Making a Herbal Poultice

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Making a Herbal Poultice

by | Aug 3, 2017

Today I have a really interesting video for you to watch. It is a demonstration of me making an herbal poultice to use on spider bites.

At the time that I made this video, my daughter had a bite that I was using it for. Later on, I used the same poultice for my own bite that I shared about on my most recent FaceBook Live earlier this week. If you missed the FaceBook event, you can watch it here.

Herbal medicine is that which is carried in the Wise Woman tradition, and it is ancient wisdom that is passed down from generation to generation in all cultures of the world. There are herbal traditions within the Indigenous people of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, India, China, Australia and many others.

I love herbal remedies. They are my favourite kind of medicine. Another incredible characteristic of herbal medicine, is that there is a communication that happens between plants and humans. If you have read Anthony William’s book, Life Changing Foods, he talks in there how each of the Life Changing Foods emotionally and spiritually support you. So when you need a remedy, as you connect with plants, you will find that those remedies will show up around you.  

This is what I share with you in the video along with a really amazing, effective recipe you can make for yourself at home!

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below the video, and how you have brought herbal remedies into YOUR life. If you have never before, does this pique your interest?

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Hi Muneeza, thank you for your video. What exactly is plantain leaf good for and is the all well flower echinacea?
Thanx much♡


A long time ago I stepped on a wasp or hornet. To get the stinger out I made a poultice from baking soda and water. I mixed it into a paste and put it on the bottom of my foot. Learning more about this, now I can experiment more with different herbs and essential oils. Thank you for this video.

Joy Myerscough

Thank you Muneeza – love this.
Can you please write down the name of the largish leaves you used as I’m not quite sure what you called them. And the ‘all heal’ flowers, does that have a purplish flower?

Many thanks.

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