The Dangers Of Radiation Exposure

The Dangers Of Radiation Exposure

Radiation (exposure) also acts as a trigger for every illness that can affect human beings”
Medical Medium, Anthony William, Life Changing Foods.  

Radiation exposure is not something that is usually top of our minds  –  people become concerned about cell phone radiation for a period of time. For example, there was a big outcry about 5G radiation a couple of years ago at the start of the pandemic. Usually, we become very concerned after a nuclear disaster or if there is a threat of an impending one. Otherwise, radiation just falls away from our minds and we basically just forget about it. 

What is the problem with radiation exposure? 

  • can be a trigger for all illnesses in the body
  • radiation lowers the immune system allowing underlying pathogens to take hold
  • can also increase the oxidation or aging process in the body
  • accounts for 5% of all thyroid cancers and when combined with heavy metals that may be present in the body, can contribute to the formation of other cancers as well
  • Radiation can weaken the bones and also cause bone spurs.  

From the Revised & Expanded Medical Medium book, Anthony William states “Modern medicine was beginning to realize at this time (1950’s) that radiation was dangerous, and I’m sure someone behind the scenes made the connection between women’s unprecedented health struggles and their decades long exposure to radiation – because it was obvious that tens of thousands of women were getting foot and leg amputations due to cancer. Radiation lowered the immune system, allowing (cancer-causing) viruses to cause more harm and quickening additional symptoms 

How do we get exposed to radiation? 

Radiation exposure can come from a range of different sources. Today there are 5 main areas of exposures: 

  • EMFs from cell phones, computers, fridges, TV or the smart meters, cell phone towers
  • Travel, namely the large full body radiation scanners and flying at high altitudes 
  • Medical diagnostic procedures 
  • Nuclear disasters 
  • Radiation inherited from your lineage

I discuss all these forms of radiation in further detail below.

EMF radiation exposure from our home & environment 

EMF exposure is everywhere  – all around us all the time. We also have direct exposure through our cell phones, 5G towers, smart meters and even the appliances in our home. Most people can handle the EMFs from our daily life, cell phones, computers, TVs, fridges, HVAC units etc. 

Some people with extremely sensitive nervous systems cannot handle the radiation off of a laptop or even a smartphone. I have clients who are so sensitive that they will develop symptoms from even a few minutes of exposure to their computers or phones. This is different than the more dangerous radiation we are exposed to through travel or nuclear radiation

A great way to test for exposure in  your own home is to invest in an EMF/ Radiation detector for your home. You can find my choices in the Home Goods section of my Amazon Store


Travel Radiation Exposure 

We are exposed to radiation from medical diagnostic procedures or from walking through an airport scanner for example. Many of my clients have symptoms after travel. Unknowingly, they may have gone through the airport body scanner (not the metal detector) and they can develop symptoms they never had before. This is because radiation causes dormant or low grade viruses wake up and become more active. 

Airport Radiation Exposure

Airport radiation scanners can (and should) be avoided. You can request to go through the metal detector and ask for a pat down instead. I highly recommend signing up for TSA pre-check programs available at most US airports. This allows you to fast track through airport security. You can bypass the radiation scanners and sometimes even bypass the pat down. You do still have to go through the metal detector though. 


Carry on Bag Exposure

Carry on bags going through the X-Ray machine at airport security also carry radiation once they are scanned. This causes your bags to  literally become radioactive. Medical Medium recommends purchasing cheap carry on luggage to discard after 2 – 3 uses. He also recommends keeping carry on luggage away from bedrooms where you sleep and also away from your children. The radiation in luggage can last for centuries. The scanning for checked bags uses far less radiation than that for carry on luggage. Also he explains how the largest item going through the scanner picks up most of the radiation (the carry on bag) and far less in the items in the bag, including all your food.

Radiation exposure causes the aging process to accelerate and all that is is the oxidation of our tissues. More on that below. 


Exposure from Medical Procedures 

Viruses don’t just wake up after exposure through air travel.  They can also wake up after the following procedures:

  • X-Ray
  • MRI with contrast (radiation exposure from the MRI machine + heavy metal exposure from gadolinium in the contrast)
  • CAT Scans (radiation from the machine + radioactive iodine taken before the scan)
  • Mammograms
  • Fluoroscopes (X-Ray for shoe size measurement from the 1920’s)

If you must get an X-Ray please ask for a lead apron to cover up other parts of the body. (you must ask for the lead apron as it is not always offered). If you need to get a mammogram consider doing a thermography or an ultrasound instead, both of which carry far less risk. 

This exposure is not always avoidable which is why we have solutions for recovery noted below. 


Nuclear disasters 

Nuclear radiation is the most dangerous form of radiation. We forget about this fallout from nuclear disasters. This radiation has mostly gone up into the stratosphere of the earth Then, it slowly falls to the earth and contaminates all our water and soils. We are all constantly exposed to this radiation, but because it is out of sight, it is out of mind


Inherited Radiation Exposure

If you have ancestors who work(ed) in the following professions the radiation they were exposed to has been passed on to you:

  • Dentists
  • X-Ray technicians
  • MRI/ CT scan technicians
  • Nuclear power station/ reactor 
  • Shoe Store salesman in the 1920’s-1940’s working with a fluoroscope


If you have ancestors who lived near or around these nuclear disasters, the radiation they were exposed to has most definitely been passed on to you:

  • Hiroshima (Japan, August 6th 1945) 
  • Nagasaki (Japan, August 9th 1945)
  • Chernobyl (Ukraine, April 26 1986)
  • Fukushima (Japan, March 11, 2011)


Radiation is a great hidden enemy.  Because we cannot see radiation, we have a hard time wrapping our minds around just how harmful it is to our bodies.  In today’s world we are bombarded with radiation – my goal for you is awareness.  Knowledge is power! 

You can heal from and prevent too much radiation exposure. Do check out my follow-up blog post outlining everything you need to know for prevention and healing.

Also, please leave me a comment and let me know if this article on radiation exposure was helpful. 


To your health and happiness,



PS: I would be honored to support you in your healing journey in 2022. Let me show you the healing protocols and steps to take to connect your physical body, heart, soul and spirit to the light to restore and reclaim your vibrant health. 

Join me for The Intuitive Healing Community Membership and discover the power of a community of Light-Seekers, all dedicated to healing. 

Muneeza Ahmed

52 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Radiation Exposure”

  1. I’ve read both of your interesting and informative blog posts on radiation. Something I wonder about is symptoms of over exposure to radiation and EMF’s. I know, we’re exposed daily in so many ways. What are the symptoms of EMF sensitivities?

  2. Hello Muneeza, I have read both articles on radiation. They helped me a lot because I recently had an X-ray at the dentist. I wonder something, I have a Philips home laser hair removal. The pain I feel is so small and I wonder if it still causes damage to the adrenal glands. And the fact that it is small and it os for home user , does it mean that there is less radiation? Thank you

  3. Hi Muneeza,I just love your website, it’s a plethora of information and great recipes! I’m looking for the toxin responsible for skin cancer? Is it radiation?

  4. I learn so much from your blog posts and really enjoy reading them!! Thank you, Muneeza. I used to do an internship for 6 months in a production facility for x-ray tubes (lots of testing involved) and got so so sick out of nowhere directly after it for almost a month but the doctor couldn’t really tell what I exactly had. Before learning about radiation exposure from MM and you, I always wondered whether there was a link and I now think there was. So interesting.

    1. Hi Muneeza,
      just read your blog and wondered if just full body scans at the airport are radioactive. What about the metal detectors you go through? Aren‘t they a problem? And why there is more radiation exposure on flights on higher altitude? Thank you?

      1. Eva yes, only the full body scans are emitting dangerous radiation. The metal detectors are not. And there is more radiation on higher altitude flights because a lot of the radiation from disasters such as Fukushima, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chornobyl is sitting up in the stratosphere and slowly trickling down to earth.

  5. What about radiation from indoor tanning beds? Is that a thing? I used them for years to clear my psoriasis 🙁 (also I’m not even sure why it works for psoriasis! It cleared my whole body very quickly)

    Is this the same thing? What category does it fall under? It wasn’t a medical place, just a tanning salon

        1. Laser hair removal I think triggers more adrenaline and if you are not so sick and can handle that its totally fine. But if you are struggling in any way, then I would say to hold off until you can do better. And yes, lasers all have a lot of radiation emitted from them.

          1. Thank you! It is so bizarre that indoor tanning beds cleared my psoriasis yet apparently laser hair removal can trigger herpes outbreaks in people who have herpes even if it’s dormant! I still use a microwave but hopefully one day I will be able to make do without

          2. Mina the UV light has a dual effect: it tries to mimic UV radiation from the sun, so it causes a tan. Yet, because it is not actually the Sun’s light it has a radiation component to it that can cause cancer as well or at least be a trigger to cancer, for example. beleive me, many many women experience negative effects from tanning beds.

  6. I just returned a new computer because of the radiation pouring off it into my chest and face. I have a cell phone which I can’t touch. Both cause quite a lot of pain to radiate up my hands and arms, even with a wired mouse and key board on the computer. I’m looking for a computer solution if you or anyone know where to go or how to approach this. I’ll stick with my old flip phone for now.

    1. Marion for people with the kind of sensitivity you have, the best solution is to heal the nervous system as much as you are able to and to invest in orgonite. Orgonite has helped quite a few of my clients with this sensitivity and also taking extra of the 5 heavy Metal Detox ingredients.

  7. Katja Bettina

    Dear Muneeza,

    thank you very much for taking up this so important topic! And thank you also for allowing comments! My comment is almost 2 pages long, I’m sorry, is that okay?

    I am only referring to microwave radiation (EMF) from wireless technology, as I am (knowingly) affected by severe electrosensitivity.

    I have been chronically ill since the beginning of my life (born 1961; CFS, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, depression), extremely severe since 1988 (amalgam removed, palladium-copper replacement), this despite homeopathic treatment for many years beginning in 1982.
    I had already experienced unbelievable suffering when it doubled 15 years ago due to this radiation. I then also had to leave my home and live with some other electrosensitive people in a refuge in the mountains in Bavaria.

    3 years ago I started with MM with full confidence in Anthony/SOC. This was and is only possible for me with daily accompaniment of Nux vomica D4. The electrosensitivity is slightly improved, so that I can be about 3-4 hours “outside” without significant discomfort – but also only with the help of Nux vomica.

    1. Hey love, so sorry this comment will get cut off when we reply to it, because it won’t post such a long comment. I am so sorry you struggle with the electro-sensitivity you described. Increase your use of orgonite and heal your nerves. Those are the two most powerful things you can do to counteract it. Much love.

      1. Katja Bettina

        Dear Muneeza, thank you a lot for approval and your answer. My comment included much more indeed, this was the next part (not the end still 🙂 ):
        Unfortunately, we learned that it is planned to irradiate our small remote village with 2 transmission towers (day and night) soon. This would be life threatening for us (torture again) and puts me in great fear (adrenaline stress). I have regressed from this alone.

        I know that curing my electrosensitivity would take at least a few more years, and that I would have no chance of progressing under such exposure. A friend in the north is already in this situation (massive radiation), she is suffering extremely, her health is getting worse and worse despite MM.
        Of course we are looking – as far as possible – for another home, but Germany is small and densely populated. I don’t know if there is still something to be found for us. In any case it would be a miracle.

        Among other things, I have the big problem that I cannot tolerate anything energetic, that means, I develop very dangerous overreactions, which I can only partly bring down by Nux D4.
        Examples: Energetic healing, higher homeopathic potencies than D4, massage/stretching, singing/dancing, acu-points streaming/tapping, meditation etc. and just the energy of any kind of harmonizing product. I have tried many of them, even with other electrosensitives together – we all developed overreactions.
        Concerning orgonites I also read several times from other people that they do not tolerate them.

        1. Katja I think with orgonite you need to have the right kind. Make sure you purchase from those who know how to make them correctly (as noted in my blog) and you will hopefully feel a gentle relief. I believe you can heal.

          1. Katja Bettina

            Dear Muneeza!
            Thank you for your answer! I have some questions:
            – Do you have any idea why I develop such reactions to every „energetic“ impulse (natural and unnatural)? Advanced inflammation of the nervous system?
            – What do you think why it could be that I won‘t have overreactions to the energy of the special kind of orgonite that you recommend?
            – Are they not energetic, like all other harmonizing products (which also worsen the elctrosensitivity, this scares me)?
            – Do you think I have a chance to heal while smoking (2-6) and while (hopefully not!) in long-term exposure of 2 radiation masts – as my friend who can not continue to heal because of the masts?
            – Am I allowed to post the rest of my original text?

    1. Victoria – I have not tried it, but I don’t think so. It measures active radiation from an appliance, for example. I think if you used Kirlean photography, the carry on bags will probably ‘glowing’

  8. If we take our supplements with us on a plane is it better to a) have them hand checked and then put back in our carry-on or b) put it in our checked baggage?? It never Crossed my mind to think of a ultrasound as a source of radiation.

    1. Checked baggage has less radiation. You will have a hard time not being able to get your supplements to go through the security X-ray. They will likely treat you quite suspiciously in that case.

  9. I never fail to be impressed with both yours and Anthony’s huge hearts, thank you as always for the wonderful healing information and the support you give so freely. It gives me so much knowledge to share with my own client’s, and I think if everyone just told one person about this information, what a transformation it would have on the world.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

  10. How about radon exposure at home it’s not even mentioned here? So many homes across the world has radon exposure from the ground. Please add this to the list. Thank you

  11. Hi Muneeza, this was an amazing read!! thank you!! I would like to know your thoughts on hybrid (half electric) cars? Are they bad for us to be driving?

    I always thought that an MRI had no radiation. so looking forward to learning more with you.


      1. Thanks so much for your answers. With regards to the hybrid car, is it much more then a normal car? If I place a few Organite inside will it do the trick?

  12. Muneeza this was a fabulous post. In 2020 my at the time naturopath/homeopath did a vega test on me as I had just started losing my hair that was one of the many sympton. The test resulted that EMF radiation was the root cause to my hair starting to fall out. I had been travelling around the world the past 5 years & without my knowledge had been a 5g wifi booster extender strapped to my work desk as well as another adjacent to my desk. Reading MM & your post has allowed me further to put together my hairloss journey. 9 months before I picked up an infection whilst travelling causing fatigue sore throat which really was EBV waking up, constant hoarse voice, severe sciatica, & back pain, a small begnin cancer growth on my scalp, heart palpitations, anxiousness, brain fog, hot flushes around my throat & head, I couldn’t ground myself, lots of crying, fatigue & insomnia. 2022 I have the hair left of a new born, so this has been very aggressive. Mid 2020 I went to stupid money hungry hairloss clinics, GP’s & dermatologists who all gave different varying reasons to my symptons mainly menopause & androgens killing my hair follicles. I have no idea why I didnt just listen to what my retired homeopath had told me. It wasn’t until reading the latest MM book & reading these types of posts that it all makes sense, but my healing is very slow.

    1. Carole I am so glad the post resonated. It is very likely your hair loss to the degree you describe is due to EBV and adrenals. Have you looked up Alopecia? The root cause according Medical Medium is that it is Viral.

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I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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