Body, Heart, Soul & Spirit Series: How They Are Interconnected

How are the parts (heart, soul, and spirit) that make us who we are interconnected? 


On page 22 of the Medical Medium, Anthony defines the spirit as “someone’s will and physical strength.”


This is different than soul. And many people confuse the two. He says that when he reads people, he scans them not only in their bodies, but also in their heart, soul and spirit. 


The soul is your consciousness. It resides in your brain and stores your memories, experience, hope, and faith.


The heart is “where your love, compassion, and joy reside” – it is your compass.


These are the constituents of being human – the heart, soul, and spirit. 


For the longest time, I have been able to merely feel into people’s emotions and places they are stuck without being able to name the issue. I first read about the heart, spirit and soul, when the first Medical Medium book was released in 2015. After learning the words that put a picture to my feelings, I could then give clearer names to the parts I was seeing. 


For example, whenever I was working with someone whose work was in their heart, I could always call out that energy and say “I feel that in your heart.” But with soul and even more so with spirit, I knew that it was different than the heart, but could not identify where exactly. I am now able to identify for people when an issue lies in their ancestry, when it lies in their soul and when it lies in their spirit, like it did for the client I spoke about in my blog post on spirit.


What I love about Anthony giving us these vital descriptions about the heart, soul and spirit, is that it helps us make more sense of where people can be wounded, hurting or broken outside of just the physical body.  


As a practitioner whatever modality or tools of emotional healing I use with clients, this framework helps me be more accurate, because it is what Anthony calls a bubble of Truth. 


When this bubble of Truth connects with your intuition, you light up and have an AHA moment. 


So whether you are a practitioner or not, ask yourself, aside from the physical symptoms of chronic illness, do you feel you may have a broken heart, a wounded or stained soul, or a feeble spirit? 


Chances are that you have at least one of three to deal with, because most of us have something going on in our heart, spirit or soul. 


Focusing on these non-physical parts is super helpful and is the reason Anthony has provided soul-healing meditations and shared the knowledge of Angels with us – because he knows that without even knowing where exactly your issue lies, these techniques and prayers can help you heal. 


I know when I had my readings with Anthony he always said I carried a lot in my heart. I have focused a lot on healing my heart and it has helped increase my compassion for myself and others. 


The beauty of the interconnectedness of who we are – body, soul, heart, and spirit – is that the different aspects of ourselves can support our whole being when a piece of us is struggling or wounded. 


Anthony tells us, “your heart is the safety net that can compensate for soul damage.” A strong heart can literally save you while you repair the damage done to your soul. 


Sometimes, there are soul injuries. Sometimes, as Anthony has explained, the issue can be the heart – “you can have an unblemished soul and a broken, injured heart.” And sometimes, the spirit can be weak and in need of bolstering. You can even have two parts that are struggling and the third steps in for support. On page 22 of Medical Medium, Anthony says, “Even if your soul’s been battered and your heart is faint, your spirit can keep you physically going while you look for opportunities to heal.”


The whole of who we are is absolutely amazing when you think about it. We are divinely designed to handle the traumas and hardships of life and prevail. We have a full support system built in to who we intrinsically are. That is just such an awe-inspiring thought. 


Share in the comments, below, do you feel you have a need for healing in your heart, soul or spirit? 


In my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, I am focusing a full day on each aspect of your full being – body, soul, heart and spirit. If you are interested in coming, you can schedule an exploratory call to learn more about the retreat and whether it’s a fit for you. Please click here to learn more about my Nourish Into Wholeness Retreat at the beautiful Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.

Check out all the blog posts in this series to learn more about the body, heart, soul, and spirit – and how they are all interconnected.


To your health, happiness and wellness,


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Bernd Bissinger

The heart I guess, and various issues


Bernd, I can’t wait to explore that more with you in Costa Rica!


Thank you for being a friend to Christina.
God Bless You
Her Mom


Oh Angela, it is my pleasure!

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