During My Younger Years:

1. At the age of 3 months, I had full blown eczema and was treated with steroids.

2. At age 3, I had tuberculosis.

3. At age 6, I had asthma and struggled with multiple chest and upper respiratory infections, including multiple instances of swollen tonsils and adenoids.

4. My grandfather was a homeopath and suggested to my parents that instead of having my adenoids removed surgically that they try homeopathy. They did it and that worked.

5. I have had over 145 courses of antibiotics and multiple courses of steroids in my life.

6. During my younger years, I struggled to breathe. I could have an asthma attack, if I laughed too much or cried too much. I was also sluggish and tired a lot.

7. As a teenager, I put on a lot of weight and was constantly made fun of. I also had acne and lots of fatigue.


Some Of My Darkest Days:

8. In my 20’s, I continued to struggle with fatigue. My periods were awful: I always spent the first day in bed and the first two days missing work.

9. I was a very angry, emotional person. I was very conflicted for a long time.

10. In the first year of living in the United States with my husband, I was in the ER 8 times with asthma attacks and mystery allergic reactions. I saw an allergist and one of the top pulmonologists in the country, and yet the symptoms did not get better.

11. I struggled with a lot of emotional stress during that time as I was lonely and missed my family. I started having symptoms I’d never had before, like headaches and inflammation all over my body. 

12. After 2 years of being in the United States, I was on 7 different prescription medications, the most I’d been on in my life. 

13. I was told that I should not try to have a baby because the medications could cause birth defects. This plummeted me into deep depression. 


My Nervous Breakdown:

14. During this time, I worked for NBC as CFO for the NBC experience store and was then promoted to Director of Finance for their operations division and had to retain both full time jobs. 

15. The stress of this situation led to a nervous breakdown and I was unable to even go to work by the end of my time there. I ended up mostly working from home. 

16. I developed strange allergic reactions in response to multiple chemical sensitivities. I got hives, rashes and weird swellings on my face. Multiple times I woke up with an eye swollen shut or my lips and tongue tingling and swelling or half my face puffy and swollen. 

17. No one could help me figure out what was wrong with me. 


A Turning Point:

18. Ramadhan, December 2005: I prostrated on the floor on a prayer mat, angry with God. “Why am I suffering? Why am I alone?” 

19. I heard a voice say, “You are not alone.” Tears welled up and did not stop falling. I felt an instant connection and the tension in my body went away. I felt held by God. 

20. A prayer emerged from the depths of my soul, “God, if you show me the truth in how to heal my body, I will commit my life to the purpose for which you sent me here on earth.”

21. That night I went to bed with so much peace in my heart. My life was never the same again. 


Help Appeared:

22. Soon after, a friend handed me a book about inflammation. The book talked about removing foods that could inflame the body, so I cut out eggs, dairy, meat, grains and sugar overnight.

23. Within 2 weeks of making these changes, I experienced a DRASTIC improvement. I did not know that I was cutting out foods that feed pathogens, much less did I realise that I actually had pathogens in my body. That was all to come later when I would meet Anthony William, Medical Medium.


Nutrition School & Discovering Raw:

24. After a year of being on this very restricted diet, I decided to go to nutrition school. I could not believe the power that food had on my body. 

25. At school, I learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Weston Price diet, Ayurvedic diets, Southbeach diet, Raw food diet, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, blood type diet, religious diets, Anti-Candida diets, whole foods plant based diets, paleo diets, juicing diets and more. 

26. I also tried some of these diets and discovered the powerful resonance and vitality my body felt on the raw foods diet. 


Becoming A Mother:

27. I gave birth to my first daughter right before I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

28. I gave birth the following year to my second daughter. 

29. I felt really unwell with two back to back pregnancies. I put on tons of weight and was very fatigued.

30. I developed over 20 symptoms including brain fog, tinnitus, edema, vertigo, food sensitivities, leaky gut, candida, hot flashes, freezing cold body and more. I was miserable.

31. The symptom that plagued me the most was eczema all over my upper body. Everything I tried helped for a little bit, but it always came back. Even with all my training in nutrition and understanding the healing power of plant-based diets, and having access to the top leaders in the health movement, I was unable to get answers to my health issues. 

32. Right before I met Anthony, I became pregnant again in 2011 and this pregnancy did not carry, because I was so worn out and really not feeling well. I lost the baby at almost 14 weeks and I was unbelievably sad about it. The baby miscarried into my palm. I guess it does not matter how many children you have, the one you lose is still really impactful. 


Meeting Anthony William, Medical Medium:

33. A friend told me to contact Anthony William. I had nothing to lose, so I called him and booked an appointment. 

34. Within 2 minutes of being on the phone with him, he identified all the health issues that plagued me my entire life. He told me the root causes of all the symptoms. He told me what I should do to improve my health and clear the symptoms that had been with me for almost 2.5 years at this point that would just not go away. 

35. For the first time in my life, someone finally understood me completely; my struggles with physical illness and emotional upset. 

36. I started to feel better. I did all of the protocols Anthony suggested and found myself improving every day.

37. I felt relieved and empowered to find the right path for my healing.


My 3rd Pregnancy:

38. Soon after my first consultation with Anthony, I became pregnant with my third child. 

39. I was so blessed to be a client of his at this time. He helped me throughout the pregnancy. 

40. Although I had to adjust the protocols I was on while I was pregnant, I was able to clear the eczema symptoms in about 6 months. 

41. After I gave birth, I continued to heal. I was on very few supplements, but I was able to do all the food protocols. I was SO nervous about my postpartum, but I did not bloat and swell up like my prior two pregnancies. I did not have severe fatigue. I did not have the sickly postpartum feeling I did prior. 

42. I knew what Medical Medium was teaching was truth and pure gold. 


Spiraling Of Symptoms:

43. Summer of 2016, we lost my mother-in-law and it was an extremely stressful time. My husband had to go back to Pakistan for a month and even after he returned he took it really hard and we all experienced the stress of that situation in a deep way. 

44. September 2016: I had a chemical exposure that spiraled me back into my old asthma and breathing symptoms. I was not surprised as I knew my system was weak.

45. I handled it naturally at home for almost a month before Anthony insisted I go to the ER and get my oxygen checked. 

46. When I arrived there, my oxygen was 67 and dangerously low. I was given three breathing treatments to stabilize my lungs and breathing. I felt so much better. 

47. I realized that there is no point in struggling through difficult symptoms. I vowed to never push myself through anything like that ever again. 

48. Soon after this, I started Vit C IV therapy treatments to support my lungs and breathing. It helped to turn me around so much. 


My Biggest Health Challenge Yet:

49. A couple of months after starting my IV, I was bitten by a very dangerous and poisonous spider in my left arm. 

50. At the time, I did not even feel the bite. It wasn’t until I almost fell down in yoga class doing a downward dog pose that I realized something was really wrong with my arm. 

51. I had a slight red mark that was inflamed and starting to grow. At first I thought it was shingles. But it did not look like shingles. The sheer pain I was going through was why I thought of that. 

52. I tried contacting Anthony, but he was very unavailable at this time due to a personal emergency of his own. When I briefly got a hold of him, he told me that I had a bite and told me what it was. 

53. He also told me what I needed to do to get better: increase the IV therapy from once a week to three times a week because my immune system was tanking and my health was starting to struggle in a real way. 

54. Anthony also told me to immediately go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. I could not believe that within a year, Anthony had told me to go to the doctor twice! Only my closest friends knew this whole story. 

55. He also told me that I needed to do the protocols closely because my health was really struggling. Of course, he did not need to tell me that. I knew it was. 

56. He also told me to take ibuprofen as needed for the pain (at that point I had not taken a painkiller in 11 years) and he told me I had to protect my adrenals.

57. During and after the time of the bite, I struggled with severe excruciating pain in my left arm all the way down to my hand, rendering my hand paralysed. I could not even hold a pen in my left hand without it falling and slipping out. I could not move my arm at ALL. 

58. I also struggled with chronic fatigue, brain fog, physical weakness, muscle aches everywhere and a host of other symptoms.


The Road To Recovery:

59. It took me almost one year of solid supplement, massage, physical therapy, emotional support protocols and lots and lots of prayer to come out of that acute situation. I am so deeply grateful that I finally did. 

60. My health however, has not been the same since then. I am still healing from a chronic viral flare and a liver that is busy processing out toxins and poisons that my body did an amazing job at keeping from reaching my heart and my brain. 

61. I know that I will be fully healed one day from this experience, but for now, it already feels like I am 70% of the way there. I consider it a total miracle that I have recovered to the degree I have in such a short amount of time. This experience helped me know and find God in an even deeper way than ever before.


Finding My True Purpose:

62. Working with Anthony and the Medical Medium protocols helped me find my truth and who I truly am. 

63. Finding this path and this healing has given me a lot of peace.

64. I still cycle through ups and downs in life, as we all do, but now I have found a path that brings me peace.

65. Healing my body opened me to my life path, true purpose and reason for being here. 

66. I know I am here on earth to do God’s work and have committed myself to doing that.


Faith & Spiritual Healing:

67. Working with Anthony William helped me get so much closer to God. Not only has my body healed again and again with the Medical Medium protocols, I’ve shifted spiritually and now have deepened my total faith in how God supports us, loves us and helps us.

68. I’ve come to know firsthand that there is so much faith for our healing.


Now you know more about me and my journey from sickness to health and wellbeing than you did when you started to read these 68 things! May my story inspire hope in you that no matter what struggles you’ve experienced… health and wellbeing are your birthright, too. I pray that we can all help each other, always and in all ways.

I invite you to read my full prayer for healing here.

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