Body, Heart, Soul & Spirit Series: The Body

What is the purpose of the physical BODY? 


Sounds like an odd question! Everyone knows what our bodies are, right? 


The body is the physical being that houses our organs and each of our souls, and allows us to exist in the earthly plane. 


What is the purpose of our bodies? Let’s break it down.


  • Obviously, they help us walk and live here on earth. And they are also the instrument through which we connect to our souls. Anthony William, Medical Medium says that the soul lives in the brain. And so part of the purpose of the body is to house the soul here on earth.
  • The other purpose of the body is to help create a connection to the soul and to the divine. The connection between the physical body and the divine lies in the health of our nervous systems. The more inflamed and sick our neurological systems are, the less we are able to connect to our souls and less we are able to access intuition.
  • Our bodies are also designed to help us live our most glorious lives. The cleaner they are, the better their detoxification systems are working, the more lightness we are able to carry in our cells and in our bodies. 
  • It is also the job of our bodies to keep us alive. And in spite of the deep poisoning that we are all experiencing here on planet earth, our bodies are amazing at holding in and purging toxins, to help us continue to function. 


Our bodies are working overtime and fighting an uphill battle. They really truly are. It is because of our bodies’ love for us that we must fight for our bodies by healing them, detoxifying them and eating clean, living foods and water so that we can bring more light into our beings, deepen our connection to intuition and to divine connection, and carry out our souls’ purposes. 


This blog post about the body is the first in a series on the Body, Soul, Heart, and Spirit. This information is based on what I have learned from the first Medical Medium book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal. In this book, Anthony talks about the three different components of a human being – the Soul, the Heart and the Spirit. People tend to find these concepts confusing, so I am exploring them in this series of blog posts. 


Anthony talks about how someone can have a broken heart and an intact soul… a lost soul and a perfectly healthy heart… a broken spirit and an intact soul… Basically, you can have some wounding in one or more aspects of your being. To elevate our healing to the next level, it is really important to identify which components of ourselves require our focus for healing.


In my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, I am focusing a full day on each aspect of your full being – body, soul, heart and spirit. If you are interested in coming, you can schedule an exploratory call to learn more about the retreat and whether it’s a fit for you. Please click here to learn more about my Nourish Into Wholeness Retreat at the beautiful Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.


Check out all the blog posts in this series to learn more about the body, heart, soul, and spirit – and how they are all interconnected.


To your health, happiness and wellness,


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