My Prayer For Healing

I pray that God’s light prevails over darkness on earth. 

I pray that we as humans are able to recognize that healing is up to us and that we CAN heal. I pray that we all know God wants us to heal. I pray that we can find hope for healing. I pray we know that, given the right foods, our bodies have an innate ability to heal. I pray that we know we can heal our souls, hearts and spirits, in addition to our bodies. I pray that the light that is contained in God-given foods can enter into our cells and open us to more compassion. 

I pray that I can have more compassion for myself. I pray that I can be more compassionate than I am right now. I pray that I will always humbly work on being compassionate and expressing that, especially to the people in my life. 

I pray that I can be of greater service to God for the rest of my days on this planet. I pray that my soul is stronger when I die than when I arrived on earth. I pray for forgiveness for my wrongdoings. 

I pray that people who have a hard time praying can find their way to prayer in their own way. I pray that I continue to deepen my faith and my trust in God. I pray that you can, too. God always answers our prayers, whether in this lifetime or another, and our prayers are ALWAYS answered. I believe this with all my heart. 

I pray that we heal ourselves to heal our future lineages, our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and more. I pray that we can heal our planet to save it. I believe we have a covenant of stewardship to God for the planet He gave us to live on. I pray that we can fulfill that covenant, or die fighting for it. 

I pray for healing for all the children of the world, like they are my own children. I feel the pain of any mother who has a sick child. I pray that this wrong is righted, children should never be sick. 

I pray that women get stronger and rise up. I pray that men can support their women rising up. I pray that we heal the historical wrongs that humans have done to each other – wrongs we have done to each other, to our children, to our elders, to our weak and vulnerable and to the planet. I pray that we can all help each other, always and in all ways.

I pray for the weak and vulnerable to have a voice. I pray that we rise together in community. I pray that this world can be freed of illness. I know God has our backs. He has prepared us for this time. I pray that if you are struggling with your faith, that you borrow mine. 

I pray that God’s light prevails over darkness on earth. 

And so it is. Ameen (Arabic), Amen (English), Aamen (Hebrew). 

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theresa lee

I can’t thank you enough for this, this had me sobbing (in a good way) I will keep this prayer for a long time. Thank you for being such a bright light.

Hollis Onetto

Amen ♥️


This is beautiful. Thank you! I’ve read it out loud 🙂

Shari Harris

Believe that you deserve compassion. You are giving the world amazing gifts through your teachings and the children you are bringing forward. I loved watching your lovely family at Omega.

Gina StJean

Your story is an inspiration to me not to give up with my battle of regaining my health; the balance issues, vertigo, inflammation, brain fog, exhaustion all the time and the list goes on. You were so fortunate to meet Anthony Williams. I know there is his books but I just wish so badly I could meet him instead of me guessing what’s wrong with me…..Sending you love and light and Gods Blessings❣️

Sonia H.



Ameen. May Allah accept all your prayers & ease all our pains. May he give us strength to rise up every time we fall. May we never loose hope & faith in His majesty & might. May he forgive us before he takes us back.

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