Crying And The Adrenal Glands

Crying And The Adrenal Glands

Crying And The Adrenal Glands

Wow! I received a LOT of feedback on the reel I posted to instagram about the effect crying has on the adrenals.  My intention with that reel was to help people NOT trigger their adrenals…but judging by the feedback I received, it appears my post was the adrenal trigger – go figure!

In light of this, I want to make the message I was trying to convey absolutely clear to everyone…so this is not my typical blog post – much longer.  Bear with me, there is great information below and I hope you will all read and understand the healing message.

Due to the pandemic and chaos in the world, crying as a result of feeling depressed and anxious has been a hot topic recently in my client consultations. 

Then I posted a reel to instagram about this topic and received a lot of passionate comments on both sides of the debate. Many thought I meant that avoiding crying meant suppressing/ repressing emotions, stuffing emotions inside and not acknowledging them. 

Healthy alternatives to crying as a way of releasing emotions is NOT EQUAL to suppressing emotions (which I don’t condone). I am talking about healthier alternatives to crying which not only lift the emotions, they don’t trigger your adrenaline. Boosting your emotions in a positive manner can help you fully heal. 

What I learned from the reaction of that reel is that so many people think that 


is the only healthy way to release emotions. Also I think a lot of people feel that crying is so ‘natural’. I have received many comments from people saying “Well then why did God give us tears?” 

Let’s break this down 

Crying regularly is not natural nor normal nor healthy 

Bawling and ugly crying multiple times a day, every day, every week, every month, feeling the feelings that make you want to constantly cry is NOT natural NOR is it healthy. Why would someone cry regularly or consistently? 

Crying is the human call for help, indicating something is wrong. If a baby were to cry consistently we would immediately know that the baby was distressed. It is a natural response from parents or caregivers to pay attention to the baby to stop it from crying. Listening to a baby cry is extremely distressful (ask any healthy mother) and our human instinct is driven to immediately relieve the distress that causes by attending to the baby’s needs so the baby stops crying. 

Crying in adults on a regular basis is not normal or natural. Babies cry because they do not have the speech faculties to ask for help. Adults have the capability to ask for help but have not been taught or do not have the tools to understand the emotions behind their crying. 

Often there is PTSD, depression, anxiety or addiction to adrenaline behind the constant need to cry. All of these indicate that the person is in some level of distress or actually unwell. It is so critical to understand that there is often a ‘root’ cause behind constant crying. 

We are meant to be peaceful and compassionate creatures. We are not meant  to live in so much distress that causes us to cry constantly. Just like with babies, it tells us that something is very wrong. 

While this rhetoric around “not” suppressing crying and giving into the deep, dark, difficult emotions whenever we feel grief, sadness, melancholy, guilt, shame, fear, seems to be the NORM…it is not always helpful. 

Yes, NOT SUPPRESSING emotion is important. Validating emotions is important. Acknowledging emotion is critical. It can be very healing to have that happen. It can be very healing to have your story heard at least once by a compassionate listener. However, starting a downward spiral into crying and “feeling” emotions is not actually healing when it’s done CONSTANTLY or consistently. Please note the word constantly. I am highlighting this because I would like to emphasize I am speaking about constant, consistent or regular crying.  

This is an excerpt from the book “The Body Keeps the Score” by renowned psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk: 

Also it is a well established fact in the world of ‘trauma work” that recounting your difficult experiences and memories over and over, having recurring thoughts of those memories, actually causes you to experience the trauma as though it was happening to you in that moment. This is something that Medical Medium has also confirmed by saying that the repetition of traumatic experiences does not actually help you ‘release’ or ‘heal’ from them. What we know for a fact is that the more time we spend with our trauma, the more adrenaline is triggered as though you are experiencing trauma in the moment. 

In this post from Medical Medium he talks about breaking the ‘ceiling’ to move into healing rather than delving deep down into difficult emotions. 

He has also stated:



He does not say this about any other part of the body. This is such a critical statement. This is because WE have the power to protect our adrenals. Healthy adrenals are a huge key to our health and wellbeing. And this is one of the MAIN reasons to protect ourselves from constant crying. 

Medical Medium shares that there are over 56 blends of adrenaline made by the human body. Some of these blends are great for us to experience and some of these blends (especially those blends designed to save our lives or generated by difficult life experiences) are the most toxic and corrosive (aka acidic) blends. 

Toxic and corrosive adrenaline actually feeds underlying pathogens in our body (these pathogens are often lab made and were modified to feed on adrenaline). 

Also having corrosive acidic adrenaline coursing through our system can scorch our organs and glands and make it harder to heal. 

When we think the negative, dark thoughts that bring on crying, we can start to re-live a trauma. That trauma will cause toxic corrosive adrenaline to be secreted. And then when we cry, we release more toxic corrosive adrenaline. 

So, if you have had this experience of crying often or constantly and consistently, this article is designed to empower you and help you up level your health. Focus on the future and use this article as a catalyst to change. This is your opportunity to move forward in optimism. 

What is the purpose of tears? 

Although this may sound contradictory so please bear with me;  I believe that some tears are OK to cry to express certain emotions. For example, if you tear up from being moved or touched by something that is a totally different blend of adrenaline than the tears of grief (these are the more ugly cry variety, crying from trauma experiences or crying from difficult experiences). Just because we have the ability to push through without eating or that we can enjoy working out, it does not mean that those things are good for us when done in excess. It is the same with crying. 

How does crying hurt you? 

People often say that crying ‘felt so good’ and the reason for this is often because there is an adrenal high from crying. It is NOT because of the release of any emotions. It does provide a relief of tension from the difficult emotions but it does not release those emotions. I like to say: “Crying doesn’t release anything but adrenaline.”

It is less common that a person will cry just the one time and never have to cry again for the same issue. In this case, there may have been a true healing. However, if a person is truly weakened by viruses and poisons and has a weak nervous system, crying even the one time can really set them back. 

More often crying is consistent and/or constant. And even when people feel that temporary high from crying they feel the need to cry again. And again. This is because the root cause is not healed. 

Also, you can become addicted to the adrenaline that is secreted from crying, just like people become addicted to consuming high levels of fat (not sugar), or addicted to thrills, sex, drama etc. 

Win-win Strategies to lift emotions BETTER than crying 

Why are these strategies better than crying? Well, firstly they have the power to heal the soul and brain, which, when wounded, can be part of the root cause of what brings on crying. Second, they don’t trigger any toxic corrosive adrenaline and also help you to heal your suffering. It is a total win-win situation. 

Ways to lift up from crying:


The first and most important step is to consume some glucose in the form of raw honey, maple syrup, dates, bananas or any other sweet fruit. Potatoes and sweet potatoes in particular are super helpful for preventing PTSD from taking hold in your brain. 

Glucose is also essential for breaking the adrenaline addiction cycle. 

Calling Upon the Essential Angels 

  • Angel of Peace – Call upon this Angel to help heal mental distress and bring seeds of hope and positivity.
  • Angel of Mercy – Call upon her in your darkest hour. The most powerful angel – even more so than the archangels. She battles darkness.
  • Angel of Restitution – In combination with the Moon Meditation helps to really lift difficult emotions. Helps you recover from emotional trauma and resolve deep-seated issues.
  • Angel of Deliverance – Helps to support you if the world has unjustly accused you. Helps free your soul from the imprisonment of fear and anger, and from the injury of deception.
  • Angel of LightWhen you need to be bathed in restorative angelic light given to her by God. More powerful than any light on earth and more powerful even than the light of the sun. 
  • Angel of Air – If you have had an argument or frustrating encounter, she cleanses the negative vibration that was passed onto you. Her special, purifying energy will change the frequency of the air around you to promote harmony. Changes your frame of mind.
  • Unknown AngelsThese Angels don’t have names. There are 144,000 of them. They work on you while you sleep to restore body and soul. Call upon them to aid in your healing and rejuvenation as you slumber. You can ask for any number of these angels to support, lift and protect you.


  • Fruit Picking MeditationThis meditation can rewire your neurons, reverse anxiety, and heal PTSD, and your efforts to live a good life will be fruitful. 
  • Moon Meditation – This meditation will help remove the hardships from the center of your soul and allow it to heal. Doing this on a regular basis is incredibly powerful.
  • Brain Meditation  – This meditation helps you to let go of fear and feel safe, mending the bridge between your body and your soul. Doing this often will help you repair the fear and broken trust holding you back.
  • Surrounded By Trees Meditation – This meditation can help heal fractures in the soul. This will help bring healing to your heart and spirit as well.
  • Waves On The Beach Meditation – This meditation can help heal your soul from the fractures that occur due to challenging life experiences.

Calming the nervous system 

  • Breathing – breathe in for the count of 4 as deeply as you can, raising your belly as you go and breathe out for the count of 8. This can help to regulate the nervous system quickly. 
  • Monkey face – (turns off stressful thoughts and confuses the nervous system about what emotion to focus on. I demonstrated the monkey face technique in the Instagram live I did on Sunday January 30th
  • Laughter – make sure you have your favorite funny clips, comedians and shows lined up if you ever need them in a pinch. Laughter is the antidote to crying. 
  • Taking a walk out in nature either by the ocean, the woods, going into your garden and connecting with your plants, watching bees buzzing around are all examples of super helpful tools to calm the nervous system down. 
  • Smell Lavender essential oil 
  • Lemon Balm tea  + Linden Flower + chamomile + lavender tea are all super helpful to calm down the nervous system. 
  • Taking any of the following supplements individually or in combination: 
    • 5 HTP 
    • Magnesium glycinate 
    • Neuromag 
    • California Poppy Seed 
    • Lemon Balm 
    • GABA 
    • Passionflower 

Other modalities that help 

Emotion and Body Code is a system of helping release emotions that doesn’t ever visit the traumatic events the client has experienced. I am a trained practitioner in this modality and I have seen tremendous releases for people in very very safe ways. One of the main reasons for me to choose this modality was because it did not go ‘into’ the traumatic experience. 

Light Heart  

Anthony William taught me this when I was his client. He said to say the words “Light heart”  as many times as needed until the feeling lifts right out of you. I like to say it in rounds of seven and it has always worked for me. 


I believe that trauma is a complex topic. I am not an expert in trauma. However, I am very well versed with understanding the effects of adrenaline on the body and its impact on chronic illness. 

The poisons in our brains and the lack of adequate glucose in the brain sets the stage for ‘capturing’ traumatic experiences and even experiencing PTSD in the first place. But the same poisons in the brain and glucose depletion can also result in depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc. There are some purely ‘physical’ causes to emotional issues like certain types of depression, anxiety and panic attacks can be caused by viruses and toxic heavy metals, even if one never had a traumatic experience in their life. There is only one type of depression that can result from an extremely traumatic event and of course, PTSD is always a result of a traumatic experience. 

It is PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD & panic attacks, for example, that are caused by soul wounding, brain poisoning and a lack of glucose that can RESULT in constant or regular crying. It often comes from re-visiting difficult thoughts, experiences or memories.   

As an added double whammy, it is possible to become addicted to adrenaline that is released when we cry (hence what people describe as the feel good effect). 

It is critical to use whatever tools we have to REGULATE the nervous system and to keep the body calm. Avoiding the thoughts or activities that trigger more adrenaline in the body is a CRITICAL part of healing. And while this approach works for everyone, it is SOOO important for those with other chronic illness symptoms because avoiding adrenaline triggering is the MOST important element to healing long term.  

If you are going to visit traumatic events, you must have three things: professional support (so you are re-visiting with the purpose of healing), being well practiced at regulating yourself and a neurological constitution that is fairly stable. The Medical Medium protocols and information help with the last two. Get stronger in your body before you do ANY emotional support/release work. 

I have helped so many heal their chronic illness by keeping their adrenaline in check and I pray this inspires you with hope that healing is possible. You can completely leave behind PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD and panic disorders and live a normal healthy life free from the grip of difficult emotions. Many of my clients have healed these issues and experience health and freedom in their daily life. I wish this for you too. As Medical Medium says “I believe in you, and I know you can heal”

Here are the links to watch the two Instagram live videos I did addressing the concerns people had on the topic of crying: 

  1. Friday January 28th 
  2. Sunday January 30th 

References to Articles discussing the detriment of reliving trauma over and over: 


I know this was a long read, but I thank you for taking the time to understand this very important issue.  I hope the tools in this newsletter will help you deepen your healing and provide strength on a soul level.

To your health and happiness,


16 Adrenal Healing Snacks

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