This guacamole recipe is one of my all time favorite Mexican dishes.  Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it is also truly healing.



Avocado is one of the most perfect foods.  It contains over 25 essential nutrients including iron, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.  Furthermore, avocado is easily digested, and increases the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients.


In addition, avocados are high in glutathione which boosts the immune system, strengthens the heart, helps rebuild the nervous system, and slows down the aging process.  Moreover, this incredible food also helps to steady blood sugar levels because the monounsaturated fats contained in the avocado reverse insulin resistance.


Did you know that an avocado is one of the closest foods to mother’s breast milk? It has protein ratios that are equal to breast milk.



The addition of garlic, onions, and cilantro to the avocado makes this dish an incredible powerhouse against pathogens.  Not to mention, garlic contains impressive antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-viral properties.  


“One raw crushed clove of garlic contains the antibiotic equivalent of 100,000 units of penicillin and has been proven to be more effective than both penicillin and tetracycline in suppressing certain types of disease carrying agents.”

Anthony William, Life Changing Foods



Onions contain sulfur compounds that strengthen the immune system, brain, and nervous system.  These compounds also help to detoxify heavy metals from the body such as mercury, cadmium, and lead.

Furthermore, onions are the highest food source of quercetin, a potent antioxidant that can help prevent blood clots, asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. 



Cilantro is an incredible herb!  It helps to pull heavy metals and detoxify the liver.  Being antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-worm, cilantro helps to suppress the level of pathogens in the body.



Finally, the addition of pomegranate seeds really raises the nutritional bar for guacamole.


Pomegranate seeds strengthen the blood as they help to raise both red and white cell counts. They also restore glucose reserves to the liver.  Thus the glucose can then be released as needed into the bloodstream.

By the same token, it is these glucose reserves that protect your adrenal glands.  Furthermore, high quality glucose in pomegranates makes them excellent for the brain, helping with focus and concentration.


This guacamole is delicious paired with Siete Sea Salt Tortilla Chips.



2 avocados

1 garlic clove, minced

2 Tbsp red onion, finely chopped

¼ Cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped

1 lime, juiced

¼ Cup pomegranate seeds (set aside more for serving)

Sea salt to taste (optional)



Mix avocados, garlic, red onion, cilantro, lime juice and sea salt (optional).

Then add pomegranate seeds as garnish to top.

Finally, have more pomegranate seeds on the side for serving.

Guacamole Recipe

Author Team Muneeza


  • 2 avocados
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 1/4 Cup fresh cilantro finely chopped
  • 1/4 lime juiced
  • 1/4 Cup pomegranate seeds (more on the side for serving)
  • sea salt to taste (optional)


  1. Mix avocados, garlic, red onion, cilantro, lime juice and sea salt (optional).

  2. Add pomegranate seeds as garnish to top.

  3. Have more pomegranate seeds on the side for serving.



There is no limit to the versatility of this dish.  It can be eaten as an appetizer, as a garnish to other dishes, or stand alone.  Plus, guacamole is something to enjoy year round.


I hope you enjoy this recipe as  much as I do.


To your health & happiness,


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