Dental Health Q&A

Dental Health Q&A

Dental Health Q&A

NOTE: This advice is NOT a substitute for medical or dental advice. Go to your dentist and get their opinion. They look at teeth every day. I’m sharing here what I know from my experience. It is advice you can use in conjunction with going to see a dentist. Find a dentist who supports your choices so you can work together.


Q: When you swish with celery juice, do you swallow it or spit it out?

A: In “Celery Juice,” Anthony William says that for healing cavities, with every sip, you should swish the celery juice, and you can swallow it. You don’t have to spit it out. You can do it multiple times a day.


Q: How to reduce bacteria in the mouth?

A: We always have bacteria in our mouths. We don’t want to have the bacteria get jammed into a spot in our teeth. According to Medical Medium, cavities form from acid that comes up the gut at night. The only thing that can make a hole in the bone is acid. To reduce mouth bacteria, make sure that you are healing your gut with papaya, aloe and aromatic herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme. Also in the morning, tongue scrape all the acid build up on the back of the tongue and swish regularly with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. Brushing and flossing with Yogi Tooth Serum is also a great step for getting at the bacteria that may reside in the crevices of the mouth and in between teeth. 


Q: Can you heal gum recession?

A: In many cases, swishing with celery juice around the gum will allow the gums to heal and grow back. 


Q: Can yellow teeth be reversed?

A: Yellow teeth are generally caused by acid. (An injury can also cause this.) It can be reversed. Turn it around by clearing out the acid and cleaning up your mouth and teeth with celery juice. Most importantly, heal the gut. 


Q: Can you have celery juice before going to bed?

A: Yes, you totally can. In fact, it is one of the ways to prevent teeth and mouth issues. I recommend it to people who are dealing with cavities, gum recession, bad breath (halitosis), yellowing teeth, and other teeth and mouth issues. 


Q: Good toddler toothpaste / toothbrush?

A: We use electric toothbrushes (as Anthony recommends). I bought BURST toothbrushes for my girls because they are able to get into the crevices. For toothpaste, we use an oil – Living Libations Yogi Tooth Serum. The Yogi Tooth Serum has antibacterial properties. So, if you have a cavity, put the serum on the cavity any way you can. I would put the oil on a q-tip and use it to get the oil in there in the spot where the cavity is so that it will go in there and prevent any bacterial growth. We use a water floss and in it I put Yogi Tooth Serum and Sovereign Silver and then we use the water floss to floss between the teeth and floss through anything near the cavity. It is good for keeping the dentition really clean and getting into different parts of the mouth and dentition. We also use the Living Libations Happy Gum Drops.


Q: Living Libations toothpaste is too minty for my kids. Any other recommendations?

A: Try their clay toothpaste. Or try the Lucky toothpaste that Anthony recommends on his website.


Q: What about using just coconut oil and spearmint?

A: Brushing with oil of any kind is not recommended, as it can have the same effect of oil pulling (trapping bacteria within the mouth). Use a good-quality toothpaste product instead of pure oil, or spend your time swishing with celery juice.


Q: Can fruit seeds hurt your mouth? When I eat fruit, it is painful.

A: The reason it is painful is this neurological piece – the nerves are already sensitive from viral issues.


Q: Width vs depth when healing a cavity.

A: I don’t understand this question. But if there is a cavity, no matter how wide it is or deep it is, you want it to heal up all the way.


Q: Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth and why?

A: I don’t think it’s necessary to remove wisdom teeth. I think the wisdom teeth are often removed because they are crowding the mouth or they’re not in the right occlusion (they’re not growing in line with the bite to create the right contact between teeth). I’d have to ask a dentist’s opinion on that.


Q: What anesthesia is best to use for an extraction that must happen?

A: Normally, epinephrine is added to anesthesia. Epinephrine is a form of adrenaline. You can request to have the anesthesia with no added epinephrine. If you are viral or dealing with a chronic illness, it can be really hard to do that and keep up with that chronic illness-wise. It can trigger symptoms. So be sure to ask your dentist for anesthesia that does not contain epinephrine – you can tell them that you are allergic to it to be sure they take your request seriously.


Q: Sore gum treatment?

A: Swish with celery juice because it is super helpful for sore anything. And then Ozonated Gum Gel by Living Libations – I have used that on sore gums, and it’s super helpful as well.


Q: My toddler has black stains on her teeth. Dentist told me it’s not anything serious and some people just have this condition. Any recommendations?

A: I have seen that. I actually interned in a dentist office after I graduated from high school. Because I wanted to see if I wanted to go into dentistry. I saw a lot of people with black stains and one dentist told me that too much fluoride can do that. Metals can cause stains on teeth, per Medical Medium. I’m not sure what is causing the black stain, but it is definitely some kind of toxin. I would clean up – anti-fluoride tea, heavy metal detox smoothie, swish with celery juice.


Q: Do you use mouthwash?

A: Yes, I like to use hydrogen peroxide wash. Hydrogen peroxide is really good for cleaning up teeth and whitening them. It knocks out any bacteria that could be coming up to the mouth at night.


Q: What is your dental routine?

A: In the morning, I use a tongue scraper and scrape my tongue. Next, I swish with the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. Then, I brush with the Yogi Tooth Serum. At night, I floss my teeth, swish with the mouthwash, and brush with the tooth serum. Same with my kids.


Q: Alternative for root canals? What are the dangers of them?

A: I think sometimes when you have to have a root canal, you have to have a root canal. If you want to save the tooth, sometimes you have to have a root canal. Anthony has shared that we should avoid implants as much as possible. Implants can exacerbate people’s chronic illness symptoms.


Q: What should be done to keep gums healthy, especially when you have bridges?

A: Use the water floss and try to get under the gums and get under the bridges and clean out as much as possible. If you have something removable, make sure you clean it out properly. Clean it with the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. If you cannot take them out, make sure to use a water floss. The water floss can get into spaces that no other thing can get to. Check out Anthony’s website for his water floss recommendation in the personal care section.


Q: When is it too late to save or heal a tooth? Should I fill it then?

A: It depends, you got to go to a dentist. It depends on how far gone the tooth is whether you can save it or not. 


Q: What conditions can affect tooth health?

A: Gut, gut, gut… Gut affects tooth health more than any other condition.


Q: Can you reverse the need for a root canal?

A: If the cavity has gone that deep, it may be harder to and it may take longer. I really believe that everything is healable. But you have to be so careful making sure there is no infection setting in there and making sure you’re getting regular check ups. You have to be really smart about it. And you need someone professional looking at your teeth and making sure things are healing and improving.


Q: Why do so many people have issues with wisdom teeth?

A: I don’t know. I’ve never asked Anthony that question.


Q: How to naturally whiten your teeth?

A: Celery juice can reverse yellow teeth. Using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can also whiten teeth.


Q: How to build enamel? What about lemons and your enamel?

A: Lemons do not reverse or destroy your enamel at all. Enamel is destroyed by acid. If you want to help your enamel, make sure to drink celery juice. Also, Neem Enamelizer by Living Libations is a great product to use to bring your enamel back. I’ve used it for my teeth and my daughters’ teeth too.


Q: Where in the MM books does it talk more about dental health?

A: “Celery Juice” book, his podcast on teeth and gum health, and his YouTube video with the 2 dentists


Q: If a tooth is broken in half, has there ever been a case of regrowth?

A: I have heard of a case of that within the Medical Medium community by someone. I don’t remember the name. But, I know there is someone who did that.


Q: I need implants, what do I do?

A: Can you get bridges? Depending on what you have options for, if you can get a bridge or a denture, that would be better than an implant, especially if you have a chronic illness.


Q: Metal braces?

A: Metal braces are metal in your mouth all the time. If you are going to do them, make sure you are on the HMDS.


Q: I am getting blisters on my gum and they hurt, what are they and why?

A: Blisters usually happen because of gut issues. So make sure you are taking care of your gut. Have more celery juice and swish with it too.


Q: Dental health for kids, when a need for braces / spacers / or something else comes up.

A: That is a question you need to consider for yourself within your family about your child and what they need with your dentist. I don’t feel qualified to answer that. I can just tell you for sure that metal braces will have some kind of metal toxicity going in so you just have to take care of that – maybe with ACZ zeolite or some way to clump the metals that are constantly within the mouth. Heavy metal detox is great for picking up lots of metal hanging out. If you have that regularly, I believe that truly you can reduce the toxicity from it. But everything else (Invisalign, etc.) that is used in the mouth has some sort of chemicals, so you have to research what is going into your mouth and whether it’s ok for you to do and whether you can handle that, and if you are chronically sick, is it worth taking that chance for your teeth. There are so many options to consider for this. It is important to do your research, talk to your dentist, talk to people who have used them, and find out as much information as you can before you make an intelligent choice.


Q: The importance of brushing your teeth.

A: It’s important to brush your teeth because things get stuck on your teeth and acids can destroy teeth. You want to make sure that bacteria doesn’t set in and you keep the dentition clean. You can have build up of mucus, plaque, and tartar on the teeth. It’s important to keep brushing them so you can keep your dentition in good health.


Q: Is there a way to rebuild enamel once it’s gone?

A: I believe with celery juice that you can. 


Q: Gum and dental health supplements?

A: The things mentioned already in this Q&A and Living Libations products. I’ve used Ozonated Gum Gel and Yogi Tooth Serum on an abscess I had forming years ago, and it knocked it right out. So those are really good to have on hand. Sovereign Silver is really good to swish with. Celery juice is also really good to swish with. 


Q: Sometimes when I eat, I feel like my teeth are being electrocuted. Brushing seems to help with sensitivity.

A: Anything that can cause stickiness in the mouth can cause that kind of sensitivity. Feeling like you are being electrocuted comes from heavy metals.


Q: Is there a specific floss?

A: I like to use Dr. Tung’s floss, unflavored. Remember that a lot of flosses actually have natural flavors in them. So avoid those at all costs.


Q: Why does lemon water cause sensitivity? I know that it is not true that it ruins enamel.

A: It can cause sensitivity because the juice of the lemon has acid in it. Your teeth and nerves can be sensitive to that and can react to it. That’s why that happens. It’s not bad. If you’re having that kind of sensitivity, then drink your lemon water with a straw and have it go right into the back of your throat and swallow.


Q: What about plastic retainers?

A: If you have to use it, you have to use it. Drink anti-plastics tea.


Q: What if you need Invisalign for alignment and bite / jaw issues?

A: If you need that treatment, do it, but make sure you’re taking care of your body and removing toxicity. As long as you’re removing toxicity, then you’ll be O.K. You’ll minimize whatever effects can happen from that.


Q: If a wisdom tooth is at an angle, but not enough space, and is already out, but not painful,  is it O.K. to just leave it?

A: Yes, it’s O.K. to leave it. If something is not bothering you and it’s not going to cause a long term issue, then why change it. But, remember I am not a dentist. Ask a dentist.


Q: What would you do if you had tons of cavities?

A: I would swish with celery juice every day, multiple times of day.


Q: Canker sores?

A: Swish with celery juice.


Q: Should we brush before or after celery juice?

A: I would wait the 20 minute rule. Anything that you have in your mouth will destroy the sodium cluster salts that actually do the healing. So wait 20 minutes before or after drinking celery juice to brush your teeth.


Q: Is charcoal O.K. or too harsh?

A: Charcoal is O.K. on the teeth. But do not swallow – it’s too harsh for that.


Q: So many years of super-high adrenaline screwed up my teeth.

A: Yes, adrenaline is super acidic and super corrosive. Remember what Anthony says in the liver book about adrenaline. It is super corrosive. Be careful. Adrenaline can also ruin your teeth.


Q: What about swishing with coconut oil?

A: Anthony says instead of swishing with coconut oil, swish with celery juice. You’ll get a lot mor out of it. You can brush with coconut oil.


Q: I’m worried about mold growing in water flossers?

A: I’ve never had that problem because I put Sovereign Silver in the water, and I think that makes a difference. You can also take all the parts apart and clean it. 


Q: If you’ve had a root canal and the tooth is sensitive, can shingles be causing that.

A: Any of the viruses can make the nerves sensitive and cause sensitivity in a tooth.


Q: What about canker sores?

A: Anthony has a prescription for canker sores in the “Celery Juice” book. You swish with it near the canker sores and it will take care of it. 


Q: So are teeth whitening procedures a big No, No?

A: I would be so careful about what they have in those things. I would check and do a ton of research.


Q: What about plastic aligners instead of metal braces? Are they safe?

A: Anthony has an anti-plastics tea. So if you have plastic in your mouth, do that tea. Some people need to do these treatments because there’s an actual medical issue in their mouth or it’s an issue of how you look. I don’t want to say it’s just vanity because how we look is so important to us. In fact, how we look is often why we take care of our health. It’s one of the main drivers. Sometimes you just need to do it and then do the protocols afterward to remove the toxicity. 


Q: How can you deal with having plaque removed when teeth are hypersensitive?

A: Try to do as much as you can at home gently at your own pace or find a dentist that can do something for you that’s super gentle that maybe you can cover in two or three treatments rather than in one shot. 


Q: My mom has two bone growths on the inside roof of her mouth. Doctors don’t seem very concerned.

A: Abnormal bone growths can happen due to radiation and sometimes EBV, or a combination of the two.


Q: My kids have chipped their teeth easily. Is this a lack of minerals?

A: It could be a lack of minerals or too many heavy metals. You want to strengthen the teeth – lots and lots of celery juice, heavy metal detox, and some of these products (discussed in this Q&A) that can help protect the teeth. 


Q: What causes a scalloped tongue?

A: A scalloped tongue is from acids in the mouth and heavy metals. 


Q: Is glycerin bad in toothpaste?

A: If it’s vegetable glycerin, it’s O.K. because it’s the same thing that’s in the herbal tinctures. But if it’s animal glycerin, I would say no.


Q: Is it O.K. to brush with just baking soda?

A: Yes, you can try brushing with just baking soda. It doesn’t taste very good. That’ll take care of the acid, but you also want to take care of the bacteria, so swish with some Sovereign Silver or something like that.


Q: Can we save some morning celery juice to swish throughout the day?

A: Yes, you can.


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