Meet Minal Mistry from the United Kingdom – She suffered from severe pelvic inflammation, chronic bladder pain, severe nerve pain on the scalp (burning acid feeling), multiple chemical sensitivities, facial pain, chronic fatigue.

“You will have to deal with this and manage it for the rest of your life, there is no treatment, no cure, there are some things we just cannot explain.”

This is what the doctor said to me back in 2011. I was absolutely devastated. My dreams of going to Mount Everest Base Camp and getting married were all shot…

My SUDDEN ONSET of symptoms included severe chronic pelvic inflammation, severe chronic bladder and abdominal pain, which felt like stabbing glass pain and it felt like something was eating my bladder…

…I went from being a bright, vibrant NORMAL young person to becoming depressed, anxious and emotional and in chronic pain 24/7. I was a complete mess and a wreck; all my socializing stopped as I could not socialize with this chronic pain and I simply did not want to live. I couldn’t understand how I could become so sick whilst being so young.

…I went to see hundreds of doctors, tried allergy treatment, acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, NAET allergy treatment, magnet therapy, massage, neurologist consultant, urologist consultant, ayurvedic treatment, yoga, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, law of attraction coaching, meditation programmes, yogic breathing, cognitive behaviour therapy, healing code therapy, emotional freedom technique therapy, Bowen technique, cut out certain foods eg. gluten, sugar. All practitioners would get to a point where they would have to turn me away as the treatment wasn’t working. But I still kept the faith and was determined to not give up.

I made the decision…to quit my job and come home in the hope to fully recover… No amount of rest and recovery would help me with these symptoms. I did not attend any events and was homebound and kept myself to myself. The hardest part of dealing with these illnesses is that I looked completely normal on the outside as if nothing is wrong and on the inside, I felt like my mind was doing push-ups constantly and I had to stay sane for my own mental sake. It was the hardest time of my life, but still, I vowed that I would not give up.

I was about to give up hope when I found Anthony William, Medical Medium®. I bought his book and I signed up for a consult straight. Anthony William, Medical Medium® was incredible, so kind and compassionate, he told me the “root cause” of my mysterious pelvic inflammation, chronic bladder pain, facial pain, chronic nerve pain on my scalp, multiple chemical sensitivities and hair loss. It was Epstein-Barr and Streptococcus bacteria. I was relieved to finally have an answer and full of utmost gratitude to Anthony. I immediately started the protocol. He said the nerve scalp pain was so chronic it would be the last thing to go. As I followed the protocol, improvements started. It was a slow, but gradual process, a lot of stopping and starting, but just did as much as I could. He reassured me that I could heal and that I will get better but I had to put in the work.

Six months later, I then signed up for follow up appointments with Muneeza as I needed extra support even though I noticed positive changes: energy increase, able to socialize more and bladder pain reducing. I felt that extra support was necessary. Muneeza was incredible, so compassionate, kind and understanding. Her accuracy was amazing and she started me on raw till 4 p.m. We then slowly transitioned to fully raw (28 day cleanse). This is when the big changes started to happen. Muneeza explained to me that I could not start on fully raw; I had to build up to it as my body was too sensitive. Significant changes started to happen. My bladder started to fully heal. I no longer had any irritation and no longer had to go to the doctors to get my urine constantly tested. I started having more energy during that year and my socializing increased and I started to volunteer part-time in an admin role. I became well enough to go ahead with my engagement with my boyfriend at the end of December 2016, which had been put off because I was sick. I wasn’t yet 100% but I was on my way and stuck to protocols.

I also joined Muneeza’s online program, and even though I got support from her privately, the online support went a lot deeper in a way – I learned about all the different foods to support me. I learned more about detox and cleansing the body. This helped me adjust my protocols so I could get better results. The biggest thing that happened was it gave me the confidence in the choices I was making with my foods and this confidence eventually enabled me to go fully raw. And not only that – I was even able to eventually do the 28 day cleanse, which had a HUGE impact on my healing. I never realized the impact that diet had on my health and how deepening my detox more than just cutting out the no foods was critical for my healing. Had I gone fully raw in the beginning, I would have been sicker and probably never followed the protocol completely. (to learn about Muneeza’s online program click here)

September 2017 was a real breakthrough for me. I started working again. My job was made permanent and my hours increased to 3 days a week.

Change continued slowly – I got better and better. I kept talking to Muneeza about my dream to go to Everest. She said we can work towards that but you have to keep your diet super clean and raw. I put my heart and soul into it. By March 2018, I was ready to go to Everest Base Camp Trek. This was one of the biggest dreams in my life!  As I was still on a fully raw diet before the trek, Muneeza and I agreed that I would be ok to stay vegan during the trip and to make sure I do not have certain grains. My immune system and liver had improved so much that I could now tolerate gluten-free porridge, rice, lentils, quinoa, all veggies, and potatoes.

The trip was an absolutely incredible experience, I had such an amazing time and I’m happy to say that I successfully made it to Everest Base Camp (5,643m) with my dad. This moment was the proudest moment of my whole entire existence. I did not suffer from any severe altitude sickness. (Muneeza said, because my liver was so clean). My energy stayed constant and at most I suffered from a mild headache (altitude related) which lasted 4 hours. I did not have to take any painkillers or altitude tablets at all. On my return to the UK, I did have a flare-up. However, it was nowhere near as bad as when my symptoms first started in 2010. I was amazed how well my body coped on that trek and the fact that my body was well enough to trek to Everest Base Camp and back with the mildest of altitude related symptoms.


Minal: “I know I am not 100% better yet, however, I can happily say I am 85 – 90% there. I know I still have work to do and I will get to 100%. For me, the biggest thing which helped me kick start my healing was discovering Medical Medium® and the amazing support which Muneeza gave me both, in consults and especially in her online Intuitive Cleanse program.

To learn more about Muneeza’s online program, which starts Monday, May 14th click here.


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