The feel of spring is finally here and we did some gardening and sprouting this past week.

Here are some pictures of what we sprouted:

          Day 1 Sprouting Sunflower, Alfalfa & Broccoli Seeds

Day 5 After Sprouting: Ready to eat food!

(BTW: Sprouts are the cheapest nutritious food. A bag of seeds that will last you a few weeks costs only about $5 if you grow your own. To buy a box of sprouts at the store that you can use once or twice will cost you $5 – $6). The sprouts below are growing in my Easy Sprouter which mists them at set times of the day

We had some fungus show up in our sprouts. The solution: Add an infusion of horsetail tea into the water. In a couple of days, the fungus was gone!

Day 1: Alfalfa Sprouts growing in our jar

Day 2: Growing beans and lentils in a hemp sprouting bag

What do you do with sprouts?? Dress up your food!

We added sprouts to our almond and cashew cakes, topped with Caramelised onions, Sunflower seed sprouts, avocados, Bariani Olive oil, and Living Intentions’ Cheesy Salad Booster! Sprouts are Sexy! This recipe will be added soon. Watch this space! If you don’t have the Easy Sprouter (most of don’t!!) you can easily sprout in a mason jar or in a cloth or hemp bag. What you do is: soak your seeds overnight, drain the water the next day and let the jar (which has a mesh lid for ventilation for sprouting) hang out. If you are sprouting in a bag, its the same, let the bag and sprouts soak overnight or a few hours, then let it hang, and your sprouts will grow. Hopefully this ignites an idea in your to start growing your own food. Sprouts are the easiest.


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