What’s to Blame for our Chronic Illness Symptoms

Chronic Illness Symptoms Cause & Blame

What’s to Blame for our Chronic Illness Symptoms

There is a lot of confusion amongst those who are healing on their chronic illness journeys on what causes symptoms. What is the true cause of chronic illness symptoms? Often the healing protocols used, like the foods and supplements are blamed when a new symptom shows up or you start to feel unwell. I wrote this blog to point you in the right direction when trying to determine what is going on with your symptoms.

Basically, the most important fact to remember is that symptoms are caused by the UNFORGIVING FOUR per Medical Medium.


These are the reasons you get sick and have symptoms in the first place or go into a flare later. It is NOT due to your healing foods. It is NOT due to supplements. 


Viral trajectory is an important concept to understand when you start a healing journey for the first time. 

Does this scenario sound familiar? You start changing your diet and you add in supplements that are designed to fight back the bugs that are causing your symptoms. After making these changes, you notice that you are getting worse. 

If this happens to you, you may think the very steps you are taking to  heal yourself are actually worsening your symptoms. This is not the case.

In basic terms, trajectory is simply the path that a moving object is traveling, like a ball. In the context of chronic illness, trajectory means that the virus was already on a path to create those symptoms. So your health was already headed in that direction. In some cases trajectory can be really strong and long for someone with aggressive viruses and high degrees of poisoning.

When you start making some changes in diet and lifestyle, it is not possible to stop the trajectory the pathogens are already on. It is like turning a ship. It takes time and it happens slowly. This is the same as with your health. As you are start to make changes in your lifestyle, diet, supplements and mindfulness, they will certainly have an impact over time, but they are never the root cause of any symptoms. 

Trajectory & Mystery Weight Gain

Trajectory is also important in understanding mystery weight gain.

I hear this from many people:  “I just changed my whole diet, and I am eating so much cleaner, but I’m putting on weight.” 

Very often, you were already on a trajectory to put on that weight. The weight gain would have happened regardless of  improvements to your diet.  

When the trajectory is longer and it’s harder to see positive results from your healing protocols, please know that the healing information you are applying is very likely preventing an even worse presentation of symptoms. The healing your body is doing is not showing through as much because of the trajectory you are fighting against. But you are making progress, even if it doesn’t feel like it.


Flares are the reason you experience back steps in your health. What is a flare?

A flare is when your chronic illness symptoms are worse. You may have been healing and getting better, and then you have a few bad days, weeks, months where you do not feel so good – your health takes a step back.

Flare are hard emotionally.

During a flare, it is natural to think either the protocols you are on are not working any more or to blame yourself for doing ‘something wrong’ when in fact, it is neither. A flare means that the viral activity is higher in the body and something triggered that.

Flares can be triggered by a lot of factors, including, but not limited to: 

  • moving
  • divorce
  • a series of bad nights
  • worry
  • loss of loved one
  • financial difficulties
  • injury
  • car accidents
  • surgery
  • insect bites
  • exposures to drastic changes of temperature
  • PTSD
  • orgasm & sex

These events release toxic adrenaline, which can feed the pathogens in the body. When this happens, you experience an upsurge of symptoms that make you feel unwell. Other reasons for flares are covered below.

There are many reasons that flares happen, and they all involve something that causes the viral load to increase. 


Please do not blame ‘detox’ for your symptoms. Detox symptoms that are TRULY detox just last a few hours to a couple of days at most, and then they clear. They are not the same as chronic illness symptoms. 

If you have a recurrence of your old symptoms, develop new ones that stay with you for weeks and months, this is not detox.  You are having viral and pathogenic flares (read above) which need to be addressed with a food and supplement plan. 

The Medical Medium® healing cleanses come from above and are not the reason you have symptoms or feel worse. If you are having symptoms, you need to look deeper and understand the nature of viral symptoms. Read the rest of this post to uncover what may be going on for you during a cleanse.

Most people who do the cleanses realize they have to eat a lot more in order to not feel tired or run down. Often while cleansing, people are not getting enough calories, which is problematic (please read my blog 9 Mistakes That Slow Healing). 

In addition, if you start a cleanse on or near your menstrual cycle or ovulation, the symptoms are not from the cleanse and rather from the cycle itself (read below). Most cleanses, (other than Medical Medium cleanses), are usually not designed the right way and are hard on the adrenals (which can trigger more viral symptoms) and do not lead you to bring all the correct nutrients into your body to encourage healing.

You might also have decided to change or bring in other new therapies, supplements that aren’t recommended, or other practices or tools at the same time as starting a Medical medium cleanse. In these cases, someone else you’re doing could be negatively affecting your healing progress.  



Do you know Medical Medium says that eggs don’t cause food reactions… and gluten is not an ‘inflammatory food’? He says that these foods feed pathogens that cause underlying chronic illness symptoms.

And so the same applies to healing foods – healing foods are not causing your vertigo, fatigue, or other viral symptoms. Viral symptoms are caused by VIRUSES eating toxic heavy metals and foods that feed them, like eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, canola, pork & sugar, for example. 

Let me ask you a question. When you were consuming eggs, dairy, alcohol and consuming medications, did you blame those foods and medications for developing or worsening your symptoms at the time you were having them? Did you even think about blaming them???? Probably not. 

Then why do people blame celery juice for their ‘symptoms’? Why do they look to blame b12 or zinc for giving them adverse symptoms? (Because of hyper-vigilance, see below).

When used correctly, the only things that healing foods and supplements do is support you.


With medication (many people are prescribed these at some point on their chronic illness journey), do you read the manufacturer’s insert in detail to learn what the contraindications are and the side effects, so that you can track symptoms that may be coming from the drug itself? Often, medication reactions are not associated with the medication until later when you are off it and the reactions subside. 

Medications can also cause issues simply because they contain food for viruses like steroids, petroleum byproducts and toxic heavy metals. They not only feed viruses, but also build up the toxic load in the liver.

Any hormone medication will be steroidal in nature and has the effect of further feeding the pathogen load in the body. Medical Medium says the same for benzodiazepines. This puts further stress on your liver and allows your viral load to increase. 


The supplement market is awash with a vast majority of sub-par quality products. Most are full of fillers – soy, corn, citric acid, natural flavors (which are MSG), preservatives, alcohol and/or other nasty ingredients. After you have handled the challenge of finding clean supplements, the next challenge is to find quality supplements. Clean supplements are not necessarily high quality. 

The Medical Medium® supplement directory takes the guesswork out of finding clean and high quality supplements.

When you take clean and high quality supplements and use them correctly, they will not hurt you. Pure, high-quality supplements are not the ‘cause’ of symptoms; although many people will blame supplements for a recurrence of symptoms or think that those supplements are ‘hard’ on their liver.

Very rarely, people may have reactions to certain supplements, but this is mostly because their livers are really overburdened and have been poisoned for decades. In these cases, the supplements can create healing reactions, which can be too much for some. So going slow with supplements for those who are chemically sensitive is really important. 


When you have increased symptoms, do you look back and ask yourself, “When was my last blood draw?” Blood draws make you lose your immune system. So it’s really important to follow the recommendations in my post here on how to do smart draws. 


When you have increased symptoms, are you tracking your menstrual cycle? Or if you are a man, are you tracking how much adrenaline you have been outputting (working long hours, not adrenal snacking, sex, etc.). If your diet and supplements are on point, you have to look at all the areas in your life that can cause you to have more symptoms.

Women lose 80% immune system energy while menstruating, which can cause underlying symptoms to rear their ugly head. You lose about 30-40% of this energy around ovulation and about 50% when pregnant. Adrenaline is also a huge culprit when it comes to increased symptoms. Often we have become so used to running on adrenaline that we don’t even recognize its daily existence in our bodies and impact on our health.


New relationships are fun and exciting. When we get to be intimate with another human, it satisfies a  very powerful impulse and urge for all animals to procreate even if that is not your end goal. For those battling chronic illness we have to also take into consideration that we will be exposed to all the new bugs in your loved one and vice versa.

While that can set us back a little, it is no reason not to be intimate, just know that you may be dealing with new pathogens and prepare accordingly. If you are going the long-haul with someone know that you will be literally sharing all your critters. This is not something to be afraid of. You deserve to be happy and create a good life with someone you love.

Take the tools offered and use them to protect you as you journey forth. If you are very sick, or have been recovering from severe illness, you may feel hesitant about being intimate with someone. Just know that you can choose to wait for the right time for you, use your healing tools and take the plunge when you are stronger and more ready. A partner who is willing to work with and wait for you is very likely  worth waiting for!!! 


When you have increased symptoms, are you really examining the last time you may have eaten eggs, dairy, gluten, etc. (foods that feed pathogens)? These pathogen-feeding foods can stay in your system for 11 to 15 days. Could they be causing your increased symptoms rather than the heavy metal detox smoothie, you are incorrectly attributing them to.  Also even though we are clearing and releasing toxic heavy metals using the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, know that there are storage banks of HM’s all over the body. So when symptoms continue, there may still be food for the viruses available in the body even if you are not ingesting them. 


If you are having chronic illness symptoms and you are following Medical Medium information – you have implemented a lot of good things, do you examine how coffee may be affecting you, if you are still consuming it? What about alcohol, vinegar, collagen, matcha tea, black tea, etc.? Did you ever do Ayahuasca or other ‘plant’ medicine like cacao? What about your exposure to toxic chemicals? Gas at the gas station? 

I know, I know, many of you reading this will say, “I am following the information strictly. I don’t do any of the no foods, been doing the cleanses, not on coffee, been really committed for a while, and nothing is changing.” If it’s taking time to see changes, you have to know that there are a lot of poisons on the inside, which will take time to release. Please, please… HAVE FAITH. 


When we become sick, we can become hyper-vigilant and hyper-controlling of our food and supplements. It’s a coping mechanism. We have been to doctors and run through the medical system, probably spent thousands of dollars on testing, and been to naturopaths and functional doctors to no end. Nothing helped. A lot of times, the medications, medical interventions, and even holistic procedures & treatments can make the symptoms worse over time. 

So it’s really natural to be wary that the next thing you are going to try could also hurt you. The hyper-vigilance comes from the PTSD experienced from not just becoming sick but also from all the things tried that did not help or made you worse. The tendency is to become a ‘perfectionist’ with our diet and supplements, and we monitor our environment like a hawk. 


The last thing I want you to do is to blame yourself for your symptoms. You did not sign up for these viruses, heavy metals, pesticides or radiation. You were misled about the foods that were “good” for you, like eggs. You were misled about coffee. These are not your fault. How could you have known better at the time? You couldn’t have. 


The most important lesson from this information is the lesson on having more compassion for yourself. We are facing a world where misinformation is rampant, especially about our health and our food. Our food system is an unjust food system. We are misled from the start. No one educates us about GMOs, dangers of coffee, how the adrenaline in our body works… in the mainstream world, you are praying for the luck of the draw so that you do not get sick or get cancer. 

Well, with truthful information, that comes from above, you can arm and protect yourself against chronic illness for life. 

The Medical Medium information is not just about celery juice. Clearly.

  • 6 books 
  • 18 podcasts (at the time of writing)
  • multiple radio shows
  • blogs
  • recipes
  • tons of lives that contain content you need to know to help you heal 

The GENIUS of this information is in the details. You cannot learn it by skimming it, watching just one video or starting celery juice. You need to read the books. Read about the detailed information provided because it contains the information you need to help you heal and understand HOW chronic illness works. You need to listen to the podcasts. Seek deeper understanding. There are thousands of ways to build a protocol for yourself, and each person’s path is uniquely different. Every person can heal using this information! 

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Healing is my living, my purpose and my path. I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE
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