in-depth insight into the miraculous nature of our livers and how to restore them, and Cleanse to Heal for powerful cleanse options to remove toxins and rebuild your defenses.

In an age of neurological issues, our brains are crying out for us to take better care of them. Brain health, or lack thereof, is at the root of brain fog, mental clarity, the ability to focus and achieve our goals, our sense of agency and self-confidence, and so much more.

We can counteract the toxins and pathogens which cause depression, anxiety, and feelings of inferiority (which are caused by physical issues as much as or more than emotional issues). A great start is implementing the heavy metal detox cleanses from Medical Medium’s Cleanse to Heal and Brain Saver. Toxic heavy metals are among the worst brain antagonizers of our time. Read my toxic heavy metals blog to learn more.

Addressing our struggling livers and brains will lead to an actual moving of the needle instead of temporary improvements. Building health goes beyond weight loss goals and manifesting our dream job. When we invest our energy in powerful cleansing tools that work, we build a stronger foundation of health that affects every aspect of our lives.

I’ve created a free 7-day video resource to help you address many of the common antagonists we’re up against in today’s world called Your Roadmap for Healing Chronic, Mystery, and Autoimmune Illness, which is a great place to start.


New Year’s resolutions are a marketing tool. There are organizations whose fundamental mission is to help people achieve their goals, but many are simply out to make money. Let’s use the new year’s motivation to benefit us, not the industries that seek to profit from our actions.

Instead of signing up for a new gym membership and dabbling during Veganuary, let’s make a profound daily commitment to heal and protect ourselves. Let’s make thriving throughout the year the resolution that guides us. It goes beyond hype into a meaningful relationship with ourselves and our choices.

If we want to make sustainable improvements, it’s essential to cultivate discipline. Rather than limiting us, discipline brings clarity and consistency, which is true freedom – freedom from the traps and temptations of a world full of agendas that work against us.

Instead of only setting lofty goals for the year, set regular smaller goals too. Set daily goals – today, I will avoid fats until dinnertime or avoid fats altogether, weekly goals – this week, I’ll make celery juice every morning or increase my daily celery juice to 32 oz, monthly goals – I will do a 369 cleanse once a month every month this year, and annual goals – this year I will avoid all “no foods” entirely.

For inspiration, check out my blog on selecting the right cleanse for you based on your current goals or challenges.


When we create consistency around our commitment to health, we have less opportunity to fall into the traps that undermine us. That coffee doesn’t sound as good when we’ve invested our energy in filling our body with healing foods, and as our energy levels improve, we no longer need it. A mocktail sounds better than a cocktail after an entire month of abstaining from alcohol – who needs the morning-after headache? And those chocolate and salt cravings finally subside after a few months of regular cleansing, which addressed the reasons those cravings were there in the first place.

Consistency and sustainability are how we protect ourselves in a poisonous world. As our bodies heal and our minds clear, we can protect ourselves from the lies we’re being fed about what’s healthy and what’s not (fruit fear, anyone?). When we give our bodies living foods that nourish and restore us, our intuition strengthens, and discernment becomes easier. Discernment is crucial in a world rife with deception.

As we discover proper health in our bodies and minds, we can protect our souls from the distractions designed to keep us disconnected from ourselves and each other. Wasting time getting involved with online drama becomes less appealing. Watching yet another action-packed movie about the end of the world for a fix of harmful adrenaline feels empty compared to building community within our immediate circles and with others worldwide.

When the tricks, toxins, and trends lose their luster, we discover true well-being on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This is how we heal ourselves individually, and this is how we heal humanity.


Setting ourselves up for success now makes us resilient down the road. As our world becomes increasingly more toxic, the measures we take to build healing into our routines will be more and more crucial to maintain quality of life. Unfortunately, the longer we wait to start this journey, the more likely we will face serious health challenges. We will see this play out around us as illness increases.

Again, my intention is not to create fear. Fear doesn’t serve us. We can arm ourselves with the truth to rise above in a world set up to tear us down. Poisons which operate in the dark are far more powerful than those we are aware of and can choose to avoid and remove from our bodies.

As we stand rooted in the truth, wielding tools of healing, we fight back against the interests that seek to undermine our health. We become living proof that they cannot keep us sick and helpless. We shine as an example for others to follow. And we move away from the cycle of quick fixes and temporary improvements to real change and lasting well-being.

My prayer for all of us this year is that a deep sense of honoring our bodies, minds, and spirits grows so that the trends of healing and empowerment outshine all other trends. May you find that empowerment for yourself today, next month, and throughout the year ahead.

To your health and peace,


Muneeza Ahmed

4 thoughts on “New year, new you, but do it right”

  1. Michael Dargaville

    Hi there
    I think your blog is great. Do you know if Anthony William has said anything about choline daily requirement amount. Or would you know. Some have said daily limit if only 300my OK not the 4-500mg. I’m on a fat free vegan diet and worry. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks so much! I’ve never heard Anthony discuss a daily required amount but the Celery Force supplement he recommends from Vimergy has choline for brain and nervous system support. You can check the dosage there!

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Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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