Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk

Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk

Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk

Baby formula shortage has been in the news recently. And if you are the mother of or related to a young baby or child, this news may be of great concern to you.

While I do not promote formula feeding unless there are absolutely no other options, some mothers are simply unable to breastfeed or to keep up enough supply for their babies (of course there are underlying reasons for this and by using Medical Medium information, this can be corrected). However, while correcting, a mama may need options.

Spirit of Compassion gave Medical Medium a baby formula that is closest to resembling mother’s milk. I have had clients use it on their brand new babies all the way until toddlerhood. Anthony talked about this baby formula recipe on a live that he did with Kimberley Van der Beek a few years ago and I wanted to share it with you, to bring you some peace of mind.


Avocado is one of the most perfect foods.  It contains over 25 essential nutrients including iron, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.  Furthermore, avocado is easily digested, and increases the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients.

In addition, avocados are high in glutathione which boosts the immune system, strengthens the heart, helps rebuild the nervous system, and slows down the aging process.  Moreover, this incredible food also helps to steady blood sugar levels because the monounsaturated fats contained in the avocado reverse insulin resistance.

Did you know that an avocado is one of the closest foods to mother’s breast milk? It has protein, fat and glucose ratios that are equal to breast milk.

Barley Grass Juice Powder

Barley grass juice powder is one of the most nutrient rich foods found in nature.

This powerful food can help inhibit the growth of disease bacteria, and balance the PH of the body which boosts immunity.  Not only does it strengthen the immune system, but it also alkalizes the body, increases energy, helps digestion, relieves constipation, and improves the overall health of your hair, skin, and nails.


A banana contains about 76% water, making it a fantastic electrolyte food.  They are also packed with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, B6, potassium, copper, and manganese.  A high glucose content makes bananas an excellent brain food and muscle builder.  So as you can imagine, bananas are a perfect food for an athlete – they replenish energy and instantly revitalize the body.

This incredible fruit contains very strong antifungal and antibiotic compounds, and has the ability to stop a virus in its tracks. Furthermore, bananas promote nutrient absorption and assimilation. In addition, they support the natural bacteria in the bowel, which keeps your digestive tract healthy and immune system strong.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is an incredibly nutritious drink, packed with B-complex vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese.  Additionally, coconut water is one of the highest sources of electrolytes on the planet.  In fact, it has the same level of electrolytes that we have in our blood.

Did you know that coconut water is identical to human plasma?  Plasma is what makes up 55% of human blood.  Coconut water can be considered a “universal donor.”

Furthermore, as a complete electrolyte, coconut water is hydrating on a deep, cellular level.

The ingredients in this baby formula are the closest to a mother’s breast milk that you can get.

Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk

Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk

Muneeza AhmedMuneeza Ahmed
Spirit of Compassion gave Medical Medium a baby formula that is closest to resembling mother’s milk.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 Serving


  • 1 High-speed blender
  • 1 fine-mesh strainer


  • 2 avocados
  • 1 tsp barley grass juice powder 
  • 2 bananas
  • coconut water or water to thin it enough to go through a nipple 


  • Blend all ingredients together and add enough coconut water or water to make the formula thin enough to go through a baby bottle. 
  • Strain (using a nut milk bag or a fine mesh strainer)  before serving to baby.


This recipe is best fresh, but may be made the night before and kept in the refrigerator for night/morning use.
Keyword Plant-Based
Tried this recipe?Leave a comment!

For more information about raising healthy children in today’s toxic environment, please check out my new Flourish Self-Paced Program.  It’s time to come together, talk about our children and learn how to help them thrive!

Whether you need this formula as a substitute for breast milk or in addition to, this nutrition powerhouse will be incredibly beneficial to your baby!


  1. Please note that nearly every mama I know makes this recipe a little differently for her baby. If you are supplementing your baby whilst breastfeeding, you can leave out the barley grass juice powder. If you are exclusively using this formula then I would be sure to keep the barley grass juice powder in the recipe for important minerals.
  2. Please note that babies who have very sluggish livers and present with skin conditions, for example, may not handle the fat content very well. You can lower the fat content as needed here and increase the bananas. I would not recommend totally avocado free as babies need some fat.

I trust this brings you the confidence and peace of mind to feed your baby without worry.

To your health & happiness,


PS – The link to the Live with Kimbery Van der Beek, where Medical Medium shares this formula is here.

91 thoughts on “Baby Formula Closest To Mother’s Milk”

    1. Hi Stepanie! You can find recommended quantities for infants, toddlers, and children in several of the MM books. I’d recommend you take a look to see what feels best for you and your little one! Many MM juice and smoothie recipes are wonderfully healthy for babies.

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes! You can absolutely juice for babies. There are recommended amounts for celery juice, heavy metal detox, and other healing tools in several of the Medical Medium books.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Kristine has said her recipe was very similar to what’s here on the blog! Maybe give this a try while you wait for her response, and let us know how it goes. We hope your little one improves and enjoys this natural formula!

    1. Tammy I am so sorry you are dealing with nipple thrush. Usually, when thrush appears anywhere on the body, it is an indication that the immune system is otherwise weakened. So strengthening the immune system is the first step. I recommend the Core 7 for this. Topically you can check out some aloe and horsetail tea spray. If you would like more personalized support around this please consider joining our Intuitive Healing Membership Community. Wishing you all the best on your breastfeeding journey!

  1. Hi! Thank you for answer all of these questions! I have one more. I switched my son to this formula from milk factory manufactured formula about 3 days ago. He is 6 Weeks old. He has been so much better! I just want to make sure he is getting everything to thrive mentally and physically. I have been doing 2 bananas, 1 avocado, 1 tsp BGJP and 3 cups of coconut water. Sometimes I and one oz of coconut water to the bottle I make. Is this too much water? Is only putting one avocado right now okay? And should I gradually increase the avocado as months pass , to finally get him to 2 avocados? Thank you so much for any advice and peace of mind you can give.

    1. hi Emily! that’s wonderful! this formula is offering far greater nutrition for your little one that the manufactured formula! one helpful tip is to blend the banana and avocado with the coconut water and then strain it to make it a bit smoother so that it passes through the bottle better as well. this might allow you to add a bit less water, but extra coconut water is no problem at all! it’s absolutely fine to start with one avocado and add more as you choose. it’s not a requirement to do exactly two bananas and two avocados for each batch, that’s the guideline but what you’re doing is great. let us know if you have any other questions and let us know how your little guy is doing!

  2. Hi! I have been feeding this to my 6 week old going on 3 days now. His poop seems more solid. Is that normal and safe for his little body to handle? Is it okay for his digestive system and bowels to handle? And is this the consistency it should be?
    Thank you!

    1. hey Emily! yes, absolutely, his little body will be able to handle this formula (almost certainly much better than any manufactured formulas). his system may need a few days to adjust as baby’s digestive tracts aren’t fully developed yet so any changes will benefit from a bit of transition time, but there’s no need to be concerned about more solid poo! keep us posted on how it’s going and lots of love to you and your family!

      1. Hi we started using this formula a few weeks back after my milk supply dropped. Our son would cry out every time he had a bowel movement (way more than usual). We tried using only one avocado but still he didn’t process this well. Do you have any suggestions for what we can do about this? My husband has decided store bought formula is better because he doesn’t cry out in pain when he gets it 🙁 really disappointing. Also, do you have any recommendations for getting milk supply back up?

        1. Hey Danielle, I’m so sorry your little one is having trouble. There are so many questions I’d want to ask to help you get to the bottom of this to help his system get stronger and address his symptoms, including known and potential pathogen loads, feeding schedule, sleep schedule, any other gut symptoms that have come up in the past and his history before going on this formula, your past and present diet, etc. I’d love to connect with you in a laser coaching session if that’s helpful for you. It’s hard to go deeper without more information and a consult. Check my website for info if that’s something you’re interested in.

          As far as increasing milk supply, reduce fats and bring in lots of glucose-rich foods. I’ve seen new moms turn around their milk supply simply by bringing in more steamed potatoes without dairy/butter/cheese on them. Fruits of course are also an ideal source of nutrient-rich glucose. See my blog on mother’s milk tea – and my healthy pregnancy blog – for more helpful info and tips.

          I hope this helps! Sending lots of love and support your way! – Muneeza

  3. This is the third day of supplementing a 1 month old using this recipe. Is there anything we can do for the constipation it is causing?

    1. Hi Karen, allow a few more days for baby’s system to adjust to the formula and if constipation persists increase the ratio of coconut water (better than water in this case) and reduce the quantities of both the avocado and the banana slightly. Keep us posted on how it’s going! – Team Muneeza

  4. Muneeza and the Team,
    Thank you so much for this post!

    My baby is almost 6 mo and I’m thinking of adding this MM-formula as the first step towards solids. What do you think?
    When did you start solids for your girls and what were the first foods they had? Thank you!

    1. Hi Diyora! Yes, the formula is a great first step for solids. I started my babies on solids after 11 months old I breastfed exclusively until then. – Muneeza

    1. It is safe to use, yes. How much depends on how much your baby is consuming… You have to thin it out a lot for a newborn baby.

  5. Hi,

    Would it be safe to give a 5 month old baby only this formula and no breastmilk? Just found out I am pregnant again, and am trying to prepare in case I run out of breastmilk.

    Thank you!

    1. Jeanette, many mothers have done that and you can supplement because 5 month olds can start to eat pureed solid foods.

  6. Can we add spirulina if they are 8 months old? Can’t get my girl to eat solids yet and she “needs more calories” from what her GI said. I think she is just small like me but wanting to give her this as a smoothie in addition to me nursing her.

    1. Hi Kacie, yes! Adding a pinch of spirulina for an 8 month old is fine, and feel free to add more as they get older. This would be a great supplement to nursing her, let me know it goes! — Muneeza

  7. I find that the banana seeds get stuck in the nipple causing blockage I too worry that I’m thinning out the milk too much with the coconut water. What bottles do you mommy’s use that you find work? TIA

    1. Hi Angie, try removing the banana seeds by removing the very bottom portion of the peeled fruit (the opposite end of the stem) which is where the seed pod is located. Hope this helps! Also, you can’t overdo it with the coconut water from a nutrition standpoint, but your little one may like the thicker consistency! – Team Muneeza

  8. Good Morning, I am looking to make this as a supplement for my 10 month old. I currently pump but my supply is dwindling by the day since I am pregnant. Is it okay to mix this with breast milk? I would like to slowly wean one bottle for him. Also, do you have a video of this formula being made? I am going to try out the recipe later today.

  9. hello!
    Hoping I can get some help. My baby has been on enfamil store formula and I decided to try this . She’s had 3 bottles with about 2 oz and she still is fussy and seems uneasy. Is this normal since she had the other formula ? Should I keep trying? How long will it take for the homemade formula to make her feel better ?

  10. Hi, Thanks for this kind of info. I made this (1x) with a nut milk bag but got it for 5 feedings (120ml each). Just wondering did I put too much coconut water or is it ok?

  11. hi!
    My 1 mo old needs supplements besides breast milk.

    He is eating this formula..
    Is the formula supposed to look like a smoothie after strained?
    i do add more coconut water afterwards.
    Is there such as too much coconut water??

    Also, how is baby’s poo supposed to look?
    ours is green.. pretty light ish, soft ish- paste ish and smeeeells

    1. Ligia, yes, it is supposed to look like a smoothie. Babies have different types of poo depending on their age. At 1 month old its usually yellow for breastfed babies.

  12. thank you so much Muneeza. I have tried making this a few times but it is so difficult to get it the right consistency to fit through a bottle nipple. any tips on how to get it just right? also, I have begun feeding my baby a goat milk formula, is there anything I can do to help him digest it the best? and when it comes to feeding baby, do you think baby should be fed a specific number of ounces per feed, or should they just eat to their heart’s content? I recently came across some info saying baby should only eat a certain number of ounces (of breastmilk or formula) per feeding, and that eating any more than that amount will be harmful for their digestive system. I am confused, what do you think? while feeding baby do I let him decide how much he wants to eat, or do I regulate it? also, what do you know about COLIC and tummy pain for babies?? thank you so much, I have been struggling with my baby.

    1. Esteli
      You are right!! This is not easy to do. Mamas I have helped usually add more coconut water to thin out the mixture enough to get it through a nipple. I believe that a baby should be fed when they are hungry, and they communicate and cue you with their hunger needs. It’s not about feeding them a fixed amount. I believe feeding on demand is the way to go unless the baby has a health issue and needs to be fed on a schedule.

  13. Hi Muneeza,

    I have a unique situation with my 7m son. He has an obstruction in his left ureter which has caused his left kidney hydronephrosis which has caused kidney stones to form. We’re off to London to cut out the obstruction.
    He’s been formula fed from 2m onwards and have recently switched to this recipe however my concern is the potassium content. Is it ok for the little guy who’s experiencing kidney stones due to built up urine in kidney? Thank you in advance.

    1. Dina, I am so sorry your son is suffering from an obstruction.
      When sodium and potassium are off, that is usually due to kidney damage or a viral attack on the kidney creates damage. Kidney stones are a slightly different issue.

  14. Does the coco water need to be from a fresh coconut or can it be from a carton?
    Also, when you say the above recipe is for 2-3 feedings, do you mean the amount with 2 avocados and 2 bananas will last for 2-3 feedings?

    Thank you so much Muneeza!

  15. We made this formula for my grandbaby, 3 weeks old. He was spitting up regular formula and becoming constipated. The recipe made over 32oz before straining it. He only drinks 4oz at a time. How long can it be kept in the refrigerator? Are we making it correctly to yield so much?

  16. I’ve tried making this, I used up to 1 litres worth of coconut oil and it still wasn’t thin enough to run through the nipple. What is everyone else using in order to feed this to their baby? My son is 7 months old. Please help, feeling pretty desperate 🙁

    1. Stacie, do you mean coconut water? We have made this and it does become thin enough. Try making just banana milk separately and avocado milk separately – this works better for some families.

  17. Sandra Simone Søgaard

    Hej Muneeza,

    Tak for en super opskrift. Vores datter er vild med den, hun lapper det i sig og har det bare fantastisk <3 <3 <3

    Opvarmer man det egentlig bare til 37 grader når det har stået i køleskabet?

    1. You just warm it up so it can be comfortable for the baby to consume – you don’t want it to be cold. It does not have to be 37 degrees, it can be cooler, just a comfortable temp.

  18. I tried making this today but it was so thick to go through a slow flow nipple for a breastfed baby. I tried thinning with coconut water more but it was still too thick and I was worried it would be too diluted and not nutritionally appropriate. Any tips? Should we try a faster flow bottle? I tried blending and straining but I could also try juicing?

    1. Kat, I have had many mothers make this and each person has a slightly different experience. If it is too thick, reduce the avocado in the recipe, or you can make the banana milk separately to the avocado milk.

  19. Thank you so much for posting! Do you have any suggestions if my baby refuses to drink this? I have tried many times, and she just cries and refuses it. Thank you:)

      1. I have tried every variation I’ve seen from people:
        -filtered water
        -coconut water
        -BGJP, no BJGP
        -dates to sweeten
        -more water to make it runnier
        -different types of bottles
        -different nipple sizes
        -serving it cold
        -warming it up

        I’m just at such a loss:/ I really want her to drink it so I don’t have to give formula. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

        1. Tessa, Have you made it without any avocado? Just banana milk? It could be that she is averse to the bottle not necessarily the drink? Does she take other things in the bottle?

  20. Hi Muneeza, is it okay if I share this link to social media platforms outside of MM communities?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi! Our baby (1 month ) refuse to drink breastmilk! We have also problems because my breastmilk is very very low! About 30 ml per day!
      I have no to try this because with formula he cries and vomit all the time!
      Do you recommend to add barley grass powder in this case?

      1. Anika I am so sorry your breastmilk is low! Try making just the banana milk for him or just the avocado milk alone without the BGJP. He may do better with that one.

  21. Maria Escobar

    What can you recommend for a toddler that still looks for a bottle before bed and in the a.m?
    My son used to drink this as an infant but since becoming a toddler he refuses it. I’ve tried to sweeten it by adding maple syrup, honey, other fruits and no luck.
    We’ve done almond milk, oat milk, walnut milk but I’m afraid if he’s having too much fat?

    1. I don’t think you need to worry about him taking on too much fat – it’s the food that is closest to mother’s milk. Hemp seed milk with honey may be great for him.

  22. Thank you Muneeza, Anthony and SOC for sharing this important information I am beyond grateful for it!
    Been giving it to my LO since my breastmilk is just not enough for him.
    He is thriving very very well now at 8 weeks♥️

  23. Please don’t advise this used as formula for infants. As food like a smoothie for a baby, ok, but not a babies only food. I am so fearful of people who will follow advice like this and run the risk of death to their babies.

    1. All babies I know whose mamas have done this smoothie have thrived. medical medium information is from above and it works – it isn’t coming from an industry or from pharma. Do you think that most formulas are clean enough to give babies? They are loaded with GMOs and chemicals and other ingredients not fit for humans.

    2. Hi Ally and anyone who can be helped by Alexis’s story,

      Twenty-one years ago I felt the same way as your post. However, an actual living nightmare and countless prayers taught me a lesson I’ll never forget!

      I gave birth to triplets in 2001. Since my milk only lasted 4 weeks, I had no choice but to give my babies formula recommended by pediatricians. For about 8 months my daughter literally suffered–and so did I! She obviously was not taking to any formula! She had horrible “reflux,” which meant she projectile vomited every time she drank formula. She screamed so loudly she and I were usually asked to leave doctors’ waiting rooms because she was “upsetting everyone.” No human could be around her for too long because “She’s too upsetting to listen to”! After countless emergency room visits and several-day hospitalizations, Alexis was put on medication “that would help the food stay down.” At the time I thought, “The food is not staying in her for a reason. Why does she have to have medication to force it to stay down? This doesn’t make sense.” However, I was just a new, naive, and completely overwhelmed mother of triplets so I did what the doctor told me to do. As I figured, the medication did not help! As a matter of fact, my baby was in more pain 🙁

      One day I fed her and she turned blue. *I still thank God for preparing me for this moment because I took a baby CPR course during one of Alexis’s hospital stays and, therefore, knew what to do. I immediately grabbed her and began CPR. It took 3x for her to finally clear, though! She was rushed to CHOP to make sure she “didn’t aspirate.” It was that day I fell to my knees, cried, and prayed so hard for guidance! Soon afterward, a nutritionist with a degree in Clinical Nutrition/Biochemistry from Penn advised me on how to make a homemade baby formula. The formula was very similar to the one Muneeza advises which came from the Medical Medium. At the time I was filled with fears! I was worried the formula would make Alexis worse and/or I would be reported as an unfit mother because I was no longer giving my baby a doctor’s recommended baby formula. Out of complete desperation, I began juicing for the first time in my life and made the formula. After the FIRST feeding, Alexis did NOT throw up. I continued to monitor her. After two more feedings, she still seemed fine, but I noticed tiny bumps on her skin and some redness. This concerned me. The nutritionist told me they were “toxins” and “should clear up soon.” Two days later, Alexis’s skin was completely clear and she was THRIVING! I was SO RELIEVED and BEYOND GRATEFUL! Needless to say, I began feeding my baby boys the same formula. From that point forward, I juiced a lot for my kids.

      Today, my triplets are 21 years old and are far from “dead” via homemade formula. Alexis is a physics major/math minor, her one brother is a math major/physics minor (aerospace engineering), and her other brother is a biology/pre-med major. To me, homemade formula similar to what Muneeza wrote about was an answer to my prayers.

          1. Hi Suzy! Any chance you can let us know how it went for your grand baby? Would love to do this for my niece.

      1. Hi! I was wondering 2-3 servings for what age? For newborns how many servings is it? And as they get older? Or is it the same for all share? I wish I knew about this earlier! Thank you!

        1. Emily this is an estimation! For newborns who have a smaller appetite, this could be more servings. As they get older its fewer servings. It is hard to quantify because each baby is totally different.

      1. Hi,
        I have been feeding my 9 week old this formula for almost a month now. He went to his two month checkup and he dropped in the weight percentile. He was in the 75% and dropped into the 50s.
        My doctor was concerned ( I didn’t not expect her to really like me having him on a homemade formula, so I’m not surprised). She raised some concerns to me that I would like to ask you about and hopefully get some answers and peace of mind.

        she was concerned about the electrolyte composition (sodium). She told me that if he gets too little or too much sodium it can cause him to have seizures. She also was concerned about the calorie content and the protein content.
        I did the math and I was only giving him one avocado, which was causing him to not get enough protein possibly? So I have upped the avocado to two.

        The sodium really freaked me out when she said this. The coconut water is use has 50mg or 60mg of sodium. Is this a concern? I use the 365 brand of coconut water (the organic when they have it, and the regular when not). I have replaced one of the cups of coconut water with spring water. Is spring water okay for babies?

        And lastly should I be concerned he his getting too much potassium? Or too much of two little of other things?

        He has seemed to be doing so great on this formula! I was so happy and you and this community have given me the strength and courage to pursue this for my baby and our family. But him being off an entire lbs of where he is supposed to be for two months, and my doctor bringing up all of these concerns has me second guessing myself! Any information and advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!
        Thank you

        1. Dear Emily Thank you for taking the time to write us your thoughts and questions. Due to the personal nature of this question, it would be best saved for a consult or to be asked in membership. If you are able to do either of these, Muneeza will be able to help you there.

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I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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