Cavity-Healing Story PLUS Common Dental and Oral Issues

Cavity-Healing Story PLUS Common Dental and Oral Issues

NOTE: This advice is NOT a substitute for medical or dental advice. Go to your dentist and get their opinion. They look at teeth everyday. I’m sharing here what I know from my experience. It is advice you can use in conjunction with going to see a dentist. Find a dentist who is supportive of your choices so that you can work together.

I recently shared a cavity-healing story via social media about how we healed a cavity in my daughter’s tooth naturally. The story received such an overwhelming response that I followed it up with a Live and am now sharing the information through this blog post.

Cavity-Healing Story 

Here are some pictures from various angles of a tooth that fell out of my daughter’s mouth. It had a cavity in it approx 2-3 mm wide (I was eyeballing this, so it’s not 100% accurate). I tried to get a picture of it while it was in the mouth. But because of the angle of the tooth and where the cavity was, it proved nearly impossible. 

Muneeza Ahmed

The hole was observable on the top of the tooth and it totally filled itself in.

Here is what we did to heal the cavity over a period of 4 to 5 months:

  1. We started her off on swishing celery juice (as per Medical Medium recommendations) two to three times a day. 
  2. We added parsley into her diet to alkalize all body systems. 
  3. We added in nettle leaf, silica, horsetail tea, curcumin, and magnesium all to support bone growth. 
  4. She continued to drink orange juice daily (through HMDS and other ways). Anthony talks about how orange juice can regrow teeth in “Life Changing Foods.”

I literally could not believe it when the tooth fell out 4 to 5 months later, and there was NO HOLE. It is simply amazing – celery juice and the right herbs and supplements have the power to do this. I hope this gives you faith and hope that tooth issues that are not complex can be resolved with some simple home protocols. And thank you Medical Medium for this powerful healing information.

Many have asked what dental products we use. Here is our list: 

Heal Dental and Oral Issues from the Inside Out

We know from Anthony William that the key to good oral health is good gut health. Take care of your gut in order to take care of your dental and oral health. Celery juice is key for maintaining good gut health. Check out the Medical Medium “Celery Juice” book to learn all about it. Celery juice is so simple and so mind-blowingly amazing.

Let’s talk about some common dental and oral issues and how to heal them. What about bad breath? If you have it, you may try anything to cure it. Bad breath is caused by rotting food in the gut, ammonia permeability. It’s acids coming up from the gut. Celery juice is the thing that heals that. It neutralizes the acids. It takes away ammonia permeability. It helps the liver. The gut is why you have bad breath. It doesn’t start in the mouth; it starts in the gut. Watch Anthony’s live on YouTube with the two dentists. They talk about how gut health is teeth health. The issue starts in the gut.

Tooth sensitivity is also a big concern for many people and is usually due to sensitive nerves in the mouth caused by viruses. For example, some people have a hard time chewing dates. It’s not the date that’s the problem. It’s the date texture or the stickiness that causes a problem for nerves in the teeth that are already sensitive. Sensitive nerves are a neurological issue. Heal by focusing on antivirals to address neurological issues. Add in more support for the nerves, such as Neuromag, magnesium glycinate, CA poppy seed, passionflower, and lemon balm.

I have been asked by many of my clients whether or not they should have their mercury fillings removed. Anthony says that if you have a chronic illness condition, don’t take out your mercury fillings while you are still sick. The mercury is in the mouth, but it is contained in the tooth. As long as you’re having the HMDS every day, you are removing whatever vapors are coming up. But when you take it out, it can release a whole bunch of mercury that can go all over your system. I have had so many clients that had their fillings removed just as they were getting sick and having a lot of viral symptoms, and what ended up happening to them is that they got even sicker and had even more symptoms. If you have mercury fillings, do not remove them unless they crack on their own or they fall out on their own – then deal with it. But don’t go out looking for it until you are actually strong and healthy again. And if you do it, he recommends taking out one at a time.

I will be following up this post with a Q&A on dental health. So watch out for that post – it will be coming soon.
In the meantime, what is your biggest dental health concern? Tell me in the comments below.

103 thoughts on “Cavity-Healing Story PLUS Common Dental and Oral Issues”

  1. Hi Muneeza, thank you so much for this post!
    I have a few small cavities and this post gave me hope to heal them! I already drink celery juice daily. I also began swishing it. I’m curious, besides the celery, would be your number one thing to help cavities (from your experience with your daughter).
    I’m also curious what adding parsley into your daughter’s diet looked like. Was it a few springs here and there daily, a few times a week? Thanks again!

    1. Michelle – you are so welcome. Yes, celery juice is the number one tool! She swished with celery juice 6 – 7 times a day.

      1. Hallo Muneeza,
        gilt dies auch bei Kreidezähnen?

        Mein Sohn hat bei seinem ersten bleibenden Zahn vermutlich einen Kreidezahn. Ich bin sehr erschüttert darüber und er auch und ich würde ihm so gerne helfen. Danke für Deine Rückmeldung

        1. Hello Muneeza,
          does this also apply to chalk teeth?

          My son probably has a chalk tooth on his first permanent tooth. I am very upset about this and so is he and I would love to help him. Thank you for your feedback signal

          Yes, ute this applies to anyone with chalk teeth as well. I hope this helps and good luck with your little guy.

      2. I have one tooth on each upper jaw next to my wisdom tooth that broke. the inside is exposed. pfood gets stuck in it. sometimes hurting .. buy right now the right one is hurting soooò bad. not only that the gums right on top of it hurts as well. I’m in so much pain. when I brush my teeth and gums it hurts. it’s so sensitive. 🙁 plssss help

        1. Hi Cheryl, so sorry to hear about this – that is so painful! If we were in your shoes we would go see a dentist right away. A broken tooth with exposed interior can lead to infection in addition to pain and discomfort. You’ll need some dental work. Take the toxic heavy metal expsosure shot and pharmaceutical exposure shot before and after your dentist visits to protect against any inevitable exposures. And be sure to swish with celery juice as often as possible to keep your mouth clear from bacteria. Take care!

      3. Hi muneeza! I notice my almost 3 year olds front tooth started getting a brown spot and the tooth beside it has started disintegrating so quickly! Is there anything I can do for her ?

        1. Joy thank you for taking time to read the blog. Have you shown your dentist? What do they say? Brown spots are often representative of heavy metal oxidation. If a tooth is disintegrating – that is another issue, often related to the gut.

  2. I have 2 filling that fell out about 2 years ago. I tried to get one fixed but it fell out again and now the whole in my tooth is even bigger. I don’t want them to fix it because I feel I keep losing more of my teeth. Is it ok to leave them alone and work on healing protocols instead? I drink celery juice so I can start swishing it 2-3 times a day. I will add parsley and more fresh orange juice in my diet. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!

    1. It is ok to make that choice if your teeth are not otherwise bothering you. I would swish 8 – 9 times a day. And bring in way more leafy greens.

    2. My mom had a bad extraction years ago causing a nerve pain that seems like it’s coming from teeth, goes up front of head and only thing that helps is Lyrica. No dentist or doctor can help.

      1. Hi Lou, so sorry to hear about your mom. If you’d like any support with her condition we’d be happy to have you or her join our Intuitive Healing Community where cases and questions like this one are discussed. Wishing her answers and relief as soon as possible! – Team Muneeza

  3. I was just told by my dentist that I need a root canal. He put in a temporary filling, then put me on a 2-week course of penicillin. Since starting them, my canker sores and chronic sinus congestion have worsened even after taking lot of Vimergy Propolis, goldenseal, lemon balm, zinc & cat’s claw. Plus my teeth are more sensitive. The tooth wasn’t hurting or infected to begin with, but he wants me on the penicillin as a precaution, in case any bacteria was trapped inside the cavity before the filling was applied. I’m really uncomfortable taking it for another week, though, given my strep flare, and all the negative things about antibiotics. Wouldn’t I be better off focusing on anti-bacterial and anti-viral foods & supplements, rather than this medication? I already have a host of chronic health issues I am healing and don’t want another set-back. On the other hand, I’m concerned about a potential tooth infection….

    1. Julie, I am so sorry you are struggling with your teeth! They can be some of the hardest things to deal with. I also hope you are a better than when you wrote this comment. I am unable to provide advice that goes against a doctor’s advice for antibiotics. However, the antivirals that you are on are powerful and can be supportive during the process of healing. As you know, they fight off bacterial infections any way, so make sure they are a part of your protocols. If you have a reaction to antibiotics, it is best to speak to your doctor about it.

  4. Hi Muneeza
    One fo my teeth is starting to ache a bit, I swish cj and will add in more parsely, im wondering if putting propolis directly on and around the tooth will also help? If not what about sovereign silver?

  5. My teeth has gotten thinner and transparent and it feels like the lemon water contributed to it 🙁 But I hear that people experience that it’s helping them instead and so on.

    I also feel like my teeth are slowly crumbling away… Been thinking that the fruits trigger this?
    I experience like some kind of stinging sensation in the gums. Does anyone know what might cause this?

    I try swishing with celery juice and just recently sovereign silver.

    Has anyone had any experience with reversing thin/translucent teeth?

    1. It is bad acids from your gut that make your enamel wear away, bore into the teeth to make a cavity and can cause recessive gums. Sensitive gums are caused by having a viral load in the body. Many of my clients have reversed their translucent teeth by following Medical Medium information. Lemon while acidic on the outside, when in our bodies becomes alkaline.

    2. Hi Emma,

      I have 3 caveties. One needs a nerve treatment asap according to the dentist and the other one she was una le to tell so what they would do is a test with cold and warm water to understand the situation but both teeth are chipped… I am so shocked as I now have 12 years of being plant based but have 5 years of eating breads… I just wonder if I can do something without having to get that nerve treatment. My higiene is always high and I have been drinking the celery juice in the morning. Would you be so kind to tell me in what Anthony Williams book is the teeth info? I got celery juice ebook and can’t find it and I have medical medium ebook, cleanse to heal, liver rescue, and may have another one on ebook format … Thank you so much! I just don’t want to get anesthesia and guttapercha is what they use to stop the nerve. I am a very healthy 52 year old just in case age matters. I wonder if I can stop the nerve with celery juice… Thank you!

  6. I actually had three removed separately and my root canal removed also with then a bridge put on. Then 7 no later months later constant tinnitus.. I believe that mercury removal started my problems of heart palpitations twitching and tinnitus constantly. Is tinnitus from the Mercury or did I get EBV because of this?? Do CJ HMDS everyday..and no foods.. Tinnitus is pretty low sounding just a constant very very low sound but want to get rid of it completely what can I do or how long will this take?

    1. The mMercury feeds the EBV and can send you into a viral flare. Can you increase the core 7 (b12, zinc, lysine, micro C, cats claw, lemon balm and licorice)?

  7. Wow! amazing information, thank you so much.
    I’ve suffered with sensitive teeth and receding gums for years, they have improved since following Anthony’s protocols but I could do better. I can’t afford all the supplements, but do the best that I can. Is lemon balm tea beneficial, or does it have to be a supplement?
    Thank you so much for all your blogs, they are so interesting 🙂

  8. Hi. In Munezzas blog that she wrote regarding her daughter’s tooth healing. She said there’s going to be a live Dental talk and to watch out for. Can someone tell me if they know if there’s a talk on this, and if so how would I find it? Thank you.

  9. Hello! Just wondering what amount of comfrey you used for your little? I know it’s hard on the liver. Did she inject it or just swish?

  10. Hi Muneeza,

    Thank you so much for this article!! I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I was wondering, how did your daughter use the comfrey root? Was it ingested or just swished around the mouth, then spit out?



  11. Wow. I found this to be super helpful! I’m going to start implementing your tips. Thank you so much for this blog. _Jennifer M

      1. I had a dental appointment today. I found out that I had a lot of stains on my teeth and signs of tooth erosion. The dentist told me that it was due to the acidity in my mouth being too high for my saliva to balance out. A change in diet can cause this, e.g drinking too much lemon water or acid reflux from stomach acid. I don’t have severe erosion, but it is something my dentist told me to be mindful of.

        1. Hi Dan, so sorry you’re experiencing this – it’s actually very common. From our perspective, the dentist is spot on with the issue of acidity, but it’s not from consuming “acidic” foods like lemon, lime, grapefruit, or other citrus, which are not acidic as soon as they enter the body including the mouth. Acidity in the body causes minerals like calcium to leech out of our teeth and bones to make up for the lost mineral content – consuming lemon water with its highly bioavailable calcium helps to replenish those minerals. Adrenaline from stress, intense exercise, burning the candle at all ends, etc. is a huge factor in tooth erosion. So are acidifying foods like coffee, vinegar, foods with high fat content (dairy, eggs, animal products, nut butters, oils, etc.). Daily celery juice, lemon water, nettle and horsetail tea, fresh melon, and other foods high in calcium (like broccoli) and silica (like kale stems, melon, and the two teas mentioned) will help rebuild your teeth! – Team Muneeza

  12. Thank you for this information! Can you tell me if you use comfrey leaf or root for the tea? I grow my own but have only used it topically. Also, is there a certain kind of comfrey plant that is safer or does it matter? Thank you 🙂

  13. Hi Muneeza – thank you so much for this informative post. With regards to comfrey, everything I’ve read says not to take it internally as it can be very hard on the liver. Is there any truth to this and if so do you suggest just swishing it in the mouth? Thanks so much!

  14. I had a sore tooth about a month ago…I have been drinking celery juice to help me thru early menopause and it has been a game changer…no hot flashes or brain fog…I can sleep soundly…it’s been an amazing addition to my life… but…I have naturally low blood pressure and celery juice unfortunately made that much worse… lowering BP is easier the raising it so I had to put the brakes on juicing for a while… having said that it took about 6 months to go back to the horrors of menopause so juice one month on and only 8oz of juice with 2 months off…this most recent on month my tooth was aching so I set my alarm for 4am drank my 8 n saved a mouth full n wud swish myself to sleep lol…it fixed my tooth after only a month…I must say this is the most amazing beneficial natural medicine I’ve ever had the pleasure to use! Honestly it works for everything especially muscle and joint pain. I tell everyone I can to use celery juice!!

    1. Sofia
      Low blood Pressure and low heart rate happen because there are too many toxins in the body and the body slows down blood flow by reducing blood pressure in an effort to stop the poisons spreading quickly.
      It is not celery juice that lowers BP to levels that are not healthy. I am so happy to hear celery juice has been helping you so much.

  15. Hi, Could you please give a link to where you bought the comfrey? Did you use it as a tea? Any cautions about the amount of comfrey to be used?

  16. Madelyne Valko

    Gum recession big issue since detoxing 5 yrs ago. Recession progressing while diet and health getting so much better every year

      1. Do we have to do the celery fresh all the 5 or so times a day we swish or can we do it all at once say in the morning and just save it for the whole day to be swishing it throughout the day?

  17. This arricke is incredibly helpful, thank you for sharing.
    Would these same foods and products be helpful for tooth decay in a toddler?

  18. My daughter, only 1 1/2 yrs old, has very bad first teeth. She doesn’t seem to have the minerals that protect the tooth from decaying. In Germany they call this “chalk teeth” they erode and break easily and have yellow and white spots. Doctors tell me to put fluoride on them, which of course I don’t want to do. What can I do to stop them from decaying? I feel so sad about all this for my daughter. Many thanks ✨

    1. Katja decay happens because of acid coming up from the gut. Have you supported her gut? I would suggest reading the GUT health chapter of the Revised and Expanded medical medium book.

  19. My soon to be 4 year old granddaughter has 10 cavities! The dentist either wants to give her gas or put her out!

    I don’t want to see her get any of that!

    What should we do??
    Please help!!

  20. Hi,
    Reading your stories about your daughter healing was inspiring!

    My 2 and a half year old keeps on developing cavities, I just found a new one today. We do our best to follow Anthony Williams advice (we are plant based with particular attention to fruit and veg) and I’ve been giving her Mary Ruth minerals and vitamins daily for months now as he suggests. She has been brushing her teeth twice a day for the past month, before it was a bit of struggle.
    I am just feeling a bit discouraged. What would you use as a protocol?
    Thank you so much for your attention.

    1. Stephanie Gilbert

      My enamel is so thin that I’ve needed 3 crowns in the past 5 years and at my last visit, the dentist said I had several cavities now by the root of the tooth bec the enamel is so thin. Is this something that could possibly be improved with MM? I’ve done the 3-6-9 three times and will do it once a month. I’m on several supplants he recommends. I would like to fill in enamel and prevent further cavities and crowns

  21. Hi Muneeza!
    Thank you for these exciting dental health ideas. I’ve been working on healing a cavity with Oralive, celery juice, nettle. The cavity appears to be on one side of a molar. With an extensive oral health routine the pain goes away. It sounds like based on what you’re saying the hole could fill in. Is that the goal with healing a cavity holistically? One more question. Do you think daily hydrogen peroxide rinse is ok for the mouth’s biome? Thanks so much! 🙂

  22. Hi Muneeza,
    I’ve been working hard on the MM dental care. I have been dealing with a cavity for about a year – I can feel a sensitive spot on one side of the tooth. Do you expect your daughter’s tooth to regrow? Was it an adult tooth? Based on what you’ve seen, what are the possibilities when healing a cavity – can it go away all together? My tooth pain is mostly gone when I follow an extensive oral care routine (Oralive products), celery juice, but without those the pain returns. Thanks for your MM tips! 🙂

  23. I have had 7 teeth removed. Do you think every tooth that’s been removed can have a dental cavitation? Is this something that should be dealt with surgically? Or is there another way to heal these?
    What do you think of bridges and getting multiple crowns for teeth that have had many fillings put in?

  24. Hello Muneeza,
    I would like to ask you if you could please advice me what AW said about Titanium Screw Tooth implant?
    I have one tooth to replace, I’m not sure if the metal in my head will create any damages in the future, is it better to use Ceramic Implants?
    Can you help me please?
    Much love and thanks for your response.
    Katya 🙂

      1. Hi Muneeza, I was just looking at the Preferred Supplements page and did not see ACS Zeolite. Do you know if he still recommends it or another brand? Thank you!

        1. Hello – Thank you for your question. Anthony has stopped recommending Zeolite as it does not do a thorough job in pulling the heavy metals. The heavy metal detox smoothie is the most powerful source for getting rid of the heavy metals.

  25. I recently received my first order of LL oral products. Thank you for posting about them on IG!

    My biggest dental health concern is receding gums and also the shifting of my teeth inward. I wore braces many years ago and the result was straight teeth but with a very poor bite. My top teeth touch my bottom teeth in only one small spot. As my teeth slowly slip inwards, the bite has worsened. Do you have any tips for trying to at least maintain the alignment I have?

    Many thanks, Sue

    1. Sue I strongly suggest talking to a dentist. I am not trained to discuss the alignment of teeth. However, I do know that viruses and other pathogens play a big role in our dental health, so make sure you are on an appropriate and relevant anti viral protocol to support your body’s general and dental health.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I would be grateful to know the dosage amounts and frequency for the herbs and supplements you mention, and also which brands you recommend. I’m also curious to know if gum recession can be reversed.

    1. Toy,
      Gum recession has been reversed by many of my clients and many people following the suggestions in the Celery Juice Heals book by Medical Medium.
      I am not able to provide dosages and frequency on supplements outside of a health reading. Please use the directions on the bottle as an indicator and guideline. Anthony William, Medical Medium also provides supplement dosage guidelines in both the Liver Rescue and the Cleanse to Heal books.

  27. Didn’t you juice fresh celery juice 3x a day or juice it once in the am with extra to swish later on?

  28. Hi, how do you take comfrey and curcumin.

    My 3 yr old has terrible teeth and has been eating mostly medical medium style. AlthoughShe drinks nettle and horsetail infusions, swill celery juice ( although I hate it as it’s not organic) we eat all organic bar the foods we ca my such cilantro and celery. Her breath is bad so I know it’s her gut but I have no idea what to do anymore. She has so many cavities. She will have to go under and have more 6 cavities filled and I just have no idea what to do? I don’t want her to lose all her teeeth as I have

    1. Claudia Cantori

      Hi Candace,

      For children with cavities Anthony talks about remineralisation through Mary Ruth Organic Multivitamins and Multiminerals daily. If you had the same problem as a child it could be that she inherited mineral deficiency from you. I am doing the same thing with my daughter who is facing cavity issues as well at a very young age.

      He also talks about the Mary Ruth’s probiotics, which might be worth looking at as your daughter’s issue probably stems from the gut.
      I hope this can spark some solution.

  29. This is really informative. It has been difficult implementing medical medium food/supplements for my daughter who is very fussy. She has severe hyper mineralisation of her teeth and needing quite a few pulled out due to them deteriorating so badly. Would you suggest the swishing of celery juice around her mouth daily as she won’t drink it to help build minerals?

    1. Yes, Belinda. You need to do what you can. If you can’t get her to drink the celery juice, swishing it daily is a good backup option. In time, she will get accustomed to the taste and may even be okay drinking it.

  30. I’m having issues with pain, soreness and ulcers in my gums. I had the flu a few months ago and it messed up my mouth – I had ulcers in my gums and throat! It was so bad I couldn’t even eat solid food for at least a week. I think this was a virus that knocked out my immune system and amped up a herpetic virus that I already had? Every since this happened I keep having issues with my gums, with another ulcer now (I think) and I had another irritated area that was kind of like a cut, out of nowhere and took time to heal. Ugh. I gotta do more celery juice. How do I heal a herpetic virus like this? (Assuming that’s what it is!)

    1. Christine,
      I share more information about healing chronic illnesses and herpetic viruses in my membership program which you are welcome to join here: If you are having issues with your gums and ulcers, the problem is likely deeper in the gut. I recommend listening to the teaching and Q&A calls from the gut healing month in the membership and also reading the gut health chapter from the first Medical Medium book. I would start with looking at you gut though and then adding in an appropriate anti viral protocol.

  31. What is the advice for when you have an infection in the root. The dentist says either root canal treatment or pul the tooth. The dentist says that my tooth is dead. But my intuition says it is still alive at least in some part.

    1. Anne I am not a dentist. However for infections in the tooth it is helpful to start with goldenseal and silver but if it is too far gone, it may need antibiotics. If your dentist does not think the antibiotics alone will help, then a deeper measure may be necessary, like a root canal.

    1. Yes, it is. Swish daily with celery juice and keep the area really clean. Check out Living Libations products for dental health and dental care and also be under the supervision of a dentist. It is important.

  32. Nora Bassiner

    Hi Muneeza, thank you so much for your work and your posts.
    I actually have 3 big teeth issues at the moment:

    1) my teeth /nerves are very sensitive to cold and sweet things (dates, etc..)

    2) i have a little spot on one tooth where i have a bit off caries, it´s really not big.
    But sometimes it flares up a bit and heards, but only some seconds and its not bad. My dentest off course wants to remove the caries but i would really like too heal it natrually, can you tell me how – maybe?

    3) my enamel on my front teeth is desappearing. It´s so bad allready that the front teeth are really brown and looks so uggly and it gets worth and worth.

    I am so glad iff you can help me with these 3 things…?
    Thanks and lots off love

  33. Been doing MM for almost 4 years. Just went to the dentist and was told I need grafting done in my mouth due to recession. What the heck? I know recession is caused by acids coming up from the gut but eating cleanly for almost 4 years you would think my gut is somewhat healthy. What more can I be doing? Thank you for this amazing post on teeth health.

    1. Thank you so much for asking this question. Repairing the teeth and gums through nutrition can simply take a long time. Keep up what you are doing and try implementing some of my suggestions in the blog post above. It can take time to turn around dental health, but you are on the right track.

    2. I cannot even brush my teeth or use mouthwash anymore without such bad tooth aching all over my teeth. It didn’t use to be like this until my flare from getting a tooth taken out and yes dates are hell for me. Thank you for the information!!

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