As we prepare to launch a new season of Detox Mastery, I wanted to bring on some previous participants to share about their experience and how the program helped them deepen their healing. In this program members learn more about not only continuing to better their health, but also how intuitive emotion and spirituality plays an immense role in your recovery.

I am thrilled to interview Ametista Abada from Australia on this call. She shares here about her experience in the Detox Mastery program and how much it helped her journey – she says, her biggest takeaway was the spiritual journey and how much it has impacted her profoundly in the last 18 months since she completed the Mastery Program. If you have questions about how this program can impact your life, please watch and come along to the webinar on March 31st.




My interview with Susan Wolf was lovely too. She had a huge impact on her health from suggestions and recommendations given to her in the detox mastery program itself. If you want to learn some cool health tips Muneeza offered Susan and also to learn about how deeply the Mastery program changed her, please watch below.


The interview with Riann Chapman was an extra special one for me. I’ve known Riann for many years and have worked with her during many of my programs. Her healing has been amazing, very inspiration to everyone dealing with chronic illness. It’s been an honor to be with her as she has expanded her healing and tremendously bettered her health over the years. Watch her full interview below.


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