Live with Medical Medium in Los Angeles

Live with Medical Medium in Los Angeles

I should be sleeping. But I cannot. I am 35,000 feet above the ground going home from the most incredible weekend of my life, and I cannot sleep until I write what is so full in my heart.

I am overwhelmed by the love and support that shows up and gathers around these Medical Medium events. Right from the MM team, to the volunteers, the attendees, other people who are supporting us who could not be there in person. To me this is just a true testament to who Anthony William, Medical Medium is.

The Spirit of Most High that speaks to him is the living word Compassion. And I believe that Anthony is the living embodiment of this compassion. The fact that he brings together so many loving hearts, people who are willing to do anything to support each other, without ego, without judgement and grudges, is honestly an experience of a lifetime. I pinch myself constantly, that I get to have brothers and sisters who also exhibit so much love and compassion and gosh, if we could extend this out more into the world, this world can become a kinder and more loving place instantly.

Compassion and love alone are so healing and with the loss of my voice on the morning of the event, when I am supposed to be speaking to a crowd of over two thousand I thought – Is this really happening? The team and my friends showed up with so much support – people brought me food, made me tea, gave me remedies, brought me extra Ester-C when I ran out, gave me a massage and offered to help with the meditations, sent me for a healing treatment before the event so I would feel more ready, duct-taped my broken slipper that I was wearing on stage, the list goes ON. No one had to tell or ask them to help. Everyone moved like a well-oiled machine, just knowing when to show up and how. All this support is what enabled me to even be on stage that morning and to be present at the event.


And this is what makes me cry. The deep gratitude that I have for finding compassionate humans in my life. And this is also exactly the reason I share with you, if you ever think “Oh she’s lucky” or that “This is not possible for me”. I am telling you that it IS possible for you. When you find your compassion, you can help ignite it for others too.

Your compassion and intuition work together. The more compassion you have, the more you can open your intuition and the more intuition you have, the more you have the ability to bring deeper compassion for humans on this planet. You then come into a place of being helpers and being of service to others in incredible ways, little ways and big ways. The people you met at the Medical Medium event, just like Anthony said himself, to the nervous woman on the stage – they are your family. Yes, all 2000 of you who attended and those of you who are Medical Medium fans or who are even curious about him – you are ALL family.

You know why I say that? Because after you all heard that I had lost my voice, 50-60 of you came up to me and asked me if I was drinking lemon water with honey, taking my zinc and silver.

And I thought to myself, who does that? Family does that.  Because you have compassion and you care. So thank you those of you who extended their compassion and love to me all weekend, when many of you I didn’t even know. In what could have been just me not even being able to get out of bed, I was not only OUT of bed, but I was on my feet, and I was able to talk to some of you and hug MANY of you. You guys didn’t even care that I was sick and hugged me anyway! And so many more of you have sent me emails, messages on Facebook and Instagram asking not only if I am ok, but if Anthony is OK.

Asking to let you know how he is doing after his injury, how he is recovering. I can tell you from what I know about him, he must be so gutted to have not been able to finish the event. He cares for and loves people and wants them to heal so much that I know he is probably giving himself a hard time about it. I am writing this heartfelt message to my community, to fellow Medical Medium followers everywhere, but most and foremost I am writing this message to Anthony William:

“Anthony I don’t know if you realize what a revolution of love and compassion and healing you are creating. It is a world few of us have thought possible. That you are the force behind this making it a reality is beyond anything I have words for. You have to know this and take it into your own heart. You are loved and you are being shown compassion. It now your turn to receive it from your community.”

With a flowing heart,


38 thoughts on “Live with Medical Medium in Los Angeles”

  1. Dyan Giramondi

    I understand that I should be writing about seeing you. I saw your telephone number is 203 area code which is Connecticut where I now live as well. I would like to know if you are indeed in CT. That said, I have had a mystery for ever so long (I am now 70) and got so excited when I found Anthony Williams … by accident. I read on his website that he is not taking appointments, but as you know him directly, is he, will he at all be available for a consultation any time at all in the future? I would greatly appreciate your understanding on this request and for you to realize this is in no way a slight to you … I am just concentrated on Mr. Williams because I have been going through this for so very long. Thank you for anything you can give me in the way of more information than what is on his website. Thank you so much.

  2. Aww…thank you for your heart warming words so beautifully spoken Muneeza. Yes…family we are and my heart is over flowing with gratitude to be included amongst you all. What a beautiful year it’s been despite all my healing challenges getting to know this community of like minded souls. My life has miraculously changed! I see love everywhere, and everyday my compassion grows along with my intuitive muscles the more and more I learn and share with others. My trust has been restored and I have hope again! The event was magical and the memories made will last my lifetime. Just being in the room with you Muneeza along with Anthony and the Medical Medium team was a dream come true and your combined energy was off the chart amazing. Thank you❤️

  3. Anastasia Strokova

    Yes! I love how you addresssed Anthony in your article. I could just feel how devastated he was for not being able to finish the entire event. I can feel how deeply he feels for all of us and how much compassion he has. Your words couldn’t have described it better – it is time for him to receive all that love and compassion back. Thank you, Muneeza, for being there for me. It is a blessing to have you in my life!

  4. Beautiful words of gratitude Muneeza. I am thankful beyond words to have found Anthony and Spirit, you and his team. Also thankful for all of the followers that help each other and lift each other up, we are a community. ❤️

  5. It is stuff like this that keep me going on this path. It can feel incredibly isolating and strange when you’re doing it n your own. But I know that I am not alone. A few years ago I wasn’t sure if I would be alive today. And here I am, fighting because of the compassion that was shared with me. I have a ways to go and it is not easy but I want to be a part of this community as much as I can once I am in a positive state of health. Thank you to Muneeza for sharing this and everything you do, and to anthony and spirit for changing so many lives. Bless up.

  6. Although I was not able to attend the event, I felt for sure connected to the energy and compassion that was shared.

  7. I was at thr LA event and have been sending prayers to you, Muneeza and to Anthony ever since. I am so grateful to have found hope and support where I had only experienced and lived in fear and isolation with my health. The Medical Medium book has been a life changer for me and this is just the beginning! Be well!

      1. Thank you both for all the great input, even the thought of the foot pain lessening gives me a lot of hope. maybe I should just get thru the tough side effects I had with the 50,000 IU, I will think about it very hard this week as I am now only on 4,000IU. Still wonder if that low of a dose will help like I already medieontn. Originally I was to take both types, and then be retested in 3 months but I see some of you being checked sooner. Very thankful for your advice! VERY VERY fondly, Cindy

  8. I am so grateful for you all! Your words are so validating. I would not be the healthy person I am today without you, Anthony and the love of healing flowing from this group.

  9. Beautiful, Muneeza. You are an inspiration in so many ways. We are all grateful for you, and for Anthony and Spirit. Love and thanks.

  10. Your energy alone is so healing I can’t imagine being around you and Anthony at the same time! Thank you you for all you have given me an inspired me in my healing work with others who are doing the best that they can to heal.. when we really do realize that we are all one we come from compassion, together… Much needed in these times !

  11. That was really beautiful Muneeza!! I feel the same way and profoundly grateful for Spirit and Anthony Williams. He is our beacon of hope and healing.
    I did not know you both were sick and I will pray for your recovery.
    Much love ❤️

    1. The best thing about spring is stripping off all those winter layers, feeling the sun on your skin, and enjoying a good glass of wine in the spring sun with your gielirfrnds, relaxing and reminising )

  12. Your heartfelt message is moving on a very deep level. Thank you for taking the time to share your observations and experience of love and compassion. We are all blessed to have you and Anthony in our lives. Safe travels.

  13. Powerful letter of love, appreciation and realization of this beautiful revolution. I am joyful to have this family and b part of this amazing community. I was not able to attend this LA event but daily read everyone’s posts. From pre event excitement to post event concern and love for the entire MM team. My heart beat stronger reading such compassionate posts and comments. Thank you Muneeza for capturing this revolutionary reaction from our community and writing to us. Anthony has brought all of us together to teach us how to heal and along the way he is teaching all of us that there are many loving kind compassionate ppl amongst us……and spending our earthly hours surrounded by kindness Trumps the company of angry reactionary ppl. I feel blessed to have met this amazing group of people. Please continue blessing one another! Love to you Muneeza – not a surprise so many poured out to assist, support, and ” mother” you when u fell ill. Your kindness, love and support daily touch all of us!

  14. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing group. We are indeed a community healers which wouldn’t be possible without Anthony or Spirit. Beautifully said Muneeza and Thank You MM

  15. Your loving words are so true Muneeza. I’m sure everyone will agree with you about how the love and compassion shown in the MM family for this world and everyone that Anthony is helping. We are so grateful for.
    Hope you are feeling better Anthony. We send you back your love that you give to us by helping and healing us all. Love and light
    Debbie (perth, australia)

  16. Such beautiful words Maneeza , thank you so much for what you and Anthony are doing for us all. I got sick in 2008 from there on, I just got worse and worse to the point I had to give up my job, my social life family etc I basically was giving up on life, feeling of hopeless. Until I came across Anthony’s bloggs and his book. I am now on the healing path thank you Anthony from the bottom of my heart, you are my life saver. Sending you loads of love and prays get well soon my friend. Xxx

    1. Gultaz thank you so much for sharing your story. It brought tears to my eyes. I know exactly what that hopelessness can feel like before you finally find a path. I have a similar story. I am so glad you have found a way to heal and get better.

  17. I’m so happy and very lucky to be a part of this wonderful family .Thank you Anthony William from the bottom of my heart ,I truly love you for all you have done for me .What can I say about Muneeza she’s my angel ,that appeared at just the right time in my life when I was completely lost she had guided me through my up and downs and still does to this day .I love this woman with all my heart and soul, I thank God and Anthony for sending her to me . Love and Blessings.

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Muneeza Ahmed - Medicine Woman

Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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