How to use a castor oil pack to slim down

I am in love with the castor oil pack. Many years ago I heard about castor oil packs, long before I went to nutrition and detox school. I immediately wanted to learn more.

I began researching about the benefits of the castor pack for eliminating toxins. I was simply hooked. I have all my detoxers do this as well as my clients. I love these ancient techniques that can still be used to support the body today. They are super easy, and you can put them together on a budget.

While a lymphatic massage or a trip to the sauna might be nice, they can also be costly. I’m telling you – all you really need is to buy castor oil and get an old t-shirt or towel.

The Benefits, you ask?

The castor oil pack can flush your lymphatic system {your sewage system}. The lymphatic system must get flushed daily to reduce digestive issues, edema, inflammation, the common cold, weight gain and allergies. This detox tool has been used for centuries.

This amazing detox tool can support your circulation, remove toxins and help stimulate digestion. I was hesitant to use this pack but ever since I tried it and felt the benefits for my own body, I have never stopped. I could feel my digestion stimulated, the swelling I get in my lower legs reducing, and I had a better sleep.

I’ve had an autoimmune for many years and am always on the lookout for natural ways to detox my body in the comfort of my own home. It really is key for my health. I look at the castor oil pack as an awesome detox tool that boosts my immune and is excellent for disease prevention.

We all have some toxicity – why not support your body to get rid of it?

How to Make Your Own Castor Oil Pack:

  • Take an old shirt and cut it into 12 x 18 inches in size and fold it into 3 thicknesses.
  • You want it to be about the same size as the heating pad you will be using so that the pad heats the entire pack but does not touch your skin.
  • Put the shirt in a pan, such as a large disposable baking pan, and pour in enough castor oil to cover.  
  • Note that after each use you will probably need to add a little more castor oil. You can reuse the pack many times. When not in use, store your pack in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

The Simple Castor Oil Pack:

You can also put castor oil directly onto your stomach and upper abdomen. Then, wrap your stomach and upper abdomen with saran wrap and sit for 45 minutes. This is a simplified version and quite effective.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Use the pack in the evening before bed. Fold a towel (dedicate an old towel for this use as the oil is almost impossible to wash out completely). Take the cloth cover off of a heating pad and place the heating pad on top of the towel. It is important to heat the pack before you put it on your body.
  • Lie down on your back on a towel. Place the pack on your abdomen with the heating pad on top and the towel on top of that. The pack should be on the right side of your body, extending from a little bit above the bottom of your sternum (breastbone) to about 4 inches below your navel. The pack should wrap around the body on the right side, from the navel as far to the side as you can get it. Keep the pack on for 45 minutes. Use the pack for 3 days in a row. Then take a break for 4 days, and repeat.

Remember, the castor oil pack is a natural and inexpensive way to rid the organs of toxicity. Know that you are taking good care of yourself when you use the pack.


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If we put Castor oil directly on the stomach, do we still put the heating pad on?

Elizabeth Wojtowicz

Hi Muneeza,

How exactly is it used to slim down?
This quarantine hasn’t exactly helped my fitness goals hehe.

Thank you.


If you are using the simplified version of just putting castor oil on your tummy do you just wash it off on the bath afterwards? Can this also be used on the thighs to loose weight/cellulite? Thank you x

Donna Bodzer

I must be dense, sorry…. if the shirt is folded into 3″ pieces, how does it go from breastbone to navel. Such a visual person, I’m just not getting this, sorry. Thanks for your reply.

Rosa Parks

Thank you for giving us 2 ways.

Sieglinde H Hoffman

Muneeza, Hi. I am using this on my knee so I am familiar with it. I have a big problem with super high Ferritin Level 3840 at the moment and my Iron is at 230. I receive every week 2 bags of Platelets, they are around 5 at the moment but have been only 2 for a long time. Can I use the pack to maybe detox the liver and where do I put this. I am very sick. All the help is appreciated.


Can I put pack on upper left side of abdomen where I have discomfort? LUQ?


Once you get the caster oil pack out of the fridge, how do you heat it?


Candace Mclennan

Is it safe while pregnant?


Can I apply the castor oil directly onto my abdomen, cover the area with a cloth then place the heating pad on top?

I was also curious about why 3 Dayton and 4 daysoff.


Is this safe to do while breastfeeding? Thank you so much!


Hi Muneeza!

What castor oil is recommended? I am finding a variety of options when searching online. Thanks in advance!


If I may be of help…you want hexane-free organic, is best. Heritage Store has a good one!


Look up Edgar Cayce. When I went into Whole Foods for some, the guy said, oh, the one that Edgar Cayce recommended?


Hi Muneeza
What should one feel ?? I did it for 5days in a row. I didn’t heat the towel with oil first & didn’t keep in refrigerator ..
I will start again doing your recommendations ..

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