Are you in a crisis of faith?

Many times during my journey to health since 2006 I have had doubts whether I would heal, clear my symptoms and actually get better. When I did not know that conditions were healable, it was really a struggle to find good answers. Many of you reading this will probably be nodding along in agreement. I had weight issues in my 20’s, felt low energy and fatigue, had daily allergic reactions & food reactions, had sensitivities to the cold, I was chronically asthmatic, was full of anger and highly emotional. No one could ever explain to me why all these things existed in my body. No one could explain to me why I was so damn emotional. So yeah, I questioned my faith in my ability to heal. I believed that perhaps of all the people in my family I was the one with a bad genes. I wondered often if I was on the way to inheriting my father’s Rheumatoid Arthritis. This thought crossed my mind very often.

Faith is one of those things that can mean different things to different people.  In chronic illness though, I find faith is usually the same for everyone – faith in whether we can all really get better and heal.

However, there are other ponderings and questions that come up are around whether or not your were responsible for creating your illness. Is there a way that you think or certain ‘vibrations’ that could have attracted your illness to you.

There are thoughts around why YOU? You believe in God, you are a good human being, why are YOU suffering. Is this a punishment? Is this part of doing your time?

There are thoughts of inheriting bad genes – you must have been the one in the family to get the breast cancer gene, for example.

Or that you must be the one whose body has somehow turned on itself.

We have all been there, right?

That is, until we found Medical Medium. Or maybe, you are yet to find him.

Anthony William has explained to us that our bodies are not attacking themselves. They are being attacked by pathogens.

He has told us that it is not our genes that make us sick. Its pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides and radiation that make us sick – the Unforgiving Four. These are passed on from generation to generation – not genetically, but through our dirty blood and livers.

Anthony has told us that our illness is not our fault. There is no way we created it. There is no way our thoughts brought it upon ourselves.

He has said it is not our destiny or Karma.
He has said it is not our vibration that makes us sick.

So my question to you is: Do you believe what he has told us?

I speak to many people daily who tell me that when they heard his truth on chronic illness, it was a huge relief to know not only that it was not their fault they were sick, but that there was a solid plan to heal and get better.

And yet, there are even more people who still feel somehow they had something to do with their illness. Or that they are somehow preventing themselves from healing which is why they are not getting better, even though they are aware of Anthony’s information.

I want you to know again, it is not your fault you are sick. You did not make yourself sick.

Sickness has been propagated in the world on purpose: through pathogens & poisons. These have been deliberately put into the world by humans exercising their free will choice. These people whoever they are in the world are not of the light. But they have created sickness in the world. They have hidden the truth about healing from us. They have propagated the myths about proteins and fats. They have propagated new age spiritual theories that your illness is your fault or somehow that your body is attacking you. They have put out many untruths in the world.

I want you to know this, because I want you to know that your illness is NOT YOUR FAULT.

And that whatever it is you are facing or struggling with, you can heal.

The answers have been provided to us by the light of the Spirit of Most High, the living word Compassion, through Anthony William, Medical Medium.

We finally have the truth for healing our physical bodies, for healing our souls, and for embodying thoughts that are TRUTHFUL.

He has provided means to deepen our faith. So again, we come to that question of faith. What is it? Faith embodies trust. It embodies hope. Reaching deep into compassion also increases our faith. He has told us to ask the Angel of Faith to help us deepen our faith. He has also given us a sunset meditation to help us heal our broken trust. This is really important to do, because without building trust we cannot have faith. Faith is built upon a solid foundation of trust.

I know there are some of you who are reading, who perhaps do not connect with Angels. That is ok. Connect with whatever connects you to faith. For some it is God. For others, it may be Universe, Creator, Higher Being, Higher Power, Light or Nature. It may be none of these things. But please find whatever it is that helps YOU to connect. And delve into a deeper practice with your faith. Perhaps you are a person who cannot start with faith. You need to start by building trust. Do the sunset meditation, found in his first book, Medical Medium. Ask the Angel of Trust to help you.

I have met so many wonderful humans on this journey of chronic illness and I have been blessed to be in a position to help many.

One thing I can say for all of us, the journey of physical healing is important. Yet the inner journey that helps us dig deeper and find that faith, even if it is the size of a mustard seed, is the journey that so often is the most rewarding and fulfilling. When you are at rock bottom, other than faith sometimes, what do you have? If you are reading the Medical Medium books on how to heal, I can tell you, you have faith. Otherwise you would not be reading them. The fact that you are still reading here, is also a sign that you have some faith.

If I had to point to one thing you take away from this article is that YOU CAN HEAL. And even if you think you have no faith, I know you have just a tiny little bit. And that is all you need to get started.

Wishing you courageous healing,


PS: In my DIY cleanse I have provided a compassion workbook to help you start going deeper with your faith. You can check that out here.

PPS: Would LOVE to hear your comments about this blog below!


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