What is the SOUL? 


In his book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, Anthony says that the soul “is the consciousness of a person, or what some call ‘the ghost in the machine.’ Your soul resides in your brain, where your soul stores your memories and experiences.” He states that we do not come to earth with empty slates. We come here with memories and experiences we have gathered along the way. And the soul carries all memories and experiences even when the brain (where the soul lives in the human body) is injured. 


Most of us who live here on planet earth are enduring some level of stress and struggle. It is through these sustained hardships that our souls can become damaged, or “fractured” as he describes. He even says that he knows when a soul is fractured, because in a reading, he can see the light come through. It is also possible through difficult life circumstances to actually experience a loss of parts of your soul. Those clients who experience unresolved trauma, for example, or find that they cannot access certain experiences, often have soul loss. 


Soul loss can result in loss of energy or one’s life force. Think of how a spouse who has lost a 40-year long companion feels. They sometimes lose their zest or verve for life. This is what a soul loss can feel like. It can happen at any age. When we have soul loss, we feel more vulnerable in life. 


Your soul also stores your hope and your faith, both of which help keep you on the right path.


Humor and nature help protect your soul.


Humor is really important to protect your soul from wounding and loss. This is the entire reason that I watch the TV show, “Friends,” on repeat. I love the humor and it uplifts me every single time. 


Many of us find that we are uplifted by nature or by dancing or doing something physical. For those of us who are unable to do anything physical, watching something funny that can keep us on an even keel is so helpful. 


Other ways to soothe your soul are to watch videos of babies or animals. I also love the series by Liziqi, a Chinese woman who videos her life harvesting, cooking and selling her goods. She depicts life in nature and the videos are peaceful and quiet and have a beautiful quality of rural life. She is not plant-based or vegan, but you can still enjoy the peace that the videos bring, if you are on Mattress Island as Anthony calls it. I was on Mattress Island for many months after I was bitten in my arm by a dangerous insect and experienced what in the medical world would probably have been classified as severe Lyme symptoms. I started to watch lots of soothing videos and they literally saved my mind and my adrenals from struggling. 


Anthony says that ideally, we should have a fully intact soul. He writes, 

“Over the course of life’s hardships, though, a soul can become fractured and even lose pieces of itself. This is  caused by traumatic events, such as the death of a loved one, betrayal by a loved one, or betrayal of oneself. When I scan a client, fractures in her or his soul resemble cracks in a cathedral window. I can tell where the fractures are, because that’s where the light comes streaming through. As for a soul with missing pieces, it’s like a house at night that’s meant to have all of its lights on . . . except some of its rooms are stuck in the dark. This soul damage can result in a loss of energy, or even loss of life force. That’s why it’s important to be aware of it. Sometimes a client’s problem isn’t physical—rather, it’s an affliction of the soul. A person with soul damage is vulnerable.” 


As an intuitive, I can feel people’s emotional wounds pretty profoundly. My job then becomes to help my clients determine where the wounds lie, whether in the soul, the heart or their spirit, or a combination of all three. I will typically then recommend remedies they can take or practices they can do to support themselves. Sometimes this means referring them out to an emotional support practitioner who is experienced in helping with the type of wounding experienced. 


If you are experiencing soul loss, or you think you are, please go to Chapter 22 of the first Medical Medium book, called “Soul-Healing Meditations and Techniques”. There are many soul-healing prescriptions in this chapter and I highly recommend doing them, even if you do not believe they will work. Choose a practice or mediation that resonates with you. Be consistent and practice one or two of them everyday. You will definitely see results. I have seen results using these techniques in my own life as well as with my clients. 


Medical Medium also states: “Along the same lines, if you ever observe someone hungrily pursuing spiritual learning in any form—religion, spiritual gurus, self-help books, meditation retreats—it may be because that person’s soul has been damaged, and she or he is instinctively searching for ways to make it healthy and complete again. That’s a critical job for each of us—when our time here ends, our souls should be sufficiently intact to survive the journey beyond the stars, where God will receive them.” This is a really important factor to remember. We DO want to strengthen and heal our souls as much as possible in this lifetime, so that when our physical bodies pass, we have the soul strength to make the journey to the other side. 


What helps our souls heal? 


Bringing more of God’s (replace with whatever word seems more preferable to you) light into the world helps our souls heal. How do you do this? You do this by connecting to the light through faith, prayer, and purpose.


When we are born, we are filled with faith. Babies are 100% faith. But over time, we lose our faith. It breaks down as our trust is broken. We can rebuild our faith though over time. Prayer can help us connect to faith. But, of course, faith is also a part of prayer. If you find that you have lost your faith or feel that your prayers have not been answered, remember that with patience and an openness to faith you can regain it. And your prayers are all answered… in time. Some prayers to angels receive an immediate response. (Remember to talk to the angels out loud so that they don’t have to sort through all the thoughts in your head.) I have witnessed the intercession of angels and their immediate healing effect on many occasions. Other times prayers require more time for a response. 


I suggest making a decision to open yourself up to faith. Choose to seek light and illuminate the darkness. Build your faith through prayer and talking to the angels. Ask them to pull you out of the darkness. Look to the endless miracles in nature for inspiration. Contemplate the beauty of the sunrise or the strength of a mighty tree. Ask for help from God, the angels, and your loved ones. Practice gratitude. Set time aside to meditate. All of these actions can help rebuild your trust and solidify your faith.


Your purpose has to do with knowing who you’re working for – you are working for God (or whatever word you use). You work for the light. When you go through your day and do the tasks set before you, you are not working for your boss or your family or even yourself – you are working for the light. And when you work for the light, you are an integral part of bringing more light into the world and this is SOUL HEALING!


In my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, I am focusing a full day on each aspect of your full being – body, soul, heart and spirit. If you are interested in coming, you can schedule an exploratory call to learn more about the retreat and whether it’s a fit for you. Please click here to learn more about my Nourish Into Wholeness Retreat at the beautiful Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.

Check out all the blog posts in this series to learn more about the body, heart, soul, and spirit – and how they are all interconnected.


To your health, happiness and wellness,


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