Steps For Detoxing Fresh Poison Exposure

PART 1: Protecting The Liver From & Removing Fresh Poisons 


When we have exposure to fresh poisons, like chemtrails, a neighbor spraying their yard, accidentally eating an inflammatory food (e.g eggs, dairy, gluten etc.), contrast for an MRI to name just a few, I want you to not feel disempowered. You have the tools to take care of this fresh poison. In particular I would like to focus on the power of antioxidants so please keep reading to the end.


1. Hydrate extra so your body can flush. This is the same as bringing on a mini cleanse.

2. Best to hydrate with cucumber juice first and multiple times throughout the day. 

3. Also use any melon, aloe water and coconut water for increased hydration and flushing. 

4. It is important to urinate more but also with foods like aloe and extra celery juice, you may bring on more frequent and looser bowels and that is also OK. Obviously, you never want to send your body into a shock by inducing excessive diarrhea or vomiting, EVER. 

5. Reducing or eliminating fat and salt during this time so that your body can more easily let go of poisons rather than holding on to them. Salt preserves poisons in the liver and fat stops the body from detoxifying. 

6. Extra Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie and aim to get it in more than once a day. If you cannot do more than once a day, increase your intake of spirulina and barley grass juice powder. If you are sensitive to these foods and cannot increase them, do more of the other suggestions in this post. 

7. Use more Antioxidants. What is an antioxidant? Oxidation is a chemical process which causes damage to our cells. Oxidation of iron creates rust, for example. Pure Silver will tarnish in the presence of air; this is also oxidation. Now imagine that process in your body. Oxidation of heavy metals by including high fat in the diet over many years can create a more damaging ‘heavy metal run-off’ that can cause symptoms like bi-polar, mania, schizophrenia and depersonalization. 

8. So an Antioxidant is something that prevents oxidation from happening in the body, i.e. it stops the damage from oxidation. 


PART 2: Protecting The Liver From & Removing Fresh Poisons 


Antioxidants are especially important to stop and prevent poisons from damaging our body. And they are important against old and new poisons. I am addressing fresh poisons, because many people today are continuously exposed to poisons whether by choice or not. Nearly every medical treatment (like radioactive iodine for CT scans or gadolinium in the contrast for MRI, barium meal for an endoscopy etc.) will bring about a poison exposure. I am not sharing this to make you afraid of doing them when you need to, but rather to feel empowered to remove the poisons from your body when exposed. I want you to have the tools to know what to do, so you can confidently make informed choices. 


It is important to include antioxidants like celery juice (sodium cluster salts are antioxidants), wild blueberries, spirulina or chaga tea in our diets all the time. Many of you following the @medicalmedium Morning Cleanse are already including these antioxidants in your daily diet. (Note: these are some of the most powerful food-based antioxidants you can include). 


But what more can you do? 

  1. Glutathione – This is a really important one for liver support. You don’t need a lot and you should not take more than four caps from @vimergy per day. A little in your diet daily is very helpful, and you can do more with an exposure. According to @medicalmedium in his Liver Rescue book, glutathione “supports every single liver cell. It is medicine to the liver, like someone coming along and making all your problems go away….it assists [the liver] in its over 2000 chemical functions.
  2. ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) – This gives all liver cells added antioxidant protection from injury due to highly toxic troublemakers. @medicalmedium says it perks up the liver and also helps it to detoxify simultaneously.
  3. Vitamin C – The liver uses Vitamin C in all of its 2000 chemical functions. It helps the liver to recover from bouts of adrenal surges (really important).  
  4. MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) – This helps to strengthen every cell inside the liver, and makes the organ less prone to attack from pathogens. It can wake up a stagnant liver, reduces liver heat and helps to purge toxins. 
  5. CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) – This is a gentle antioxidant and protects all the cells in the body from the stress of oxidation damage. It is used as a building block for other antioxidants.  
  6. NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) – This supplement is now available by prescription only, but is a useful one if you can get it. It helps the liver’s chemical functions and its ability to screen and filter (basically protect you from poisons). It also supports all the liver’s chemical functions. 


I hope this gives you a good guide on how to protect yourself from further poison exposures of ANY kind. 


Remember, flush, flush, flush and give your liver the right support so it can do a better job of protecting you. 

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Raffaella Mangiardi

Muneeza I for work I am exposed to nail polishes and nail products, can these antioxidants be useful in this case too?


My neighbor professionally sprayed her lawn and gardens today..i smelled so much of it..all throughout my hoping this will help with that also?

Erin Glass

This was such a great post, I keep coming back to it monthly. I recently was able to purchase the NAC. I currently take the MSM and gluathione. Could you recommend a safe dosage of the MSM with now the NAC? I was taking 6 MSM.


This article is the only tangible piece of hope I have found that relates to present days. To be specific.. this will help us with present day unwanted hot topic medical treatment correct?

It gave me peace because it brings light to other things I wouldn’t think to worry about (contrast dye). And just like if I was required to have a CT scan and the dye.. I would and then protect myself as you said above and not think to much of it. There would be less emotional hurt associated.

Like I said. Thank you for this information. It has brought some peace to an unsettled heart.


If I can only afford to get one supplement, what would it be? The glutathione?


Hi Muneeza and the team. Thank you so much for the info and the care towards us that were forced to have it*.
Do you also need antiimflammatory supplements as the thing causes inflammation all over the body especially the heart?
Your response would be really really appreciated.


Thank you so much Muneeza. Would IV vitamin C be helpful when subjected to poisons also? If so before or after?


Dear Muneeza, thank you very much for this important information. I confess I´m a bit confused with your answer, because you refered vitamin C above in the suplements checklist. Can you please clarify?


for antibiotics, when is it a good time to start using Vit C? can the antioxidants be used during the antibiotics?


Wait so don’t take vimergy vitamin c after a vaccination for instance?


But you list C in the list of what else you can do to support your liver. So, more as an ongoing protocol, not for acute situations?


As in tablet form vitamin C?


Great post, Muneeza! And so important!! I will translate it for our German community 🙂


Hi Marlon, where I can find it in German?
Think you for your work!


Thank you Muneeza and your Team. I appreciate this information and it has come in a timely manner. I have not received the new treatment but my husband has and now he is insisting on our sons to have it as well. I am heartbroken. I cannot get the recommended MSM in Canada, is there another brand that is clean? Thank you for all that you do.

Susan Jane Harrington

Thank you Muneeza for such concise and essential information !!! I have taken some fresh poison this week, so am very happy to have this. You’re the best for helping us all 🙂 x

Natalia Mantaluta

Thank you Muneeza!
Do you add lemon to chaga tea? I’m currently only adding raw honey when warm temperate, not hot


GREAT information!!

Christina Wakeley

Love this

Meltem Ozer

Thank you

Paula Bennett

Amazing information! As always, you pull from all areas of Medical Medium information and put the puzzle pieces together for us in the most easily understandable way.

Robin Miller

Such a great blog for the times we are living in!

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