Do you know how to work with _______ autoimmune illness/disorder?


So many of you message me on the daily.

Have you worked with cases of ankylosing spondylitis?

Have you worked with COPD?

Have you worked with Chiari Tooth Malformation type 1?

Have you worked with people who have Factor X?


Have you heard of any of those acronyms above? Honestly, there was a time when my answer was no as well.


The purpose of this post is to tell you that, no matter what “label” your illness has been given, it is ultimately caused by four things. It is caused by the UNFORGIVING FOUR:

⁃ viruses

⁃ Toxic heavy metals

⁃ Radiation

⁃ Pesticides

You have been exposed to these in your family bloodline and throughout your lifetime. They get stored (mostly) in your liver and other organs.


The healing principles of @medicalmedium are not discriminate to your medical “label”. They work for everyone, no matter what your poison exposure is.


Celery juice heals the liver, no matter the poisons held in your liver. It destroys the casing around viruses, no matter the virus you have. It will pull toxins that are ready to leave, out of the gut and colon, no matter which ones they are.


Heavy metal detox will pull out heavy metals, radiation and pesticides, no matter the type of heavy metals or pesticides to which you have been exposed.


The main supplements like zinc, b12, lysine, vitamin C, cats claw, lemon balm, licorice root, curcumin, spirulina will work no matter what you have…EBV, CMV, HSV1 or 2, shingles etc. They will help regardless of which viruses in your body are at the root of your medical “label”.


Of course there are some specific herbs and supplements that are more specific to certain health conditions. But everyone can start on the above and begin to see healing in their body.


So if you are reaching out to me to ask whether your specific medical “label” can be healed, please know that the answer is YES.


The label can matter to you, to help you feel like you know what you’re dealing with. It can help bring peace to your friends and family. So there is an upside to having a label (aka, it’s not in your head). But with or without one, I need you to know you are empowered.


Humans are healable. It is a great gift and mercy from GOD that we usually heal in less time (a few months or years) than it takes to get sick (often decades).

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Can you take these supplements when pregnant? Is it safe to breastfeed your baby if you have one or combination of the viruses listed on the blog?


Dosage of the supplements?? How much for kids and adults ??


All good info!

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