What’s Behind Thyroid Conditions?…And How To Heal

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a thyroid condition? – hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, grave’s disease, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid nodules/cysts/tumors.  


Or maybe you or someone you know suffers from such symptoms as: mystery weight gain or loss, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, cold hands and feet, hot flashes/night sweats, edema, anxiety/depression, restless legs, joint pain, tingles and numbness, twitches and spasms, heart palpitations/irregular heartbeat, tinnitus, vertigo, constipation, loss of libido, and the list goes on.


None of the above symptoms are caused by an imbalanced thyroid. 


Yes, you read that correctly – even if you have heard this from your doctor. 


The true cause behind such symptoms and conditions is viral. Which virus? 


Keep reading! 


Root Cause

For the majority of the listed symptoms The Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is behind them. Not the thyroid. 


In fact, 95% of thyroid problems are also caused by EBV. EBV is NOT a trigger – it is in fact, the root cause.  A virus cannot trigger your body’s immune system to attack healthy cells – it is impossible for your body to attack itself, it is simply not built that way. When a blood test picks up high thyroid antibodies, for example, it is a response to a foreign invader (a virus) not because your body is attacking itself. 


This is great news! 




Because when you hear that your body is attacking itself you can feel really helpless and disempowered. However when you know it’s a pathogen, you can go after it and attack it and heal yourself. 


The True Role of The Thyroid

Did you know that the thyroid does not manage your metabolism, and its hormones do not control your weight/hunger or ignite your libido and elevate your energy?  


So what is the true role of your thyroid?

  • It is your body’s data center – your second brain
  • The thyroid catalogues all markers of homeostasis in the body
  • Records how the body is functioning
  • Sends out frequencies that delegate tasks and responsibilities in the body to keep things in balance.


What’s even more amazing about the thyroid?…


Your thyroid can perform all of these tasks even when damaged or removed!! 


Current medical science knows nothing of this and believes that the thyroid exists solely to manage metabolism and control hormones.  There is so much more to this miraculous gland!


Undiscovered Thyroid Hormones

Many people have heard about the T3 and T4 hormones that the thyroid produces…BUT do you know about R5 and R6 hormones that are yet to be discovered by medical science?


R5 and R6 are actually frequency hormones that are regulated by the thyroid.  They are involved with sending out the thyroid’s radio-like frequencies that promote homeostasis throughout the body.


An incredible fact about these hormones is that they are actually impossible to deplete!  


How is that possible?  We are constantly being told by the medical communities that our hormones are being depleted.  


The reality is, our bodies are so intelligent – the liver stores R5 and R6 as a backup, and the adrenals can actually produce blends that mimic them.


Now that we know what’s really behind thyroid symptoms and conditions, let’s learn some of the best ways to begin to heal!


Top 5 Healing Foods

  • Cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli raab, arugula, & cabbage)
  • Artichokes
  • Atlantic sea vegetables
  • Bananas
  • Cucumbers


By including these foods in your diet on a daily basis, you will be giving your thyroid the best opportunity to heal.


Top 5 Healing Supplements

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Zinc 
  • Micro-c
  • Spirulina
  • L-Lysine


The highest quality of all of these supplements can be found at www.vimergy.com


Always remember to bring in 16-32oz of celery juice as it kills pathogens, and the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, as this begins to remove one of EBV’s favorite food sources…toxic heavy metals. 


Start slowly, and do what you can.  Healing is possible with the right tools!


In August I will be focusing on the Thyroid in my Intuitive Health Community Membership Program.  Join me as I teach, in-depth, what is really behind your thyroid symptoms and conditions and how to finally heal. 

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Hi, do you know if the green pea option for the mono diet cleanse also includes dried split peas or only the frozen green peas? I read the chapter and it doesn’t say that dried split peas are not ok. It only says to avoid pea protein powders. Why would split peas not be allowed in this option since it’s the same food as the frozen green peas, just in a different form?
Also, why are green peas different from all the other legumes in that they not only can be included regularly in the diet, unlike all other legumes, but you can even eat only peas ( and lettuce and celery juice) and nothing else and even benefit from it? Why can there be a green pea mono cleanse option but not a lentil, black bean, chickpea, or any other legume mono cleanse option? I’d appreciate it if you could answer, thanks.

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