What is SPIRIT? 


Anthony William, Medical Medium talks about spirit in his first book: 

“The third key component I look at when I scan a client is that person’s spirit—which in this context refers to someone’s will and physical strength. Your spirit is not your soul. They are two separate parts of you. It’s your spirit that enables you to climb, run, and fight. Even if your soul’s been battered and your heart is faint, your spirit can keep you physically going while you look for opportunities to heal. For example, sometimes I’ll tell a very ill client to start walking, go out to watch birds, and look at sunsets. That helps the client regain her or his spirit, and that can be the start to rebuilding the heart and soul.”


Anthony William goes on to talk about how much of our human spirit lives in our guts. He says, “That spirit is your essence of self, your will and your intuition.” It is no coincidence that the English language provides so much language around the intuition that stems from the gut, like “gut feeling,” “feeling gutted,” “acting gutless,” or when referring to bravery of action, “she’s so gutsy.” This tells us that humans have a deep knowing about the integral role of the gut in our intuition, emotions and in our ability to take action. 


Our strength lives in our guts. 


According to Anthony, our guts have emotional pores. Emotional state can control how much good and bad bacteria actually flourish in our guts. Poor gut health greatly hampers intuition. 


If you have an infection in the gut – any kind of pathogen, be it bacterial, viral, mold, yeast etc., these pathogens can block your natural instincts and can allow more sickness and illness to proliferate. If you have ‘leaky gut,’ poor digestion, acid reflux, infections, IBS, pain in the gut, gastritis etc., it is critical for you to focus on healing these issues so that your intuition can become healthier and more accurate. 


Real Life Case of a Wounded Spirit 


I worked with a client a few months ago who, over 3-4 years, has worked through all the classic EBV symptoms, eczema, fatigue, hormonal issues etc.  and by the grace of God, is feeling so much better now. We were talking about next steps for her healing as she is still struggling with a few minor symptoms. What I kept hearing from her was “I’ll try,” “I’m not sure,” “ I don’t know,” “kinda,” and “maybe”. Every suggestion I gave her was met with this level of apathy. She had not been so apathetic before and had put in some incredible effort to heal, so it was a different attitude. 


We talked about why she was struggling to commit and whether she often felt a sense of apathy. She was quiet for a moment and said, “Yes. I do, actually.”  We talked about her earliest memory of this. And she said, “Well, I remember being like that as a teenager.” We talked about any instances that could be the root of this. She was able to identify a couple of things. Mind you, if you are wondering why I am delving into this topic on a medical Intuitive reading, it is because her lack of commitment to the next steps was in her way of next level healing. 


I gave her some meditations and prayers to help her clear the apathy. By the end of her session, she already sounded more committed. She was experiencing a loss of her “spirit,” or as Anthony calls it on page 22 of Medical Medium, her will.


Play and the spirit of playfulness heal the soul, heart, and spirit. 


When we play, it stimulates the central nervous system & brain and improves our brain function. But it does more than that. It strengthens every part of our immune system! 


Creativity is a way of playing. Both creativity and play strengthen our spirit. Play also connects to movement, like dancing. For me, dancing is a huge form of therapy. I started going to dance class before my arm was injured by a poisonous bite in 2017 and in fact, through the last 2.5 years of healing, dancing has helped strengthen my soul – helped me get through periods that were really, really tough. 


So find your creative outlet. What revives your spirit and makes your soul sing? What comforts your heart? We are meant to play and create and dance through the troubles in life.


In my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, I am focusing a full day on each aspect of your full being – body, soul, heart and spirit. If you are interested in coming, you can schedule an exploratory call to learn more about the retreat and whether it’s a fit for you. Please click here to learn more about my Nourish Into Wholeness Retreat at the beautiful Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.

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To your health, happiness and wellness,


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