The Confusion Between Parasites And Worms

Parasites And Worms

The Confusion Between Parasites And Worms

Have you been hearing a lot about parasites lately? Do you know the difference between parasites and worms?


Most of the world thinks that worms are forms of parasites and believe that parasites are the cause of major health issues.  These are myths.  The truth is parasites cause intense acute symptoms, and while nobody wants worms in their gut, worms often do not cause acute symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Also worms do not cause chronic illness and autoimmune symptoms. 

Let’s dive deeper into this topic and clear up the confusion about worms and parasites.

These days it is all too common for someone suffering with mild symptoms such as gut issues, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, to leave the doctors office with a parasite diagnosis.  

The stool sample confusion

People are so convinced that they have a parasite problem because of a stool sample analysis.  What actually happens is that various bugs can show up in a stool sample.  They are mashed up and crushed pieces, nearly impossible to decipher what you are observing. A stool sample  is not an accurate way to diagnose parasite or worm problem. 

The actual underlying problem

The root of most gut issues and related symptoms is a low-grade bacterial or viral infection. Your specific symptoms can help determine which. 

A true parasite

When you have a true parasite infection, there can be one of two outcomes…either the person survives and knocks out the parasite, or the parasite could end up killing them.  There really isn’t an in between when dealing with a true parasite – it’s you or the parasite.  The following are examples of true parasites: 


Malaria is also a parasitic infection as are amoebas and protozoa parasites – all of which can be life-threatening if your body is unable to eliminate them. 

Toxoplasma Gondii

Toxoplasma Gondii (TG) is an example of a true parasite infection. This is usually found in raw pork.  It can cause acute symptoms that may require admission into an intensive care unit – extremely high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and excruciating pain.   TG is so toxic it can even cause hallucinations. It can be found on raw vegetables and salads prepared in restaurants as well through cross contamination with raw pork.  It is always best to go with a cooked food option when eating out.

Food poisoning

Contaminated water or unhygienic street food can result in a parasitic infection. This type of parasitic infection is generally referred to as food poisoning. It is common in places like Pakistan, India, Mexico or the Dominican Republic. Food poisoning can be caused by strains of E.Coli bacteria, for example. Sometimes these are high grade, intense infections and sometimes these are low grade infections.  The low grade infections can be mistaken for “just a stomach ache”.  This confusion can lead people to not treat food poisoning with the right tools. 

There is a good reason for confusion around food poisoning. Sometimes the presence of streptococcus bacteria (which can pre-date the food poisoning event) can be the root cause for stomach ache and other gut issues, like IBS & SIBO. Symptoms of mild food poisoning and regular gut disturbances can feel similar although the parasite can be little more intense and ongoing. 

Food poisoning can be life threatening – you can actually die from the dehydration caused by food poisoning.  This is what Anthony William means when he says either your body will win or the parasite will win.

To avoid any kind of parasitic infection or food poisoning when eating out, take one capsule of Oregano Oil before eating.

A true parasite cannot live in the body long term – there is no such thing as a “long-term parasitic infection”…despite the popular diagnosis of such these days.  So when you have been dealing with chronic health symptoms and conditions for an extended period of time, chances are a true parasite is not to blame. 


Worms should not be placed in the same category as parasites.  A worm can stay in your body long term without causing too much disruption. Even though they are unwelcome, worms will not attack their host the way a parasite will.  Worms can, however, strip the body of beneficial nutrients.

How to get rid of worms

A diet high in leafy greens, green juices, and fruit (particularly papaya) will start purging worms and worm eggs from the body.  You may even notice worms in the toilet as you cleanse (do not confuse this with the sloughing off of the intestinal lining from harsh parasite cleanses).  Garlic and onions are two powerful foods for eliminating worms. Olive leaf and goldenseal are two powerful supplements that will aid in the removal of worms.

Parasite cleanses

Parasite cleanses have become all the rage as of late in the alternative medicine community.  Such cleanses do create some helpful results and people can claim to feel better after doing them. This is most  likely because they also combining other healing tools along with the cleanse. Often, people also clean up their diets as a part of the cleanse and this is what creates the most positive change for them. The positive change is not from removing ‘parasites’ as  they might mistakenly assume.

If you are considering a parasite cleanse, I would ask you to pause and reconsider. A more effective way to attack your symptoms would be to start by eliminating foods that feed pathogens: eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, canola oil, etc. and bringing in foods that are beneficial to your digestive system and help eliminate your underlying pathogen load.  

Another reason to be cautious of trendy parasite cleanses is that some of them use harsh ingredients that can slough off the intestinal lining rather than remove worms. Often this sloughed off intestinal lining is mistaken for ‘worms’. Be warned – sloughing off your intestinal lining is more dangerous than the worms you may be trying to remove. Also if you would like confirmation about what you see in your stool (especially if it is worm like), send it to a lab for testing to be sure.

Healing foods & supplements 

Foods such as papaya, papaya seeds, garlic, radishes, turmeric, burdock root, dandelion greens, arugula, cilantro and parsley are fantastic. 

Juices such as celery juice, fennel juice, cucumber juice, and the incredibly powerful turmeric-ginger shot will all be amazingly beneficial for purging your body of any harmful invaders. 

If you have been diagnosed with a parasite related issue, supplements such as lemon balm, olive leaf, and pau d’arco should be included in your anti-parasite protocol. If you are having any gut-related issues, eyebright can also be very helpful.

Cat’s Claw is a very powerful supplement that can not only help knock down your viral load, but it can also help destroy bacteria such as E. Coli, streptococcus, and C. difficile.

Medical Medium® talks about the protective powers of Thyme tea and elderflower tea – how they can defend against harmful invaders.  Sipping these teas daily can work as a preventative as well as a support for your healing while you are suffering.

Moving forward in truth

It is my hope that this information will shed some much-needed light onto the parasite craze confusion.  With truthful knowledge you can move past the health trends and make informed decisions about how to move forward on your healing journey.

To your health & happiness,


4 thoughts on “The Confusion Between Parasites And Worms”

  1. Hi!! Thanks for this great info. I have been dealing with pinworms for 9 months now. I am doing the lemon water and celery juice daily. I am also doing raw and low fat but it seems to be worse when I eat a lot of fruits. I honestly have tried everything and they won’t go away. They make me constipated and cause fatigue. I really don’t know what protocol to do anymore. I wish there was more info in the Medical Medium community about pinworms because they happen for real and can cause a lot of problems and slow down the healing. I could really use some help. Thank you.

    1. Are you doing the following: papaya seeds daily, aloe water, garlic + cabbage + apple salad, turmeric garlic shots, radishes daily. I have helped many clients clear pinworms and other worms with these protocols. Yes, they are problematic when uncontrolled. If you have done the protocol I outline here and it hasn’t worked, I would then ask if you have been the to doctor – they also have medication for this.

  2. Thank you very much Muneeza.
    I really like your article, your ability to synthesize all of Anthony’s material is magnificent. It helps me a lot. Your explanation about Parasites and Worms is very clear, there is a clear difference.

    I lived one year in Colombia and I had malaria and caught amoebas in the water. I was very sick, but my body was able to overcome it. If I overcame this, I feel that now with Anthony’s protocols I will completely heal my autoimmune diseases, when God wants. I feel very grateful to belong to your Healing Community.

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Muneeza Ahmed - Medicine Woman

Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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