Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy: Is It Right for You?

Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy Featured Image

Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy: Is It Right for You?

Have you heard of vitamin C IV therapy and wondered about the pros and cons?

Would vitamin C IV therapy be helpful for you?

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Every few months, it seems there’s a new trendy cure for one condition or another. Everything from Kim Kardashian’s activated charcoal craze (read about why this is horrible for digestive health on my blog) to claims of coffee being healthy due to antioxidants (read more about how caffeine harms the body on my blog).

We even need to question the decades-old recommendation for prenatal vitamins, which are not nearly as helpful as doctors believe. Read more in last week’s blog, Do Prenatal Vitamins Help? 10 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy.

It’s easy to begin dismissing every healing tool we hear about as another trendy trap, but in some cases, they can be extremely helpful.

I’ve relied on vitamin C IV therapy myself and see it as a beneficial option to call on when I need it (I just received treatment last month!), so I want to shed some light on what vitamin C IV therapy is, who it’s for, and what it can offer.


Let’s start with the basics.

What is Vitamin C IV therapy, and what are the benefits?

Vitamin C IV Therapy is liquid vitamin C delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The primary application is to help anyone struggling with acute or chronic symptoms.

A common question is why anyone would choose vitamin C IV therapy over vitamin C tablets or capsules, which can be easily ordered and taken at home.

You might choose vitamin C IV therapy if it is difficult for you to take tablets or capsules and you are looking for an easier way to deliver vitamin C into your body.

Vitamin C IV therapy can be an effective tool to help move the needle on a chronic health condition, and it is also very effective for stopping acute symptoms in their tracks.

For example, with flu, colds, food poisoning, UTIs, pancreatitis, appendicitis, and more, vitamin C IV therapy can immensely support an immune system working to overcome these conditions.

Oral vitamin C cannot always achieve the same level of effectiveness as intravenous vitamin C, especially if the pathogen is aggressive or someone’s immune system is weak.

If someone suffers from gut or liver problems which translate to an inability to assimilate nutrients fully, vitamin C IV therapy is an alternative to oral vitamin C that delivers the nutrient effectively into the body.


Vitamin C IV therapy isn’t for everyone.

If you see or feel results from taking oral vitamin C, I do not recommend using intravenous vitamin C therapy.

It should be reserved for acute circumstances like a sudden health challenge, exposure, or cases when oral vitamin C is not leading to results.

Should you run and schedule an appointment today? No!

Vitamin C IV therapy is not a cure-all or a shortcut to well-being. It takes time and commitment to healing foods and protocols to recover from many conditions, and while vitamin C IV therapy can be an excellent tool, it does not replace other healing tools.

IV therapy is also not a cleansing tool, so it will not remove common toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and radiation which, after viral and bacterial pathogens, are the primary root causes of chronic illness.

These primary root causes are information from respected health authority Anthony Wiliam – the Medical Medium ®.

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Muneeza Ahmed


It’s natural to wonder if intravenous vitamin C has side effects or risks. While serious risk is not a concern, there are some reasons to avoid vitamin C IV therapy.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, do not attempt vitamin C IV therapy:

  • Very weak adrenal glands (severe chronic fatigue or loss of libido are indications of this)
  • A weak neurological system
  • Anxiety around needles
  • Do not take high doses if you are deficient in G6PD

ALWAYS check with your doctor or practitioner if you’re interested in vitamin C IV therapy.

If your adrenals are weak, consult with your practitioner. I put the warning there because while vitamin C IV therapy supports the adrenals, in some cases, the adrenaline from getting the IV can be problematic. This should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Those who benefit most from vitamin C IV therapy struggle with long-term chronic illnesses or get hit with an acute disease that causes the immune system to weaken.

Many clients of mine who struggled with the plague during the pandemic benefited greatly from vitamin C IV therapy.

I rely on it as a tool myself when I know my immune system has been compromised or when acute symptoms of pathogen exposure show up. It’s not something that’s part of my regular regimen. I call on it as needed.

Vitamin C IV therapy is also helpful for individuals with severely compromised immune systems. Typically, those who would benefit from regular treatments are guided to do so via their doctor.

If you believe vitamin C IV therapy would be helpful for you due to long-term illness and a weakened immune system, discuss the option with your doctor.


Is it safe for children?

Yes, vitamin C IV therapy can sometimes be safe for children. The youngest I have heard of any provider giving vitamin C IV treatment in children is seven or eight.

Children are often given vitamin C IV therapy for cancer and severe immune deficiency cases. A healthy child should often never need vitamin C IV therapy.

Whether your child is a suitable candidate for vitamin C IV therapy will depend on a combined assessment by your doctor and provider. However, some providers offer children vitamin C IV therapy without requiring a doctor’s assessment.

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Are there any requirements before I can be a candidate for IV Therapy?

Certain conditions will prevent someone from being eligible to receive vitamin C IV therapy.

Opting for high-dose vitamin C IV therapy, i.e., that above 20,000 mg or 20g of IVC, will require a G6PD blood test.

G6PD stands for “glucose-six phosphate dehydrogenase,” a necessary enzyme for assuring a normal lifespan for red blood cells and normality in oxidizing processes. Essentially, G6PD helps red blood cells function normally.

According to the medical profession, a G6PD deficiency is hereditary. Patients with a deficiency in this enzyme cannot receive vitamin C IV infusions above 20g because it can result in hemolytic anemia.

This requirement is not necessary for those opting for a low-dose vitamin C IV therapy, i.e., below 20 g of vitamin C.

How does it help chronic health issues?

Intravenous vitamin C helps tremendously with chronic health issues.

Often when the body is plagued by herpetic viruses like the Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, human herpesvirus, herpes simplex one or two, or the shingles virus, the body’s immune system is constantly dealing with fighting low-grade chronic infection over an extended time.

This immune battle can take a toll on the body – the liver, brain, quality of the blood, the spleen, and more, and can weaken the adrenals and the liver and its personal immune system.

Vitamin C IV therapy is excellent for restoring the immune system, giving it the boost it needs to fight back, and knocking out bugs and pathogens causing long-term issues.

This therapy is especially helpful for cancer patients and any conditions where a patient is battling a very weak immune system.

How can it help acute health issues?

Intravenous vitamin C can be beneficial with acute issues like food poisoning, pancreatitis, gallbladder attacks, appendicitis, UTIs, coughs, colds, flu, and the plague. It can provide immediate relief for somebody struggling or taken down by acute symptoms caused by pathogens.

What is the best kind of Vitamin C I can ask my provider for?

The best vitamin C to ask for is corn-free, typically made from tapioca (also known as cassava or yucca).

If your provider tells you they cannot provide or find corn-free vitamin C IV vials, you have to tell them to contact their supplier and ask them to offer the corn-free version instead. The brands that make corn-free vitamin C IV products are McGuff, Empower, and Ascor. AnazaoHealth also offers a good option.

Your vitamin C should not be preserved in alcohol or any other preservative. When receiving this therapy, ask your provider to freshly compound your vitamin C before putting it into your IV bag.

High-dose (not low-dose) vitamin C IV therapy can be delivered safely in sterile water (according to doctors and nurses I have spoken with) because the acidity of the vitamin C balances out the solution’s osmolarity. However, sterile water should never be given directly through an IV.

If the vitamin C is not high-dose enough to warrant a sterile water solution, then the standard practice is to deliver it using saline. Please check with your provider about how they are administering your treatment.

Avoid Ringer’s lactate solution as it contains trace amounts of alcohol. Whenever I have had clients receive their treatment in Ringer’s lactate, they have felt horrible for days after.

How much vitamin C can the human body handle?

The human body can handle a high volume of vitamin C.

You may hear from the Internet or other doctors that high-dose vitamin C is useless because the human body simply passes it as waste. However, significant benefits are noted when taking vitamin C IV intravenously versus orally.

Likewise, high-dose versus low-dose treatments have a noticeable impact on symptoms, conditions, illnesses, and even cancers.

Low-dose vitamin C IV therapy is often 20g or below, and high-dose vitamin C IV therapy can range from 20g to 100g for severe cases.

I used high-dose therapy to help me get through the severely poisonous spider bite I had a few years ago. I did high-dose treatment three times a week to help my immune system endure a difficult time.

What can I expect to feel after high-dose Vitamin C IV therapy?

A common feeling immediately after treatment is feeling “out of it” and needing to rest for a few days. Usually, this lasts from 24-72 hours.

After the initial adjustment, you will likely feel better than before the treatment. This adjustment typically happens after the first few treatments you receive. After that, generally, people don’t feel “off” following treatment unless they return to it after a long break.

Before, during, and after vitamin C IV therapy, IT IS CRITICAL to hydrate with lemon water with raw honey, watermelon juice, or coconut water.

You want to ensure you have plenty of glucose before, during, and after the therapy because that glucose is needed to push the nutrients into your cells.

It can therefore cause low blood sugar and lots of thirst, especially if you receive the treatment in saline instead of sterile water. With sterile water delivery, you will still feel thirsty, but it’s even more so with saline.

How do I find a provider for Vitamin C IV therapy?

The best place to find a provider is to do an Internet search of “Vitamin C IV Therapy providers near me.”

Look for “IV therapy clinics,” “IV bars,” or even “IV nurses.” This therapy is widespread and available in more areas than you might realize.

Suppose you are trying to move the needle in your health. In that case, you will need a doctor or a physician’s assistant to prescribe the IV therapy, especially if it will be administered by a nurse who does not have the authority to give you high-dose IV therapy.

Some clinics are run by nurses who can offer you high-dose IV therapy – every clinic is different.

Every state in the United States varies regarding requirements, so please check in with your local providers to see what options are available.

There are also many locations where nurses will visit your home to deliver this therapy to you, so if you cannot leave your home or travel, look for those options in your area as well.

What other kinds of IV therapy are helpful for healing?

You may wonder whether other nutrients delivered via IV help improve chronic illness or health symptoms. Tread with caution.

Very few IV therapies are safe and effective for the body in addition to vitamin C IV therapy. An example is glutathione, which must be taken intravenously at below 2000mg (or 2g). It is also possible to use the Myers cocktail or even intravenous lysine in some cases.

Again, these must not be preserved in alcohol or any other preservative since they are going directly into your bloodstream, and they should not contain any additives, artificial or natural. They must also not be corn or soy-based.

Can I take oral vitamin C while taking IV vitamin C?

It is best to avoid oral vitamin C on the day you receive your intravenous vitamin C therapy. You can continue oral vitamin C when you do not receive intervenous treatment.

Where can I learn more about Vitamin C IV therapy?

I learned about this therapy for the first time in Thomas Levy’s book, Curing the Incurable. It is a fantastic read if you are interested in solid research.

The icing on the cake for me was when it was also recommended to me by Anthony William for support when I was struggling with my spider bite.

What do I do if I am in Europe or Australia?

Unfortunately, vitamin C IV therapy is not widely available on these continents, but it does exist as an option in specific locations (in the Netherlands, for example). But don’t worry! You can still heal using the tools provided by Medical Medium.

Millions of people with the worst symptoms are healing using these tools, and remember that vitamin C IV therapy is only intended for those struggling to move the needle and doing everything they can with food and supplement protocols.

If you decide to seek out vitamin C IV therapy, make this decision in conjunction with your doctor.

To your health and peace,


15 thoughts on “Benefits of Vitamin C IV Therapy: Is It Right for You?”

  1. Hi Muneeza,
    You say in your article don’t use Vitamin C IV Therapy if you have a weak neurological system or weak adrenals. I have both. Is it still okay to do these to help me move the needle?

    1. Hi Vickie, you have to be very careful with a weak neuro system and adrenals with vitamin C IV therapy. It would be good to consult with your doctor, and it may be best to wait until you’ve healed your adrenals and nervous system before exploring this therapy. Sending you much healing and support!

  2. I’m trying to set up vitamin C IVs for my daughter at home and figure out the dosage, when you were receiving 2 IVs a week to help with your spider bite, how many grams of C would they administer in each bag?

  3. I’m currently doing IV therapy and just learned they offer lysine. My body has been craving more lysine but I’m having to work up slowly with supplementation because I’m sensitive with supps. Thinking the IV lysine might be a helpful way to get it in. Is there a safe effective dose of IV lysine?

    1. Ty – it is not unusually painful, other than the prick of the needle. If you have sensitive nerves, do be careful and ask your therapist to choose to stick you on a less sensitive spot. I used it while I had nerve inflammation and it was super helpful to me.

  4. This is a great message for people like me that is still healing, thank God there is a wide range of vitamin c in my country. But will investigate well which to use so as not to compromise things. Thanks so much muneeza

  5. christina bradtke

    Dear Muneeza- This article is very very helpful and comes right in time for me!
    I just woke up to the fact that I am living in mold now for 10 years consecutively, this is now the second moldy house I live in- I just discovered it has mold also. No wonder my healing takes that long….
    Since moving out is not an immediate option my hopes are that with IVC I can move the needle to finally have the energy to change my living situation and finally rise out of the ashes on all levels 🙏

      1. Why is it not good to do IV therapy if you have weak adrenals & nervous system? Does this go for all IV therapy, or just vitamin C? Thanks!

        1. Yvonne, great question! If someone is neurologically very very weak, the slight adrenaline from getting the needle into them can trigger more symptoms and make them feel worse. And the same reason for someone with very weak adrenals – its also linked to the neurological system. It goes for all IV therapy.

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I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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