Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…This Is Alopecia


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…This Is Alopecia

Alopecia may bring Jada Pinkett Smith to mind. The media has highlighted over and over how alopecia is an autoimmune disease. 

Let’s break this down and explain how it really works and the good news, that you can heal from it. 

If you or somebody you know suffers from alopecia, this is how it feels.  Alopecia is a sudden and extreme loss of hair.  It is quite literally there one day and gone the next. It can be either total or partial loss. 

The pain, sadness, loss, and confusion one feels turns to anger when they realize there are no real answers for alopecia in the conventional medical world.

Our hair is an outward statement and a reflection of our personality.  In our society, sadly, the majority of people let appearances define a person.  To be struck with sudden and uncontrollable hair loss can make a person feel so exposed. It is devastating.

So what is the root cause of Alopecia? 

Contrary to what conventional medicine will tell you, it is NOT an autoimmune disease.  Your body’s immune system is NOT attacking your hair follicles.  Your body does not attack itself, ever.  Furthermore, you did not cause this disease.

The root cause of alopecia is based in the adrenals with a viral component, namely the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

Adrenaline is made up of a complicated blend of 56 different adrenal hormones.  When someone has alopecia, they are lacking one of these adrenal hormones. Additionally, a person who presents with alopecia also has a toxic and overburdened liver.

Healing Alopecia

As with any chronic illness, healing takes time.  Someone dealing with alopecia is going to need to restore their adrenals while also working to remove their viral load.

The reason why the pharmaceuticals that are prescribed for alopecia are not a long-term solution is because they are adrenal-based.  Meaning, the prescribed pharmaceuticals force the adrenals into overdrive, pumping out adrenaline to help regrow the hair.  

While it may work in the short term, as soon as somebody goes off the medication, their hair will begin to fall out again.  

One can begin to heal alopecia by restoring the adrenals.  Check out my Intuitive Adrenal Reset ProgramWhen you learn how to reset your adrenals, so they work for you rather than against you, you can start to experience hair growth again.

Supplements To Restore Adrenaline And Kill Pathogens

The best supplements for restoring hair loss are B12, Lemon Balm, Nettle Leaf, AshwagandhaSilica, MSM, Spirulina, Barleygrass Juice Powder, Horsetail Tea, Amla Berry and Aloe Leaf.  It is really important to be consistent with your supplements.  The amount you take is not as important as the consistency with which you take them. 

Because there is a pathogen component to alopecia, it is critical to be on the core antivirals.

Micro C
Lemon Balm
Nettle Leaf
Cat’s Claw
Licorice Root

In addition, I would add Milk Thistle for more liver support.  When your liver is overburdened, you are more likely to experience hair loss.

Moving Forward Mindset

Although being struck by any chronic illness is devastating, like all challenges in our lives, it’s all about how we handle the situation.  Every challenge is actually an opportunity.

If you can see alopecia as an opportunity to heal on a deep soul level, you will gain an enormous amount of strength and confidence.  Your soul benefits from every challenge you choose to face as an opportunity.

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53 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…This Is Alopecia”

  1. Hi Muneeza, for adrenal snacks – dates and apples and bananas are recommended. However when my son who has the alopecia eats dates watermelon bananas or apples – his moth inflames and the roof of his mouth becomes scratchy. Some allergic response. What do you make of this?
    Those foods are so critical in adrenal snacking and I hate the fact that he can’t have them. By the way, I’ve also reached out for an appointment, just waiting to hear back from your staff. But wanted to get your thoughts on the allergic response

    1. Fatima please check your spam for our responses. Its ok that he cannot have those foods, there are so many others he can try! In time as he heals, he will be able to include these foods eventually.

  2. hello, when you say that male patterned baldness is genetic, are you also indicating that these protocols will not heal/improve hair loss caused by male patterned baldness?

  3. Oh, and the amount of stress in my life and my anxiety has also decreased significantly within the last year. However, I was stressed back in December due to my blood sugar being very off and too high.

  4. I’m so glad to have found you. Dealing with persistent hair loss is so discouraging. You’ve given me hope and practical answers.

    1. Hi Iryna, we’ve found that while men and women experience hair loss in different ways, both can be affected by the effects of adrenaline due to stress or viral presence in the body. A liver burdened with toxins can also contribute to hair loss, as can certain pharmaceuticals, but you can always check with your doctor there. In our understanding, genetics rarely play as strong of a role in any condition as we are used to hearing about. Healing the liver, reducing stress, applying anti-viral protocols, and consuming support foods and supplements can do wonders to regrow healthy hair for both men and women! — Team Muneeza

  5. Will the treatment and supplements also work for frontal fibrosing Alopecia? It’s a scarring Alopecia and I’m worried that the hair I’ve lost is gone for good.

    1. Hi Hannah, yes, absolutely! I’ve helped many clients with this specific form of alopecia and it can be turned around. You can absolutely heal from this, I’ve had many clients reverse hair loss. Don’t lose hope, and keep supporting those adrenals! – Muneeza

  6. Is it true that if you don’t treat AGA (androgenetic alopecia) that after a few years it will destroy the hair follicles and that lost hair will not grow back? I have been diagnosed with AGA for years and have spots on my head where no hair grows anymore. does this mean I am late for the treatment and the hair follicles are damaged? I appreciate your answer!

  7. Thanks for the information. you mentioned in your article on general alopecia where the immune system is said to attack the hair follicles. But I don’t see anything about genetic hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) where the DHT hormone shrinks the hair follicles over time and keeps them weaker until it stops producing hair and makes the especially the crown of the head hairless. And it gets worse over time. Very occasionally you see elevated DHT levels in the blood of these women, but not always. Unfortunately, these women live with the idea that this is due to their genetics and unfortunately very little is known about this condition. Could this kind of alopecia also be related to a viral infection of ebv or other Virus? Thanks in advance for your answer!

      1. Hi muneeza!
        they say that hair affected by high testosterone or dht androgens destroy the hair cells over time and if left untreated it will never grow back because the cells or hair follicle is completely dead. can this be correct, or do you think that if you tackle the cause, the hair can grow back after years?

        1. Sana, I have seen hair grow back after years where doctors have told my clients the exact thing you are mentioning! Dead follicles. Its not true based on what we have observed.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information Muneeza! Since having C 3 months later I’ve been experiencing lots of hair loss. I’m grateful for this information and will keep going and add some of those supplements you’ve mentioned to what I’m currently taking. May I ask how much Lysine should one take? Many thanks!!

      1. Yes I do I’ve looked under dosages for hair thinning and also adrenal problems and L-lysine isn’t listed in both there protocols

      1. Muneeza your article seems to relate to alopecia areata, which is normally patches when the hair starts to fall out or in the western world they say autoimmune the body attacking itself which we know it doesnt. What about androgenetic alopecia or other known as female pattern baldness?? They say this is genetic that DHT converted from testosterone attacks womens hair folicles shrinking them & stopping hair regrowing. They say womens hair parting widens & or hair thins all over. When I read your article is sounds that you are only referring to alopecia areata or does AW say that all hair loss in women is EBV & adrenals thanks. Androgen alopecia is the biggest of hairloss in the world. I follow MM protocls for hairloss thinning & have been researching hairloss/ alopecia for 2 years. Thanks Carole

        1. Carole you ask a good question, yes, I actually talk about general hairloss as well, which medically is not called Alopecia. Female pattern baldness is a different kind of alopecia than alopecia areata. The difference in hair loss pattern depends on the type of EBV you have in your system. This is not truly genetic for women, unlike male patterned baldness in men, which is genetic. For women it is as per the reasons described in the blog above – EBV + adrenal weakness. And general hairloss in women is due to a lowering of one of the 56 blends of adrenaline that is responsible for keeping your hair in. General hairloss is the most common form of hairloss and does not often lead to total baldness in women. Does this make sense?

          1. Hi, what about women who have alopecia androgenetica but don’t have any other symptoms or health issues. Does that still mean they have a virus in their system that only affects their hair?

          2. Thank u so much! have you had female patients who have been able to reverse AGA? and why is the DHT hormone said to affect hair follicles? sorry for the questions, but it’s the first time I got an answer to this

          3. Sarah – I have one woman who has reversed it yes. She just followed the MM protocols and didn’t worry about what the ‘science’ says, because she decided that they don’t really know what the root causes are. According to MM it is unlikely that the DHT hormone affects the follicles more likely one of the unforgiving four – viruses heavy metals, pesticides and radiation.

          4. but the strange thing is that from the moment these women take antiandrogens they suddenly see a difference in their hair which would explain that it is the reason for their hair loss..

          5. Those are all steroid based meds. Steroids will always boost adrenaline which helps to mask symptoms. I also did say there is a hormonal (adrenal) component as well. But the medical solution is not permanent.

          6. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable information. As you probably already noticed I have also been diagnosed with AGA as a young woman and you inspire me to treat it the MM way. I’ll definitely Check the cleanse to heal book out and I Hope i can come back and report that I achieved some results!

  9. Thank you Muneeza! How does one suddenly lose “one of their adrenal hormones”? Is it from burning their adrenals? And! Can it return after following MM’s diet/supplements for alopecia? Thank you!

    1. When the adrenals become weak, they stop producing all the 56 blends needed by the body. One of the blends that is to keep your hair in, can be one of the first to go because it is not critical to survival. When you are low in resources, you conserve, right? That is what the body does as well.

      1. so that means our body can start reproducing hormones that our hair needs by following MM proctocols in cleasne to heal?

      2. So is it correct to assume that if you follow the Cleanse to Heal supplement guidelines for hair loss, cut out the no foods, include the wild foods and drink daily celery juice, you can someday uncover the one adrenal blend that is causing the trouble? Of course, assuming stress is managed. What are the tips for when this is not enough? Thanks

        1. Jane it is hard to provide tips because I don’t know what you are doing in the rest of life. Have you checked out the free starter course? It helps to guide you through the common pitfalls, and also the blog 9 mistakes to avoid. The reason I say this is that when the application of the basic protocols is not giving you the results you need, you do need to look deeper – what are you missing, what else is going on in life, what exposures have you had to poisons that are going unaddressed? It is not possible to provide more tips without knowing more about what you are doing and we need the detail to be better detectives. At this point I would recommend getting a practitioner, or joining our membership.

  10. Thank you for being you! Does the same protocol apply for hair loss in general. I’m on year four of hair loss but it is not Alopecia. You and MM have schooled me extensively in how to be a detective, but apparently I can’t crack the code.

    1. Hi Jane, is your androgen alopecia or female balding hair loss. I hear you. I have hairloss, lost 90% of it so I look like a new born baby, I was told it was female balding then it wasn’t…Hair loss is a difficult to navigate because I was advised all hairloss is alopecia but there are a couple of types of alopecia. good luck with healing.

      1. If you have lost all the hair on your head, it is similar to another client I work with who has alopecia. The type matters not since the solutions are the same to bring it back.

      2. Hi Carole, this is so frustrating because Aw always talks about Alopecia areata and hairloss in general but what about AGA ( alopecia androgenetica) there is really very little info about it besides genetics and the DHT hormone..

        1. There is no illness that is caused by genetics. This would mean that of the billions of years we have spent on the planet, our genetics only became faulty in the last 50 – 75 years. The key difference in the last 75 years or so is the industrial revolution that kickstarted the high level of exposures to poisons, toxins and chemicals in our environments both indoors and outdoors, our food, water and air. AGA is also viral + toxins + adrenal weakness. It is important to understand how these three relate and come together. The healing protocols for any type of alopecia is the same. The differences are though based on the degree of poisons that one has to remove. Does this make sense Sarah?

      1. Hi, I was directed to you by a practioner I’m working with and reading all of your blogs. I commented on another and I know they’re old so not sure if you’re even responding. But I’ve been struggling with hair loss since 2007. First from going off the pill, then from having babies it never grew back all the way and looks like AGA. My life has been extremely stressful since 2017 and I lost it again then and have been battling it on and off ever since. It slows down, a little grows back but it’s thinner and thinner every time. I definitely have EBV, HHV6 and a bunch of heavy metals. I know my adrenals haven’t been healthy for years. But I’ve been following MM pretty strictly since August 2021…healed erosive esophagitis, 24/7 heartburn and recently started digesting food again after a 369 cleanse. The hair loss stopped (like only shedding 15-20 hairs a day) 2 months after following MM, but again didn’t grow back. But now after the 369 I am losing 200 strands a day for the last month and I have 50% of a normal head of hair. I have been on the hair loss protocol and every supplement you suggest for 3 weeks and it’s getting worse. I strictly follow MM…fruit until 12, low fat, low protein, haven’t touched a trouble maker food in over 2 years. I don’t want to believe AGA is genetic but I can’t make sense of this. I also have a lot of facial hair that has gotten worse over the years. I don’t have PCOS and I have never had irregular periods not even at 46. The fact that Anthony says that females don’t permanently lose their hair and it’s not genetic gives me hope but then why would mine be getting worse when I’ve done so much healing and changed my lifestyle so much?

        1. Hi Stacey, so sorry you’re struggling with hair loss. It takes time to restore hair. Often when people experience worsening symptoms, it takes time for the adrenals to restore – and viral loads to come down. If you have been doing protocols, sometimes you have to either push harder on protocols, or you may need to work with a practitioner. Reach out to [email protected] if you’d like a recommendation for a practitioner, or you can schedule a group coaching with my via my website. Sending you lots of love! – Muneeza

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I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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