Understanding The Role Of Toxic Heavy Metals In Chronic Illness

Understanding The Role Of Toxic Heavy Metals In Chronic Illness

Toxic heavy metals contribute to ALL viral and bacterial conditions!


What Are Toxic Heavy Metals?

Metals such as Mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, lead, arsenic, nickel, chrome, alloys, and steel find their way into our bodies and threaten our health by creating or contributing to chronic illness.


We all have heavy metals in our bodies, but which ones we have, where they settle, and how much we have is different for every person…this is why no two conditions are ever exactly the same.




Some of the most common conditions with an aggressive heavy metal component are: Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar, OCD, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Cancer, PANDAS, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism & ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Early Vision Problems, Speech Delays/Issues, Bed Wetting, Neuro Asthma, Lyme Disease, MS, Arrhythmia, A-Fib, Heart Palpitations, Sleep Issues, Type 2 Diabetes, Under Eye Circles, Eye Floaters, and SO many more.


How Do Heavy Metals Lead to Chronic Illness?

Heavy metals can provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which can create overgrowth and lead to many gut issues.  Additionally, heavy metals actually feed viruses.  When a virus feeds on heavy metals, it then excretes a far more toxic and dangerous neurotoxin which wreaks havoc on our central nervous system (CNS), causing a myriad of symptoms and conditions.


Furthermore, these metals have a destructive ionic charge that hurts our cells.  As we know, metal can rust.  This same process can happen within our bodies.  When metals inside our bodies oxidize, they create a toxic runoff that damages any tissue in its path. 


Radiation and DDT in the brain can kill brain tissue, causing the metals to oxidize at a rapid rate.


A high fat (high protein) diet will rapidly increase the rate of oxidation as well.


How Do We Acquire Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are found in every single pharmaceutical and medical intervention, also in city water, jet fuel falling from the sky, copper water pipes, restaurant food prepared with heavy scraping of metal cooking utensils on metal pans, nano spray applied to manufactured items, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.


Metals are passed down from generation to generation – we actually come into this world with a heavy metal load from our family line as they are passed at conception and acquired in utero.  



Of all the toxic heavy metals, mercury is the most destructive and pervasive.  Mercury stays in the bloodline for millenia and is passed from generation to generation, getting stronger as it goes.  


Mercury mining, which began two to three thousand years ago, is the reason we all have mercury inside of us.  One of the many ways mercury has entered our bodies and passed through our family lines was due to the practice of the mercury elixir during the seventeen and eighteen hundreds.  Mercury was given to every person when they went to see a conventional doctor – they were  given “quicksilver,” regardless of age or issue, claiming that it would help them heal.  This was devastating!  Many people lost their lives, their jobs, and their sanity.


Today we not only deal with old inherited mercury and other heavy metals, but also with new exposure.  Have you eaten a can of tuna? Have you ever used a pharmaceutical (prescription or over the counter)? Have you ever had a medical treatment? Perhaps you’ve had pesticides sprayed in your home?  All of these and more can contribute to the mercury within your body.


Mercury gathers in the body, the old mercury will find the new mercury and collect together…as it builds, it becomes stronger.  This is why you see the worsening of symptoms as time goes on – such as the alzheimer’s, dementia, OCD, anxiety, depression, memory loss, etc.  


Why Are Everybody’s Symptoms So Different?

Heavy metals gather in varying places in the brain and body – it is unique to the individual. In addition, everybody has different types of metals…these unique combinations are alloys, which reflect off one another causing even greater problems.  When you factor in the oxidation of these metals and the strengthening of pathogens from feeding on the metals, it becomes clear why symptoms can be so vastly different making it confusing for the patient and the practitioner.


Detoxing Heavy Metals

Fortunately there is a way to remove heavy metals from our bodies.  The most effective way to detox heavy metals is to eat these five ingredients daily:

Spirulina – an algae that draws out heavy metals from your brain, CNS, and liver – it also soaks up heavy metals that are extracted by consuming barley grass juice powder. 

Barley Grass Juice Powder – Can draw heavy metals out of your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive system.  Also prepares the mercury for absorption by the spirulina. 

Cilantro – Goes deep into the hard to reach places and pulls the metals from long ago.

Wild Blueberries – Draw the metals out of brain tissue, while repairing any gaps that were created by the oxidation when the metals were removed. Possess unique phytonutrients that have special detoxifying capabilities. These are especially helpful for your brain. 

Atlantic Dulse – This seaweed binds to lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel…and it can remove mercury on its own!  It will go deep into the digestive tract and gut to seek out the hidden mercury and when it finds any heavy metal it will bind to it and never release it until it is safely out of your system. 


One of the easiest and most delicious ways to incorporate all of these powerful ingredients into your daily diet is by making the Medical Medium® Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (HMDS).


Drinking celery juice daily is also another highly effective way to begin to remove toxic heavy metals.  Celery juice binds to the oxidative runoff from the heavy metals and neutralizes it.  Furthermore, the incredible mineral salts in celery juice actually possess the ability to disarm the destructive charge carried by the heavy metals and render them inactive, making them much less aggressive.


Foods To Bring In

When focusing on removing heavy metals, you should always bring in an abundance of fruit and leafy greens for the glucose and mineral salts.  Certain foods are actually particularly helpful to remove toxic heavy metals:

Apples, dates, figs, grapes, melons, oranges, berries (especially wild), plums, cucumber, avocado, parsley, radish and dandelion greens, asparagus, leafy greens, onions, sprouts, garlic, and sweet potatoes.


Moving Forward

Beyond drinking the HMDS and celery juice, it is critical that you begin to remove some of the “no foods” from your diet.  Start by eliminating eggs, dairy, and wheat as having these in your diet will make it much more difficult to detox.  


It is also imperative that you lower your fat intake – whether from plant or animal sources, your fat intake should be very minor so that your body is more able to detox the heavy metals.


It is clear that a toxic heavy metal load is unavoidable in today’s society.  Therefore we must do everything in our power to remove these toxic substances. 


Focusing on your desire to lower your heavy metal load will inevitably begin to reduce your symptoms.  This is an excellent place to start!


To your health & healing,




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3 thoughts on “Understanding The Role Of Toxic Heavy Metals In Chronic Illness”

  1. I have about 9-10 dental fillings and because of that i already lost hope that i can heal. I know in order to fully heal i need to remove them,but i also know that mm doesnt advise that since even if you go to biological holistic dentist, mercury will leak into blood . The problem is that i have alot of them. I hate the doctor that did it to me and it caused to so much problems. I had debilitating ocd,panicj attacks,migraines-all gone now.
    But now another symptoms started, i feel like i am in rocking boat, heavy hands and feet,balance issues, i feel like i am dying and never would be able to heal because of this things in my mouth. Lost any hope and feel so lonely,desperate,crying every day.
    No way out

    1. Elena there is hope! You can heal! I have had clients way way worse than you who have healed. So I tell you this with confidence – BELIEVE that you can heal because you can. We are here for support and help – please join the community if you need it!

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Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m proud to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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