We all have forgetful moments.

Just the other day, I spent far too long searching for my car keys because I forgot where I had put them. And we’ve all those parking lot moments where we must think long and hard about where we parked.

For some of us, these moments begin to happen more and more frequently. We start to forget the names of acquaintances, and, eventually, more important details that we normally remember. Or worse, forgetting our words, or forgetting what we had for dinner the day before.

It’s very scary to feel like your mental strength is weakening, and so often, doctors are dismissive about symptoms like this until they become so pronounced that a diagnosis like dementia or Alzheimer’s is eventually given.

These diagnoses can be devastating, as the word “incurable” is often uttered alongside many advanced neurological illnesses.


If you read my recent blog on the new term neurodivergence, you know that neurological and brain-related conditions are skyrocketing worldwide.

The most distressing aspect of this increase in neurological illness is the fact that mainstream medicine has no idea how to stop or solve it. Click To Tweet

With diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, all we read is that there is no cure and no known cause.

There is little reliable information on the stages of Alzheimer’s and how they progress. Parkinson’s stages are similarly mysterious to both doctors and patients.

Life is not meant to be a game of Russian roulette where every passing day might mean the end of health for us or our loved ones. Click To Tweet

While conventional medicine believes that there is no known cause or cure for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, this is not the truth. 

Unfortunately, modern medicine is woefully behind on the true causes or remedies for just about every chronic condition we’re aware of. Claims (like this one) from official health organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that Alzheimer’s is irreversible are false. There are paths that lead to healing.

Trusted health authority Anthony William, the Medical Medium ®, has helped millions of people worldwide overcome many chronic and mystery illnesses. Applying his healing tools has shown that recovery is possible.


The truth about Alzheimer’s is simpler than we’ve been led to believe. Presenting with symptoms for this condition is not a sign of normal or even abnormal aging, it’s a sign of toxins in the brain, as we’ve learned from Brain Saver by Anthony William.

Which toxins cause Alzheimer’s symptoms in the brain? Heavy metals, and more specifically mercury, often in combination with aluminum.

Metals in the brain age. They oxidize over time, creating a toxic runoff that is even more harmful to brain tissue and neurotransmitters than the metals themselves.

As this runoff moves into brain tissue adjacent to the actual metal deposits, it kills brain cells leading to a loss of mental capacity and memory.

Mercury, which is rampant in our environment and even contained in certain medical treatments, is often the main culprit.

When toxic aluminum from years of eating canned food or food cooked on aluminum foil is near a deposit of toxic mercury in the brain, symptoms accelerate. This is one reason why we’re seeing younger and younger people struggling with memory and eventually receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

The earliest stages of Alzheimer’s may even begin in childhood and early adulthood when behavioral problems or mood disorders present (these are also directly linked to heavy metals in the brain) but are not linked to an eventual Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

A natural question to ask is how we get toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum into our bodies in the first place. Read all about those exposures in my blog, Losing Our Minds to Toxic Heavy Metals.

The next question is how do we get them out of our bodies? Keep reading for heavy metal detox support.


You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to write about both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in the same article.

What is the definition of Alzheimer’s and how does it differ from the definition of Parkinson’s disease?

Alzheimer’s is a condition that clearly affects the mind, while Parkinson’s affects the body by causing its characteristic tremors and shaking – no similarities right? Think again.

Parkinson’s is yet another of many chronic conditions primarily caused by toxic heavy metals. The differences between each condition are a result of various combinations of metals in certain locations of the brain.

Like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease involves toxic mercury and aluminum but also must have toxic copper in the mix. As these three metals collect and interact in the brain, they cause corrosive runoff to collect in brain tissue around wherever they converge.

As a result, neurons become injured, and neurotransmitters, which our bodies depend on to operate properly, starve and misfire.

With a true Parkinson’s diagnosis, these toxic heavy metals are found deep within the brain, and there is often an added element of heavy metal exposure spread out around neurons throughout the brain.

Unfortunately, doctors are giving patients a Parkinson’s diagnosis far more frequently than is warranted. Everything from mild confusion to anxiety to muscle stiffness may be met with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, which deeply erodes a patient’s belief in their health leading to far greater challenges to healing.

While these symptoms, as well as brain fog, depression, and many others, are also caused by toxic heavy metals (often in combination with viral load), it’s important to be conservative with a true Parkinson’s diagnosis which has a major impact on patients.


Implementing effective cleansing tools that remove toxic heavy metals that are present in our system and protect us from any additional daily exposure we may come across (which is very common in our industrialized and heavily-medicated world), is the answer to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The Heavy Metal Detox Cleanses found in Brain Saver and Brain Saver: Protocols and Recipes by Anthony William are the most effective methods for removing toxic metals from the brain, liver, and body.

I would recommend you read these books for greater detail on how these and other toxins and pathogens affect the brain and how we can heal.

The cornerstone of these cleanses is the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, which incorporates five key ingredients.

  • Wild blueberries – purge toxic heavy metals from the brain, carry them out of the brain, and help to heal brain tissue, allowing for new cell growth.
  • Fresh cilantro – removes toxic heavy metals from the brain, liver, intestinal tract, and other organs and helps to carry them out of the body.
  • Barley grass juice powder – works similarly to cilantro to absorb and transport metals safely out of the body but travels further within the body as far as the skin.
  • Spirulina – powerful extractor of heavy metals from the brain and liver that repairs the physical and metaphysical connections in the brain and helps to carry extracted metals out of the body.
  • Atlantic dulse – absorbs stray metals to ensure they all leave the body and protects the kidneys from metals that may get trapped there.

These ingredients work together to safely extract deep-rooted and free-floating (old and new) metals from the body. These ingredients also help to purge the body of solvents, pesticides, radiation, fragrances, and other brain-harming toxins.

When targeting toxic heavy metals in the brain, it’s best to consume these five ingredients blended together, as they are in the Medical Medium® heavy metal detox smoothie, which also incorporates bananas and orange juice.

If you’re working with a child who’s a fussy eater or if you have trouble consuming this smoothie for any reason, you can also deconstruct this smoothie to make the ingredients work for you in other ways.

The key thing to remember is to consume all five ingredients within 24 hours of each other because they work together as a team in your system to remove metals safely.

For example, you could mix spirulina and barley grass juice powder into coconut water in the morning, add one cup of cilantro to your lunch salad, take a shot of wild blueberry juice before dinner, and add an evening dose of alcohol-free Atlantic dulse tincture to your nighttime routine.

Another option would be spirulina powder on your morning melon for breakfast, barley grass juice powder blended into a homemade salad dressing, a cilantro Nerve-Gut-Acid Stabilizer brain shot, Atlantic dulse flakes sprinkled onto a soup or salad, and wild blueberries with raw honey as an afternoon snack.

It’s not necessary to consume all of the ingredients at the same time. Just be sure to eat them all within 24 hours.

If you have limited access to these ingredients, bringing in at least three of the five on a regular basis will still offer heavy metal detox support.

For an even deeper heavy metal detox, check out the Extractor Smoothie as an additional healing tool to incorporate into your routine.

An important thing to note: consistency is important – it takes time to remove metals.

Depending on how advanced their condition is, removing metals from the brain may not bring an Alzheimer’s patient back to full health, but it can slow and even halt the progression of the disease.

In some cases, sufferers of Alzheimer’s can be led out of the dark forest of confusion and memory loss when the proper cleansing tools are applied.

This statement would raise an eyebrow from many medical professionals who believe an Alzheimer’s diagnosis translates to a lifelong sentence of medication and deterioration, but there is no truth to the belief that this is a patient’s only option.

If you have a family history of conditions linked with heavy metal exposure, it’s likely they are present in your system as well. Start cleansing regularly now to prevent future problems.


This is the question so many families ask after someone receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and so many other conditions that mainstream medicine believes are incurable.

Where do we go from here?

Doctors are not trained to offer hope, alternative Alzheimer’s treatment options outside of medication, or counseling, so families often leave their offices reeling after receiving one of these diagnoses.

What doctors should be saying is, “We don’t fully understand this condition and we don’t know what’s possible as far as how to prevent further deterioration”, or better yet, “We believe this condition is linked to metals in the brain so we’ll perform brain scans to understand how widespread the issue is and go from there.”

Modern medicine is kept completely in the dark about the link between metals and chronic conditions; however good the intentions of individual doctors may be.

The truth is that metals are built into so much of our lives that industry is terrified of the general population discovering how sick they are making us.

If we all became aware of how prevalent metals are in our cleaning products, fragrances, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, food supply, water supply, and the list goes on… we would be raising alarms all over the place and holding industries to account.

There is a concerted effort to prevent the truth from being known, so we need to educate and advocate for ourselves in order to protect our loved ones from succumbing to preventable illnesses.


I pray that the truth of our ability to prevent and reverse advanced and chronic illness will continue to spread around the world so that someday we reach a tipping point.

After that tipping point, everyday people will no longer accept a diagnosis devoid of options or empowerment. Instead, awareness will have spread that solutions are available to us that don’t require medications until the end of life.

I’ve seen the miraculous impacts of healing tools that work in my work to support thousands of ill men and women across the globe.

Some day, I hope thousands of people who have seen the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal when given the proper support will become millions and then billions.

In the meantime, with every mind that opens to these possibilities, the world becomes a far brighter place.

To your health and peace,



  1. christina bradtke

    Excellent life and mind saving Information, Muneeza.

    Direly needed in todays sea of confusion and surge of threats to our minds! Thank you for your clear words.

  2. Such amazing information! I so wish everyone was open enough to hear this. I’ve been doing the HMDS for 3 years now. It’s a part of my life for all time. With a mother with Alheimers and a father with Parkinson’s, it’s heartening to know what I can do to stay healthy.

    1. Kate, thank you for the kind words – I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. It is part of our lives as well, permanently! I love how this information give us so much hope for our future.

  3. I too pray more and more people wake up to this information. I am humbled that I came across these answers and at the same time petrified at watching my entire family all slowly deteriorate because they do not believe and don’t know.

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Muneeza Ahmed - Medicine Woman

Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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