Strengthen Your Nervous System to Strengthen Your Intuition

In my previous post on intuition, I discussed the importance of having a healthy nervous system so that there are clearer pathways for your intuition to run along. I gave the metaphor of a bumpy, dirt road (damaged nervous system) versus a smooth, paved road (healed and healthy nervous system). On both paths, you can still access intuition, but for one you have to work harder and for the other, the answers can be quick, clear and easily accessible. Of course, we all would prefer an intuition that runs along the second path.


So what makes for a healthy brain and nervous system?

When you are healing your brain and nervous system, there are a couple important considerations. The first being, of course, your viral load. We know that herpetic viruses, like EBV, can attack the central nervous system and cause a variety of symptoms, such as neurological fatigue, anxiety, neuropathy, tingles and numbness, and so on…

So your first step is to bring down your viral load. To do this, it is of vital importance that you remove food for viruses. Yes, viruses eat – they thrive on certain foods, toxic heavy metals, and other toxins in the environment. When healing your nervous system, you need to reduce your exposure to these toxins. 

Step 1 – Clean up your diet. (Check out Medical Medium book 1, chapter 19 “What Not to Eat” for detailed information regarding this list.)


Stop eating the following:

  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Processed beet sugar
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Pork
  • Farmed Fish
  • Gluten
  • MSG
  • Natural flavors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Citric acid


Stop taking these supplements:

  • L-Carnitine
  • Glandular supplements
  • Whey protein
  • Fish oil supplements
  • Iron supplements


Be diligent in avoiding MSG in all its sneaky forms (natural flavors, carrageenan, nutritional yeast, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, etc.). It can cause neurological symptoms all on its own as it eats away at your brain, creates lesions, and breaks down your nervous system. MSG will worsen any neurological issues you have.

Step 2 – Clean up your environment to reduce your exposure to toxins. Toxins feed viruses. And when those toxins are toxic heavy metals in the brain, they can be another cause of neurological issues. So heavy metal detox is vital to brain and neurological support. 

Step 3 – Fight viruses, rid your brain of toxic heavy metals, and support your immune system by bringing in life-changing foods and healing supplements recommended by Anthony William in “Medical Medium,” “Life-Changing Foods,” and his other books.

Step 4 – Reduce stress and cultivate calm and peace in your life. (Toxic, corrosive adrenaline is also a big source of food for viruses). Getting good sleep and abundant rest helps to reset the nervous system like nothing else does. So focus on taking care of yourself in this way by allowing time to rest, sleep, and take care of yourself.

Reducing stress is a big item when addressing your viral load and neurological health. Stress prompts toxic adrenaline to flow, which affects your neurological health, adrenal health, gut health… It’s just plain bad for your health!


Let’s talk about your adrenals!

Poor adrenal health and tapped out adrenals prevent us from being in touch with our intuition. The corrosive and toxic adrenaline does not allow our intuition to work effectively. Our intuition needs for us to be calm and grounded to work best. 

Think about that paved road again. If acid were to drench the road, how smooth do you think it would be? When our nerves become sensitized to adrenaline from repeated exposure, our CNS becomes sensitive resulting in multiple symptoms and a hypersensitivity to any stress or pressure.

So take care of your adrenals. Eat every 2 hours (or even more often) to take care of your blood sugar and adrenals. 

Bringing calm and grounding into your daily routine will go a long way toward repairing your neurological system, adrenals, and gut. A way to boost your immune system is to have a pet. Anthony William says that having a pet boosts your immune system and protects your adrenals as well. 


How is the gut related to intuition?

People who have a hypersensitive CNS also tend to have a hypersensitive gut. Why is this? One reason is that they tend to release adrenaline more often in trying to navigate their surroundings to avoid triggers. If you have chemical sensitivities, then you certainly understand this scenario: Your anxiety is heightened → this increases your adrenaline → adrenaline can saturate and mildly scorch intestinal linings → nerves in intestinal linings become inflamed. Why does this matter when we are talking about intuition?

Remember in the last blog post that I mentioned that the most powerful way to build intuition is to connect to our souls, hearts, and spirits. Well, we know from Anthony William that your gut houses much of your spirit. Connecting to your intuition becomes much harder when you have poor gut health.

Our body, spirit, soul, and heart are all connected – when they are all working in harmony, our intuition soars. I will go into talking about the spirit, soul, and heart in a series of blog posts coming up. But for now, the bottom line is that if you strengthen your nervous system, adrenals, and gut, YOU WILL STRENGTHEN YOUR INTUITION. 

I am teaching about deepening your intuition through healing the body, soul, heart and spirit in my upcoming retreat in Costa Rica. If you are interested in coming, you can schedule an exploratory call to learn more about the retreat and whether it’s a fit for you. Please click here to learn more about my Nourish Into Wholeness Retreat at the beautiful Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.


To your health, happiness and wellness,


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Hello Muneeza,

great Blog post, thank you! I can relate to everything you wrote here. I have a question. You wrote: “Think about that paved road again. If acid were to drench the road, how smooth do you think it would be? When our nerves become sensitized to adrenaline from repeated exposure, our CNS becomes sensitive resulting in multiple symptoms and a hypersensitivity to any stress or pressure.”

This is exactly what is happening to me. Because of corrosive adrenaline, i became so hypersensitive that only a very little bit of stress or pressure or any kind of thoughts are enough to trigger my adrenals and they start to produce adrenaline. Can you give me an advise to get out of this again? As i also have MCS and big gut issues, my nervous system is very sensitive and I can’t really do a complete protocol with foods and supplements. Thank you in advance.


Oh Eva, I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. When you are really sensitive, you just have to go slow and increase incrementally over time. Are you able to do celery juice? You can start with just an ounce and work your way up. I think my membership program would be a good fit for you. It is a place of education and support. Here’s a link in case you want to check it out:


ich bin 49 Jahre alt habe dauerblutungen immer Schmerzen lebe seit neun Monaten fettfrei mache alles was Anthony William vorgibtim August 2018 mit selleriesaft und Detox Smoothie angefangen und seit neun Monaten alles was er so sagt


Hi Sabine. I Google Translated your comment: “I am 49 years old and have constant bleeding. I have been pain free for nine months. I do everything Anthony William claims in August 2018 with celery juice and detox smoothie and for nine months everything he says” – I am happy to hear that you are pain free. Was there a question you were asking? Did you have a question or comment for me about the blog post?


Loved this article. All of it! Thank you


You are very welcome Michelle! I am so happy you loved it.

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