7 Keys to Unlocking the Power of the Summer Sunshine

power of sunshine

Sunshine, A Powerful Healer

When I step into the sunshine on a hot summer day, it fills me with warmth and energy…like someone loving me. While we all know the warmth of the sun feels comforting, especially after a long, cold winter, many of us do not know why. 

The sun is an incredibly powerful healer, and not just because it boosts your vitamin D. The sun actually enhances EVERY single vitamin and mineral equally within our bodies…the polyphenols, anthocyanosides, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, omega 3’s/6’s/9’s – literally everything that makes our body work. I encourage everybody to get a little sun when you can, and do not be afraid of this amazing healing tool, but do not overdo it.


  • A Harmful Myth

We have all heard through the years that the sun causes skin cancer. Let me be very clear in assuring you that is not the truth. If that were true, then why is it that millions of people who never go out in the sun are afflicted with skin cancer? Living in fear of this myth will only prevent you from taking advantage of the healing properties the sun has to offer.


  • Best Practices

When you are ready to enjoy the powerful healing sunshine, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Start slowly – go out in the morning or towards the afternoon, depending on the time of year. Start with five minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes.
  • You never want to sit out and burn, so during the heat of the day be sure to find some shade.
  • It is important to get a gentle base so that your skin can acclimate. When Springtime comes and the days are getting warmer, this is the best time to go outside and begin to enjoy the sunshine…you will naturally get a base.


  • Healing Foods for Sunburn

If you do accidentally get burned, here are some amazing healing foods that can help you recover.

  • Aloe Vera – The inside flesh of the aloe vera leaf, when applied to any sunburned area, will help sooth and diminish the burn immediately. Continue to apply the aloe and watch your burn recede. While aloe is very powerful when applied directly to the skin, it is even more potent when taken internally. Aloe possesses more than 70 trace minerals, which are grouped into undiscovered medical alloys. These alloys work together with phytochemical aloin to calm inflammation.
  • Mangoes – This fruit is able to handle heat like no other. Even in extreme temperatures, the mango knows how to shield itself…its outer skin protects the inner flesh. By incorporating mangoes, we internalize their inner cool. They teach us it is possible to handle extreme situations without burning up inside.
  • Cucumbers – I’m sure you have all heard the expression “cool as a cucumber” – if you are heated in any way (sunburn, irritated, angry, etc.) try bringing in  cucumbers to help you cool down. Cucumbers actually hydrate on the deepest cellular level, they have a fountain-of-youth effect. They are very effective at cooling a hot, stagnant liver. Cucumbers contain electrolyte compounds specifically geared toward nourishing and cooling down overused adrenal glands and kidneys. Cucumber juice is incredible for chronic dehydration and when you have been in the sun too long.
  • Coconut – Coconut water is remarkably similar to human blood. Coconuts are also packed with trace minerals and electrolytes.
  • Sweet Potatoes – The orange flesh sweet potatoes are packed with beta carotenoids. If you are fair skinned, eat these daily and you will see your skin take on a sun-kissed glow.


  • The Importance of Hydration

Staying properly hydrated is critical at all times, but when you are spending time in the sun, you will want to be extra cognizant of your water intake. The type of water and how much you drink matters a lot. The key to hydration is living water.


How do you create living water?

Since we do not have access to fresh flowing mineral spring water, we need to be able to bring the water we do have back to life. The best way to do this is to simply squeeze some lemon into it. 

The lemon tree draws up minerals and living water from the earth through its roots to grow the lemon fruit. So that lemon contains those living water powers inside of its juice. When you squeeze the lemon juice into your water, it transfers the power of that natural living water to your water and brings it back to life. An added bonus when using lemon is that it also helps to cleanse and flush out the liver and lymphatic system. 

To really supercharge your living water, you can place your glass jar or pitcher in the sunshine and let the sun radiate through it. This will fill the water with more nutrients and intensify the nutrients already in the lemon juice.

Yet another way to bring your water back to life is by adding a little raw honey. Raw honey is a living micronutrient-based product and essence that we have on this planet.

Do what tastes good to you – sometimes I enjoy water with lemon, honey and some slices of ginger.  Other people like to simply add grapefruit or some lime juice.  However you choose to bring your water back to life, know that by doing this you are helping to nourish every cell in your body.

  • Sunlight & The Holy 4 Food Groups

Our planet is currently in a bad place when it comes to sunlight due to pollution of all sorts. To fix this problem we need to bring more light into our lives in the form of the Holy 4 Food Groups (fruits, vegetables, wild foods, herbs & spices). As the vines and trees of these food groups grow, they absorb, collect, and concentrate the sunlight. When we ingest these foods, the nourishment and information from that sunlight gets passed along to our bodies. Our cells absorb the light and radiate it throughout our bodies and brains, emitting its energy and life force.

  • Angel of Sun

Call upon this Angel to help the sun work for you better than it normally does. Although the sun is already an incredibly powerful healing tool for our bodies, calling upon the Angel of Sun will help increase the sun’s healing powers. The Angel of Sun helps the sun’s rays into your body in a way that enhances your health. The sun is a healer and when we are told to stay out of the sun it is a great disservice. Calling on the Angel of Sun will help you connect on a soul level.

  • The Sun Has a Soul

We need to understand that the sun has a soul so that we can allow it to do more for us than just enhance our vitamins/minerals/nutrients. The sun is alive, a living being that is in constant motion. Our soul can feel the soul of the sun and calling on the Angel of Sun can help you connect to that understanding.

What is your relationship with the sun? Please share with us and let us answer any questions you may have.

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I am very scared of sunbathing. I am very very light skinned and have had 3 previous skin cancer surgeries. I have been following MM for 5 years now and my skin seems to be less problematic but I am still have trepidation.

Team Muneeza

Thank you for your comment. I completely understand your fear around the sun. Just remember to take it slowly, don’t stay out in the sun during the peak hours…the morning and evening are a great time to feel the healing benefits of the sun. You can also be inside and still reap the benefits of the sun if you are by a window.

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