Is Instagram Censoring Your Content?…Steps To Fix The Problem

Do you find yourself wondering where content is from some of the people you follow?


I have had many people ask me why they no longer see posts from me.  Right now, censorship is such a problem across multiple platforms – the biggest offenders seem to be Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Why does this happen?


Some accounts may post content that is deemed by the algorithm as “inappropriate” or needing moderation.  So when these posts are made, they won’t appear on your feed, even though they remain on the feed of the account who posted.


What can I do to resolve this issue?


In order for all of the content from your favorite creators to appear in your feed, you need to follow the steps below to prevent Instagram from limiting the content you see.


Steps to allow ALL content:

  1. Click on your ‘profile’ (bottom right, the picture of the head in the circle icon)
  2. Pull down the ‘menu’ (top right, 3 horizontal lines)
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Account’
  5. Select ‘Sensitive Content Control’
  6. Select ‘Allow’


If you don’t have the “allow” option, follow these instructions:

If you do not see the “allow” option under “sensitive content controls” after doing this, then you need to unlink your Facebook account.

To do this, go to:



-Sharing to other apps

-click Facebook

-When you get to this page check and see if you have the “automatically share” settings on your Instagram story and posts.  If you do then turn this off and check if “sensitive content control” gives you the “allow” button. 

If you still don’t have it, then continue the steps to remove the Facebook account completely.

For this, go to:



-Sharing to other apps


In this climate of censorship, we need to help each other so we can all stay as informed as possible.  


I hope this has helped shed some light on the issue and will allow you to set and navigate your social media to YOUR desire.


To your health & healing,




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