Coconut Water: The Healthiest Way to Hydrate!

If you’ve read Anthony William’s books or follow Medical Medium ® protocols for health and healing, you know how important it is to stay hydrated. Hydration is so necessary to allow your body to flush out toxins and stay healthy while getting dehydrated leads to so many serious health problems.

It is easy to become dehydrated in our daily lives and to lose out on the electrolytes our bodies need, especially when we exercise or engage in physical activities. While you may see sports beverages at the grocery store that claim to have electrolytes, they’re also filled with so much sugar, artificial colors, and junk that they are simply terrible for you!

Fortunately, nature provides the key to healthy hydration and replenishing electrolytes.

Coconut water.


The delicious, lightly sweet nectar from the depths of the coconut, is an incredible, essential beverage that is safe and effective, even for pregnant women and small children. It has so many benefits that Anthony William has included it in the Medical Medium ® list of Top Ten Superfoods.

Coconut water has deep healing abilities because it is identical to human plasma, the substance that makes up 55% of our blood.

It has the ability to hydrate on a deeply cellular level due to the isotonic structure and electrolytic makeup that is similar to our own blood. Isn’t that incredible? This rejuvenating, revitalizing beverage is wonderful to drink after exercise or activities, or even to combat thirst as it replenishes what your body loses through exertion.

Beyond hydration, coconut water is excellent for weight loss, while the bioactive enzymes improve digestion and help optimize metabolism. Coconut water is also an amazing source of B-complex vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Anthony recommends drinking at least eight ounces of coconut water per day for health, especially if you struggle with the following health conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Thrombosis migraines
  • COPD
  • Sinusitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lupus
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Coconut Water can also help with weight loss (to get more information on weight issues, please check out my Weight Issues – Medical Medium perspective webinar here), improve circulation, and boost your immune system. Drinking it regularly will also give an anti-aging effect and can improve your skin.

Here is a Coconut Mask Recipe that I have used for myself:

1 tbsp coconut water
6 slices of cucumber
2 tbsp aloe vera gel (scooped from the leaf)
½ tsp of spirulina

Blend the aloe, spirulina and coconut water together. You should get a thickish paste. Put all over your face. And put cucumbers over your eyes and cheeks.

Wait 20 minutes and wash.

Even though I have been following Medical Medium ® protocols for several years, and I’ve seen in others and experienced in myself the amazing effects of nature’s bounty on the body, I’m always amazed at what it can do. I want to include a Medical Medium ® recipe to for a double-serving of the best superfoods! This recipe can be found in the eBook, 10 Super Healing Foods, by Anthony William.

Thai Coconut Water & Hawaiian Spirulina


1 bottle (10oz) Taste Nirvana Coconut Water
1 tsp. Hawaiian Spirulina


Mix together and drink to experience an invigorating and replenishing drink with for ultimate revival and nourishment.


PS. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and on Instagram! I often host live streams to answer your questions and share about how to use Medical Medium® protocols with you, so that you too can live a healthful life of happiness.

Thai Coconut Water & Hawaiian Spirulina


  • 1 bottle 10oz Taste Nirvana Coconut Water
  • 1 tsp. Hawaiian Spirulina


  1. Mix together and drink to experience an invigorating and replenishing drink with for ultimate revival and nourishment.
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Would love to know what coconut water he recommends.


Thank you for asking, Debbie. There are lots of questions on this one. See my recent reply above for the answer.


Muneeza, thanks for your amazing info and recipes! I am having trouble finding a good quality organic coconut water in glass, since Taste Nirvana started including additional ingredients and is no longer the pure product it used to be. All the good organic products are packaged in Tetra Paks, so the coconut water sits in polyethylene plastic for who knows how long. Any suggestions?


Thank you for your comment, Mary. Please see my recent reply above to answer your question.


I want to know a good brand of coconut water.


See above. And keep a lookout for the new product in the new year!


Taste nirvana is not recommended by Medical Medium anymore.

What coconut water to use instead?


Taste Nirvana has promised us a new product in 2020. In the meantime, you could always drink the water straight from the coconut, if you are uncomfortable with the ingredients in the current Taste Nirvana product. I have not found another company that offers a coconut water that I can recommend.

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