7 Ways To Make MM Protocol Work During The Holidays

Medical Medium lifestyle during the holidays

Living the Medical Medium® lifestyle during the holidays can seem incredibly daunting.  Everywhere we turn we are faced with “no” foods and it feels like nobody else has a problem consuming them.  While this is an easy time to fall into the trap of self-pity and even anger at the fact that you cannot eat the “holiday favorites” that you likely grew up enjoying and associating with this special time of year, I promise there’s ways around it!


I understand completely, and I have gone on my own journey with this feeling of deprivation, solitude, and even anger during holiday gatherings.  As we know, it seems all holiday gatherings take place around a meal…and generally not a MM meal.  


However, as difficult as it may seem at the moment, this is actually your opportunity to start new traditions for your own family.  Even if your family is not ready to embrace these lifestyle changes, this is still an opportunity for you to lead by example.


The MM lifestyle is not about deprivation.  I want to give you some tools for satiation and success this holiday season!


Here are 7 simple ways to help you stick to the MM protocols during this challenging time of year.


  • Fill up on healing foods before going out.


  • Load up on fruits and veggie appetizers – while most gatherings have these as part of the appetizer selection, make it a point to indulge.


  • Pack quick and easy snacks you can enjoy – always have these on hand.


  • Remind yourself how much better you feel in the morning when you have stuck to your MM protocol – the way you speak to yourself makes a difference.


  • Focus on the people, socializing, and the meaning of the season, rather than the food.


  • Stay well hydrated! Dehydration leads to cravings, fatigue, and low energy which can lead you right to the naughty food list.  Staying hydrated helps curb cravings.


  • Stick to the most critical part of your routine.  Whether it is celery juice, detox smoothie, your supplement routine, whatever you feel gives you the greatest benefit, make sure you stay consistent with that. And you can decide to let the other parts of your regular routine go. This is about progress, not perfection. 


Remember to keep it simple and always be prepared.  Preparedness, having snacks on hand, is the number one way to avoid the temptation of “no food.”  


Please know, you are not alone, this journey is a lifestyle change and while it is not always easy, the rewards are so incredible.


It is time to be strong, to lead by example, and begin to make new and healthy traditions with your families…if not now, then when?  You’ve got this! I hope this post will make it easy for you to follow the Medical Medium® lifestyle during the holidays.


To your health and happiness,




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