There are flus happening everywhere. Many of my clients are dealing with them, maybe you are too?

People get surprised when I say that I am sick. They think/ believe that as a healer and person who works with people supporting their health, that I am somehow “Magically Protected From Sickness”.

This is not true and I want to share here with you WHY.

The reason is because – we are human. And the reason is that we live in a toxic world.

In a world where there are thousands of varieties of flu viruses, both respiratory and stomach flus that can cause havoc in our systems.

Now other factors can surely help us not get as sick like eating a clean diet, and regularly including some immune protocols with herbs and supplements. Also how you handle stress plays a really important role in how susceptible you are to sickness. And finally, sleep. Low sleep, exposure to cold/ wind and too much stress can be ideal factors in percolating the flu.

Last weekend I lost my voice for a while. And I attribute that to mainly the lack of sleep and stress that I have been experiencing due to remediating my basement and you can click here to read more about that journey! But just because I support people with health doesn’t mean that I am automatically immune from getting sick. No human being is ever 100% immune from getting sick.

We are all susceptible.

In my opinion, however, it is not the goal to necessarily avoid sickness.

The goal is to have a recovery plan and good sign of health is seen in the recovery process. You must also bear in mind that the flus these days are more virulent. They are stronger and lasting longer. And a lot of people are getting worried that they are not recovering in a week or two.

And I want you to know NOT to worry if you are not recovering in a week or two. Sometimes they can take longer and you must be tenacious with your food and protocols to overcome. Here is what I did to recover from my flu:

  1. Zinc Shock therapy. Anthony William, Medical Medium has said that Zinc shock therapy can stop a virus in its tracks. And one of the reasons that viruses even take hold is because often we do not have enough zinc. The protocol he recommends is 4-6 droppers in the back of your throat every couple of hours when you are starting to get sick. Enough zinc can knock out a cold so fast.
  2. Lemon, honey & ginger tea. This drink provides soothing minerals and glucose to support you while you are healing.
  3. Lots of rest & sleep. This one is so so underrated. Sleep can help us immensely. It thinks that we ‘know’ this but we do not really always act on it. The busy-ness of our lives and all the pull on our time takes us away from taking long naps during the day.
  4. Goldenseal. This is a strong herb that cannot be taken for long periods of time, but is super helpful for countering both viral and bacterial infections.
  5. Oregano. This is another great herb for flu viruses and is a short-term herb.
  6. Vitamin C. Higher doses of Vitamin C – Medical Medium recommends Ester C, Pure Encapsulations or Liposomal C by
  7. Homeopathy. There is not one remedy for the flu, it totally depends on the symptom presentation. Consult with a homeopath for the best remedies.
  8. Hydration & lots of fluids. This is critical. Hydration allows the body to flush viral toxins out of the body and to keep the mucus thinned out. Staying off from heavy cooked foods is also helpful so that you don’t use up too much digestion energy which can be used for healing.

It’s important to do the list above even if you are not actually sick with the flu, because it helps to prevent the flu as well. If you are looking for nourishing detox recipes, then click here to get my signature Intuitive Cleanse. This is a pay it forward, which means when you invest in your health, you are also supporting another human being in need.

So while I do get sick occasionally, I do then recover faster than I used to before. I could sit with a cough/cold that would go into my chest and I would end up with a chest infection pretty much 100% of the time.

And the toxins around us do not help. This is the reason I live and commit to a detox lifestyle. It is critical for my well-being and the well-being of every human. I have the Spring INTUITIVE CLEANSE coming up soon to support people on their detox journeys on the Medical Medium lifestyle. Watch this space!!!

I wish you health and wellness in this season.

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