9 Mistakes To Avoid That Slow Healing

9 Mistakes To Avoid That Slow Healing

9 Mistakes To Avoid That Slow Healing

When we are sick, all we want is an instant fix to feeling better. I want for you to get better too. Yet, I want to help you avoid these top 9 mistakes that slow healing.  These are the most common mistakes people make that actually can set you back rather than move you forward. The key is that MORE is not always better or faster in healing

The details that create the bigger picture are critical to understand.

Below I lay out the most common mistakes people make when starting Medical Medium protocols. In a nutshell, all these mistakes lead to more overwhelm and I am breaking down all the ways you can avoid getting overwhelmed on your journey. Number 9 is the key – so make sure you read all the way through! 

1. Too many changes, too quickly 

Have you ever done something impulsive, and in hindsight realized that taking your time would have resulted in a more favorable outcome?  

When you find Medical Medium  information and it resonates on such a deep level, you want to get started right away.  I know that feeling.  You read the information and hear Anthony talk and you feel ready to dive in.

Being excited to get started is wonderful, the problem is that oftentimes people are so excited that they dive into the deep end and start doing everything right away. Thereby overwhelming themselves.  Overwhelm happens when you are changing things too quickly.  If at any point you feel overwhelmed, slow down, take stock and figure out how you can simplify the changes you can make. 

Begin by adding in celery juice.  Then remove “no” foods and add in some healing fruits.  Work your way up to adding in the heavy metal detox smoothie.  Eventually, bring in supplements.

When it comes to making lasting lifestyle changes, it is best to go gradually.  

2. Not eating enough 

When you start to heal and clean up your diet, we begin to let go of high caloric foods like gluten, dairy, eggs and meat.  You can often feel more hungry because you replace these foods with less dense foods (fruits and vegetables).  As a result, you will need to eat a higher volume of less dense foods such as, potatoes, fruits, squashes. This takes getting used to. 

Unfortunately, I have seen too many people remove eggs, dairy and meat from their diets (in order to lower fat intake and inflammation) and not increase their intake of carbohydrate rich foods to compensate. This inevitably leads to fluctuations in blood sugar and fluctuations in our energy levels (because fluctuations in blood sugar can adversely affect our adrenals). This can send a chronically ill person back into the symptoms loop, as described in my blog Understanding The Symptoms/Poison Relationship.

When you reduce high density foods like eggs, dairy and meat from your diet, thereby lowering your overall fat intake, you must ensure you are getting enough calories from critical clean carbohydrates such as potatoes, fruit and squashes.

3. Diving into supplements, too many & too quickly 

Supplements can be the ultimate game-changer…when administered properly.  However, supplements are just that.  They supplement the diet, they are not in place of a good diet.

Oftentimes people embarking on their healing journey are so excited to get started that they begin a heavy supplement routine right away. I recommend bringing in supplements in phases.  

First of all, you don’t know how your body is going to react to supplements, so it is best to start slowly and to increase doses over time.  

Second of all, too many changes at once can be hard to handle for some people, especially those who are very sick.

Furthermore, by adding too many supplements, people often do not understand the key supplements at the core of all the protocols. I talk about the “core 7” supplements as being the best place for anybody to start.

Why are the core 7 important? 

Understanding the importance of the core 7+ is critical.  These are powerful antivirals that help destroy your pathogens and strengthen your central nervous system. This is a basic antiviral plan that will protect you against the majority of herpetic viruses. I explain what the core 7 basic antiviral protocol is in my Free Starter Course

When you know what the supplements are doing to help protect you and fight for you, it instills an extra layer of mental fortitude.  Armed with that knowledge, even if you have setbacks, you still know that you are giving your body the supplies it needs to fight.

4. Taking Too Long With Your Morning Cleanse

One of the most common reasons I see people accidentally triggering their adrenals is because they take too long with their morning routine.  Keep it simple.  Use a timer.  Have your liquids prepared and get started right away.

I know that sometimes life can get in the way.  That is why it’s critical to be prepared.  You can even have your lemon water and celery juice prepared the night before.  

If you wait too long after waking up to start your morning routine, your adrenals will get triggered. 

Also a related mistake people make is not hydrating after the Morning Cleanse. Make sure you have extra lemon water, cucumber juice, coconut water the rest of the day as well.

5. Forgetting To Eat Every Two Hours

Additionally, people constantly forget to eat every two hours.  

I understand, we get wrapped up in our day and our work and next thing we know it’s been 3 hours since your last adrenal snack – you can feel your blood sugar dropping and your adrenals tanking.  

If you eat something every two hours, you will keep your blood sugar in check and avoid the unnecessary excretion of adrenaline.  What you eat can be just a snack like apples, dates, and leafy greens.  

Again, to avoid this pitfall, setting a timer is a very useful tool.

I have an incredible resource to help you understand the importance of protecting your adrenals.  My Intuitive Adrenal Reset Program will guide you step by step on exactly how to protect your adrenals.

For something less substantial, but equally as impactful, you can check out Month 7 of my 2020 Themed Courses which is all about adrenal health. 

6. Missing important information + too many voices 

Anytime you embark on a new project, you take the time to understand the full scope of the project ahead of time.  This same due diligence should be applied before starting your Medical Medium lifestyle. 

It is so important to fully understand the information that Anthony provides. There are 6 books, multiple blogs, podcasts and interviews packed with information. It can be overwhelming to know even where to begin. If you start to listen to other conflicting voices on your journey, you will only become confused. Stick to voice and follow that all the way through. 

I recommend starting with the Cleanse to Heal book and the Revised and Expanded Medical Medium book. The books are packed with healing knowledge. Read thoroughly and grasp all the nuances.  

If you are still overwhelmed after reading the books, another great place to begin is my Free Starter Course.  In this I detail the basics of getting started.  I know the books have a lot of information and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  My starter course is meant to help you understand the fundamentals while easing you into your Medical Medium journey.

7. Missing The Trajectory Of Viruses

Oftentimes people start their healing journey and after a month or so are not seeing the results they wanted so frustration sets in.  What people don’t realize is that their virus has a trajectory and it is already on its path.

Trajectory of ball and viruses

Much like throwing a ball into the air – the ball will come down, but it is going to follow its trajectory until the exact moment it has lost momentum, at which point it will begin its descent. 

Our pathogens also follow a trajectory.  They have been fed for so long, all the while gaining momentum.  A few months of healthy eating will not necessarily make up for the years of unproductive foods fueling the pathogens.  As soon as pathogens run low on their food source, that is when you will see your healing trajectory begin its ascent. 

Stay focused in the knowledge that your body is healing and everything you are doing while on the healing protocols is helping to hinder the momentum of your pathogens.  

8. Pushing Yourself 

Many people make the mistake of pushing themselves when they get really sick.  It is so important to know that you must slow down when you are sick. If things are feeling hard, back off from the way you have done life and make changes that create ease, not hardship. 

“If it feels too hard to do consistently, it probably is.”
Muneeza  – Intuitive Medicine Woman®

The more sick you are, the slower pace you need to take as far as any changes you make. Changing food, supplements & lifestyle overnight is never a good idea. Make small sustainable changes and the easier changes first, building up to what is more challenging. This helps you feel accomplished at making small changes, builds your confidence and helps you keep reaching for the next level. Bottoming out on confidence right at the start will not help you succeed on a journey to heal chronic illness. 

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

9. Missing the Importance of Mastery 

I know that I have stated multiple times to go slow. But what does this really mean? 

As a health coach, it is my job to help you be successful on your healing journey. This means helping you to master each change that you make. Until the change(s) you make feel(s) second nature, do not move onto the next set of changes. 

How do you know when you have mastery over the changes you are making?

  • It is now a habit you incorporate regularly and consistently 
  • It feels easy to do. If you still struggle with ease of a habit, its not at mastery level 
  • You feel emotionally stable with those changes – meaning, that the changes you incorporate don’t bring up big feelings. If big feelings come up you are still in overwhelm and likely doing too much.   


Without mastery of your current choices, any further changes you make will not stick.
~ Muneeza

If, for example, you are not emotionally stable with the food choices you make, you can falter, start to bring in the very foods and habits you are trying to let go of. 

Living a healing lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, there are many ways to approach this slowly and with ease. 

I hope the knowledge of these common pitfalls will help you avoid the mistakes most people make and help you have a smoother journey. A blog that is very related to this topic is What’s To Blame For Our Symptoms


To your health & healing,


Muneeza Ahmed

3 thoughts on “9 Mistakes To Avoid That Slow Healing”

  1. Thanks Muneeza, this is helpful information even as a multi year MM lifestyler! Great reminders, especially about taking too long in the mornings… Much appreciated.

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Muneeza Ahmed - Medicine Woman

Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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