Don’t do this alone. Join me.

Muneeza Ahmed

I remember when I first got sick.
I remember when I first felt alone.
I remember the extreme cleanse methods that left me feeling weak and tired.

This ends now.

I built this membership from what I needed.

During the suffering, jarring pain, loneliness, and loss of faith. I needed more than answers, I needed validation. I needed others who understood. I yearned for a community of others that I could share and gain insight and knowledge to help myself and our family. 

When nothing seems to work. You’re doing what all the doctors, nutritionist, and ‘expert opinions’ have told you. But something is missing. It may be your spirit, a chronic condition you just can’t get a grip on, an emotional connection to your body, a deeper understanding of how food can affect our bodies.

This is your chance to stop going through the motions and start feeling better.

Take back your health, reclaim your mind body and soul. Become part of a bigger movement, a fuller purpose for not only yourself but others who may suffer as well. I understand how painful your walk is right now while searching for solutions that work.That’s why I’m offering this level of ongoing support for you, to guide you, to be of comfort, and to help you finally dig beneath the surface layers to discover what is really going on inside your body – and most importantly, how to finally fix it. 

The Intuitive Healing Community is more than a membership.


It is community.
It is family.
It is a safe and sacred space to come and feel heard. 

Take a moment and think about how getting 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of ongoing support sounds? Learning about new areas of our illnesses, foods, supplements that can support our healing. Connecting with others who know, who feel, who have been through the SAME journey you have gone through or are currently working through. Working with myself, a team of incredible admins, and the beautiful souls of the community – the healing power of compassion and unwavering kindness among the members. 

Learn about…

  • Intuitive Detoxing
  • Root Causes of Illness
  • Gut Health
  • Liver [our detoxing powerhouse]
  • Adrenals [our energy powerhouse]
  • Detoxing Protocols
  • Healing Mindset [super important!]
  • Supplements
  • Spirituality
  • Forgiveness
  • Autoimmune Flares
  • Women’s Health
  • Inner Peace
  • Prayer and Faith


There is a way out of the madness of disease & illness. No matter what you’re currently struggling with, I’m here to offer you hope & support. Get it HERE.

Get informed. Get support. Get Healthy.


To your health, happiness and wellness,




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Natalie Parraghi

I am about to start the 3-6-9 MM Liver Cleanse tomorrow. Would this group help when we are working through different protocols or is it more focused on doing specific protocols at the same time together?


This group is designed to support each member where they are. So no matter where you are on your healing journey and regardless of your current protocols, as long as you are following Medical Medium information, this membership is for you. My goal is to teach in a way and provide support that meets each participant where they are and assists them in moving to the next level of healing. I would love you have you join us, Natalie!

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