How Adrenaline Has Shaped My Healing Story

I recently shared a post called 68 Things You Might Not Know About My Personal Healing Journey. In that post, I share my journey through chronic illness and the path I am taking to achieve true healing so that others may benefit from what I have been through and have learned along the way. In writing that post, I was struck by a particular constant that was always lurking in my times of greatest struggle – adrenaline.

We know that adrenaline is the most toxic and corrosive substance to our bodies. Our well-being hinges on the health of our livers. But when adrenaline is released, the liver has to work overtime to try and neutralize it. Unfortunately, this puts extra pressure on our livers that are often already overburdened with toxins, viruses, and the job of processing our high fat diets. Adrenaline shows up when we are already struggling and becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back in regards to our health.

Here is my personal story with adrenal imbalance

The first time I became really adrenally fatigued was after the birth of my second child. I had two babies almost back to back and not much time to recover in between them. I felt like I was in a permanent state of exhaustion. At that time, I did not know anything about Medical Medium. I sought Chinese medicine to help me, which did a little, but was not a permanent solution – because the fatigue kept coming back. Two months after I met Medical Medium in 2012, I became pregnant with my third child, and my first question to him was “How do I prevent myself from becoming adrenally fatigued?” Following his advice resulted in no fatigue at all, no swelling and no crazy postpartum effects like I had with my previous two pregnancies. 

The second time that adrenal fatigue hit me hard was after I had a spider bite in June 2017. I had a raging viral infection and the fatigue was overwhelming. Again, following the advice from Medical Medium helped me to recover completely from being too tired to even walk to the bathroom. I was able to recover enough so I could even workout regularly.

I said before that adrenaline is a constant. Biologically speaking, there is no way of getting around it. (Check out my Adrenaline Is Good For Us – Yes, You Heard That Right post for more information on why we are designed to produce adrenaline.) In today’s stress-filled world, we have become so accustomed to how adrenaline feels in our bodies that we even seek it out without realizing it. Everyday activities that may appear innocent, even relaxing, can be sources of adrenaline rushes. This does not mean we are doomed to poor health. The exact opposite is true when we are able to understand how adrenaline works in the body, how it is related to blood sugar and your liver, how you can shift your mindset to lower stress, how you can identify your own adrenaline addictions, and what things you can do to regain adrenal balance.

I took everything I have learned about healing the adrenals and all the experience I have in dealing with this type of illness and put it into developing my Intuitive Adrenal Reset Program. Because we, as a species, are in need of adrenal support now more than ever, I have turned this popular program into a DIY that you can use to balance your adrenals and further promote your journey to optimal health.

The DIY Intuitive Adrenal Reset program is a 5-week path to more peace and energy. Learn more here! 

If you are struggling with fatigue, which accompanies most chronic illness and viral infections or other symptoms of adrenal imbalance, this program will help you understand the source of your imbalances and will help you recover. 

Whether you join my program or not, I hope that you consider this blog post as a call to take steps to bring more peace and energy into your life. If you were a part of my original Intuitive Adrenal Reset Program, consider this a reminder to go back to your materials and bring some of the steps I taught you back into your daily routine. My wish is for you to have abundant health, and I know that balancing your adrenals is a critical element in that equation. So many people have told me that yes they’ve heard about adrenal fatigue and yes they know it is critical to health, but that they didn’t realize how immensely it was affecting their own health until I was able to point it out to them. Please realize that this is me pointing it out to you. Take care of your adrenals to take care of your health!

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What does your course include for Adrenal Fatigue


The entire course is designed to help you understand your adrenals and overcome adrenal fatigue.

Anne Nass

Will there be transcripts of die live falls?


Transcriptions are available for the 4 Live Teaching Calls: Adrenals and Blood Sugar, Adrenals and Liver, Adrenal Addictions, and Adrenal Recovery. There are also replays of 5 Q&A calls, but those do not have transcriptions available.

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