8 Ways To Manage Relationships Over The Holidays

The holiday season can bring with it connection and joy, but also relationship challenges.  I wanted to provide strategies designed to help you love unconditionally, in whatever way works best for you.  To help you greet your loved ones with genuine affection, and part ways feeling clear and happy.  In the end, this may be the best holiday gift you’ll ever give to the people you cherish the most.


Here are 7 tips to help you manage relationship dynamics over the upcoming festive period.


  • Forgiveness – It is so important to forgive each other and ourselves, and do this often. And try to not repeat the things you are forgiving FOR. 


  1. Set boundaries – Around those relationships that are hard in the family, you may need to set boundaries on limiting time and interaction with those people. Perhaps you can set a boundary around not talking about or giving advice to you on health and your diet. Perhaps there are other triggering topics you request are not discussed, like politics, public health, etc. 


  • Transparency – When we offer complete transparency to others, we typically get in return the same level of honesty.  Although difficult or uncomfortable conversations may transpire, these are what allow us to grow closer together.

  • Release the fantasy – Recognize that relationships will not always feel passionate, romantic, and exciting…and that’s ok.  Ground yourself in the reality of what an authentic relationship can bring: stability, peace, and trust  These are the building blocks of lasting love.

  • Become aware of your reactions – Instead of reacting to a situation or comment, take the time to thoughtfully respond.  When we react we often do not take the time to understand the other person’s point of view.  A response is a result of taking inputs from conscious and unconscious mind before choosing to act. Always remember that it is not the situation or challenge that arises, it’s how you handle it that matters…your response.

  • Communication & Listening – Express your feelings and always allow your partner to do the same.  Clear communication and thoughtful listening leads to understanding each other and developing a deeper appreciation for one another.

  • Encouragement & Appreciation – Recognize that your partner is trying.  That recognition will go a long way – your partner will feel heard and validated and they will then extend the same courtesy to you.  When you appreciate your partner from your heart you are releasing positive energy and that will propel your progress.

  • Set expectations – Do not rely on your partner’s actions to make you happy.  Release unrealistic expectations and take responsibility for your own fulfillment. Expectations are premeditated resentments…let them go. 


We can get so caught up in the rush of the holiday season that we forget to stop and appreciate one another.  It is crucial to take the intentional time to center back around the reasons we connected in the first place.  


The foundation of a healthy relationship is rooted in friendship, mutual respect, and admiration.  Keep that foundation strong, and remember to have fun together!


To your health and happiness,




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