Emotions are feelings we experience like joy, peace, love, sadness, worry or anger. The word emotion refers to the energy in motion of our feelings. They are constantly moving and changing – to see this, all you have to do is witness a child going from crying and melting down one moment to being happy and joyful in the next. 


We are NOT supposed to get stuck in our emotions. 


We are NOT supposed to be cut off from our emotions. 


We are NOT supposed to avoid them, push them away, ignore them or fight them. 


God made our bodies to experience emotions. If emotions were such a bad thing, why would we experience them? Just the mere existence of our emotions points to the reasoning that there is a really powerful purpose for them. But because we feel bad when we experience so-called “negative” or as I like to call them, non-preferred emotions, we immediately have the instinct to make them go away. Why? Well, simply because it’s uncomfortable. And humans spend an untold amount of energy pushing away feelings of discomfort, all day long. 


Where do non-preferred emotions come from?


Most non-preferred emotions, or the seat of all emotional instability, come from our liver’s unhappiness. Emotions like anger and frustration arise from a sluggish, pre-fatty or fatty liver. It sounds crazy that emotions can be rooted in a physical imbalance, but this is indeed the truth. The liver itself actually produces emotions, and we can feel them. When the liver spasms, it can mirror you having a tantrum or a meltdown. As the liver tries to free itself from feeling trapped, that can translate into us wanting to get out and stop feeling caged. The liver also stores adrenaline that was released during past traumatic events. As it slowly starts to let go of this stored adrenaline, you can experience the emotions you felt at the time that adrenaline was first released. 


When our livers become overburdened, stagnant, sluggish, etc., our emotional instability rises. Anger, sadness, and a whole range of emotions are experienced more profoundly. 


What ARE we supposed to do with these emotions? 


This is a good question. You want to observe them. Pay attention to them. Honor the message that these emotions are giving you. And then, you want to allow them to pass.


Peace is central to the liver and is actually the goal we should be striving for within ourselves. Peace is the natural state of a healthy liver. There is a lot of talk in the world about finding happiness or love. But the compassionate forgiveness (that Anthony William, Medical Medium talks about in his book Liver Rescue) of ourselves that brings with it true peace is what we really need.


How do we strengthen our emotional selves and find peace?


Healing your liver is a great place to start. But beyond that, one of the foundations of strengthening our emotional selves is to get more vegetables in our diet. Vegetables help us become more grounded. With more vegetables in your diet, you can meditate more easily and deeply; the spiritual part of you grows. This is what vegetables give us; they give us minerals from deep in the earth. When you touch the earth, you become more deeply grounded. 


How does grounding work through foods or from touching the earth? 


Grounding is electrical in nature. Minerals all contain tons of electrically charged ions – they are negatively charged. The surface of the earth also has a negative charge on it, and in physics, is identified as the Schumann Resonance. When we become too electrically positively charged (e.g. from eating foods that hurt us), we are too acidic and too ungrounded. Eating vegetables, like asparagus and sweet potatoes and things that grow in the earth, have the ability to confer the negatively charged ions into us and can keep us grounded. It is also why a small baby, who depends entirely on an adult for movement, will ground itself by touching the body of an adult who is grounded; this can help calm the baby down. 


Why is grounding so important? 


“It’s being grounded that has us keep the ability to fight, meaning to fight what we need to fight for in our lives, to pick the battles we need to pick, to move forward to heal, to defend ourselves from toxins, defend ourselves from what the world throws at us and the stress and the responsibilities. Being grounded is the key to deflecting all of that!” Anthony William, The Healing Path. 


The reason Anthony says it can help us fight is because it helps us both emotionally and physically in our bodies. Grounding can help strengthen your emotional side as well as your physical side, and help bring you to a place of peace.


A beautiful way to ground – Medical Medium Surrounded by Trees Meditation


We can also ground by using meditation. Anthony William, Medical Medium has a beautiful grounding meditation in his first book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, called Surrounded by Trees. He says that when you walk into a forest or park, take a moment to call upon the Angel of Trees and then acknowledge all the trees around you. 


“Focus on their root systems and focus on the minerals and water they are drawing from deep within the earth, through the trunks and the branches. Imagine this earth energy entering your own body and imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the Earthly Mother’s soil. You can intuitively end this grounding experience when you are ready and imagine leaving your roots protected and preserved in the earth as you break free and walk away.”


He says that these roots remain a part of you and that wherever you are, you can draw healing energy from their spot in the ground. He says that this is THE most powerful grounding experience available and will fortify every aspect of your being. 


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To your health, happiness and wellness,


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