How To Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop

How To Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop

How To Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop

In today’s world everyone is suffering from some level of chronic illness. This is not something we chose.  We may have chosen to be human, but we did not choose to have chronic  illness – this was done to us. How do we break free from the chronic illness loop?

When we don’t choose something, we automatically go into resistance.  Resistance is the first step in being forced to deal with something that we didn’t choose.  This causes us to go into survival mode.

While in survival mode, PTSD can show up. This state of reaction (survival mode) also triggers a specific type of corrosive adrenaline to be excreted.  While not all adrenaline is survival mode adrenaline, every time we are in survival mode we become adrenalized.

Why do we go into resistance?

We go into resistance because we are not able to accept our condition or situation. We cannot accept it because it is not something we chose. Resistance causes us to go into survival mode, also known as fight or flight.  This is the result of the various fears we experience when we learn we have chronic illness:

  • Fear of dying
  • Fear if never healing
  • Fear of not having enough money to heal
  • Fear of not having enough energy to heal
  • Fear of constant suffering
  • Fear of not having enough support

All of this fear can lead to panic and anxiety attacks.

The fear, in turn, leads to our symptoms escalating, thus sending us back around this “loop of suffering” again.

The Loop of Suffering

Many of us, when we first get sick, get stuck in this loop.  This is a very difficult place to be, a very hellish place where we feel despair and alone in our suffering.  At this point, we do not yet have the truthful information we need to begin the healing process.

Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop

Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop of Suffering

The way out of this loop is through finding truthful knowledge about what is actually going on in your body and why – Medical Medium information is that truth.  This knowledge of the truth will lead you to acceptance and ultimately healing.

When you are able to accept what has happened to you, because you have found the truth…the fact that you did not cause your illness and chronic suffering, this is the springboard that will finally move you forward and propel you out of the loop of suffering.  

This truth starts to build faith and hope.  It’s this faith and hope that pulls you out of fear.

Truthful knowledge, Faith, and hope is the antidote!

The possibility of healing, knowing you can.  That knowing is SO important to your ultimate healing.  This moves us into a different future.

What does it take to create acceptance?  

Acceptance is the opposite of resistance.  This to me is an act of divine intervention, it comes from somewhere other than the human self.  

Acceptance requires faith, faith in the knowledge that you did not cause your illness, and that you CAN heal.  When you have faith you open up to a higher frequency of love and support. It is only when we arrive at acceptance that we can move into faith and hope.  Faith and hope gives us a sense of freedom, emotional freedom that breaks the initial suffering loop. 

As you apply truthful knowledge (MM info) and begin to apply healing protocols, your physical symptoms will diminish.  The relief from your symptoms is due to the removal of poisons…the unforgiving 4 (viral poisons, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, radiation).  

The removal of poisons leads to WELLNESS…physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  What is the upper limit to wellness?…I don’t believe that there is one.  Feel excited in the knowledge that there is unlimited upper wellness.

The Danger of a Flare Pitfall

Suppose we don’t have 100% freedom from symptoms…which is the vast majority of people.  How free have we become from our symptoms?…100%, 75%, 50%? When we are not fully healed, we can end up having a flare.  

After so much healing, going into another flare can be VERY defeating.  There are two paths that we can take at this point.  When a flare occurs at this stage it can:

  1. Lead you back to the loop of suffering
  2. Lead you back to knowledge and faith that you are healing…you accept where you are, it’s just a flare. 

This path of deeper faith and hope is where we want to be – this will lead us to deeper healing.  A flare is just more poisons being released, your body cleansing on an even deeper level.  

Even though you may already feel so much better and have healed many symptoms, your body has been storing these poisons and toxins for such a long time, that as you heal your body will go even deeper into the far reaching stored poisons and begin to release those as well.  Stay in the knowledge and faith that this is what’s happening – your body is working to heal you on an even deeper level.  

If you can stay in that knowledge and faith and continue your healing lifestyle, you will cleanse on a deeper and deeper level…ultimately increasing your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness!

Freedom From Suffering

My goal is to get people out of the suffering loop and into the knowledge, faith, acceptance loop.  

You may have defeating thoughts every now and then when a flare springs up, but the goal is to be aware of those thoughts because awareness gives you control.  

You will then be aware of slipping back into the loop of suffering, and instead of allowing yourself to go back there mentally, you will remain in faith and truthful knowledge that you are healing and that this flare is actually a sign of deeper healing.  

When you understand that, you will be grateful for the flare…and this is where you ultimately want to land, in gratitude.  

Gratitude for the knowledge and faith that brought you to this spot, gratitude for the healing your body is able to do with your help, gratitude for the truthful information that has gotten you to this point, and gratitude for your strength and will to keep on healing.  

It is this gratitude that will propel you into deeper wellness – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

To your health & happiness,


Muneeza Ahmed

14 thoughts on “How To Break Free From The Chronic Illness Loop”

  1. My flares never stop, I do everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. Ive been at this lifestyle for years. When I relax, I feel more pain and more tinnitus, insomnia. So many issues don’t know what to do. I feel I’m stuck in this loop and I do call to angels but no help that I can feel.

  2. Hi Muneeza, I love all your blog posts, they help me so much. I’m just a little confused about how you say a flare up is a sign of deeper healing. I always thought a flare up was caused by increased viral activity. Please help me with this case!

    I really appreciate your hard work. I can’t believe how you manage to write so many blog posts in such a short time. You are amazing!

    1. Marin, this is a great q. Flares are a part of the healing journey, where viruses do rear their ugly head once we may have had some success in healing symptoms. In fact I don’t know anyone who has never had a flare. So yes, the viruses are flaring and viral load is going up but it also shows you how hard you are working, what you are healing and can heal again, and to acknowledge its part of the journey – 2 steps forward 3 steps back. Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blogs. I have been writing for many many years, so we have plenty to post.

      1. Thank you, your blog post are full of incredible knowledge! Do I understand correctly that flares also happen (besides obvious triggers) because with all the healing we do, the viruses feel threatened and start to fight back and therefore viral activity temporarily gets higher? (and this it is actually a good sign of deeper healing).

        1. Marin, there is a little bit of the fight back but it usually does not last long. The longer lasting symptoms are flares and are from a viral upsurge and growth not from just fighting back which is usually a shorter lived detox or healing reaction.

  3. Hello, I would like to say that this post has brought me so much hope. My grandpa unfortunately died yesterday. This past month and a half has been a constant stress and worry for my grandpa. This lead me to a big flare. In the same time I had covid. My menstruation didn’t came. I wake up at 10-11 am and all day I’m tired and very weak. In december with medical medium I had a big, big progress. I was so, so happy. I started in may 2021. But this situation really kicked me back. And now I was tired and depressed and worried about my health and I have seen this post. It gave me so much hope. Thank you for that. I’m 22, have hashimoto, also have some questions for the protocol. Can we maybe have a video call or something like that? Thank you so much.

    P.s. sorry for grammatical mistakes. Sending you greetings from Croatia.

  4. Very good information I am trying to apply it, my issue is I was on Keto for almost a year, not strict but I did lose weight and felt great then I think I crashed ? Not sure what to call it, I just know ever since my gut has been a wreck and my blood pressure uncontrolled. I live outside of a town, we farm, so no help close by. Tired of the stress of all of this…I really would love a plan to get back on track to my old self…Blessings for all you do.

    1. Michelle,
      I am so sorry that you crashed after doing Keto. It can be really hard on the body. Keto is great for weight loss, but its truly hard on the liver and that could be the reason you crashed. As you bring in the Medical medium healing protocols into your diet, you will heal the liver and recover.

  5. I’ve recently had a shingle flare and was able to navigate through it much calmer than previous flares due to not allowing myself to go back into the loop of negative thinking and remaining calm, adding extra supplement and faith that it will pass, which it did.

  6. I am loving your posts on adrenals glands & all the issues related. When I first started losing all my hair & all the symptons that went along with it, I went from one GP to dermatolgists to hair loss clinics to TCM practitioners & other than one person mentioned the adrenals but a few acupuncture needles once p/mth was her treatment for adrenals. So for 17 months I was in this cycle, crying & being emotional everyday over my loss. I am sooo grateful finding Anthony Williams & his community, buying his books & listening to all the lives, radio show archives & all the literature. I feel so much stronger & in control. I know for me it wasn’t one thing & I realised that my adrenal issues have been effected since I was a child through to be an adult. When I feel I am losing faith I listen to one of his radio shows, readover his books or magically a post appears from the MM community.. Whilst my hair has not stopped falling out & no hair replacement in 2 years….I can heal & I will. thank you for people like you Muneeza & MM

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Healing is my living, my purpose and my path.

I’m humbled to have supported over 9,000 people in 72 countries (and counting) to heal with the perfect blend of education, support and community. If you’re ready for your journey from hope to deep healing, you’re in the right place. LEARN MORE

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