NOTE: This advice is NOT a substitute for medical or dental advice. Go to your dentist and get their opinion. They look at teeth everyday. I’m sharing here what I know from my experience. It is advice you can use in conjunction with going to see a dentist. Find a dentist who is supportive of your choices so that you can work together.

I recently shared a cavity-healing story via social media about how we healed a cavity in my daughter’s tooth naturally. The story received such an overwhelming response that I followed it up with a Live and am now sharing the information through this blog post.

Cavity-Healing Story 

Here are some pictures from various angles of a tooth that fell out of my daughter’s mouth. It had a cavity in it approx 2-3 mm wide (I was eyeballing this, so it’s not 100% accurate). I tried to get a picture of it while it was in the mouth. But because of the angle of the tooth and where the cavity was, it proved nearly impossible. 

The hole was observable on the top of the tooth and it totally filled itself in.

Here is what we did to heal the cavity over a period of 4 to 5 months:

  1. We started her off on swishing celery juice (as per Medical Medium recommendations) two to three times a day. 
  2. We added parsley into her diet to alkalize all body systems. 
  3. We added in nettle leaf, silica, horsetail tea, curcumin, comfrey, and magnesium all to support bone growth. 
  4. She continued to drink orange juice daily (through HMDS and other ways). Anthony talks about how orange juice can regrow teeth in “Life Changing Foods.”

I literally could not believe it when the tooth fell out 4 to 5 months later, and there was NO HOLE. It is simply amazing – celery juice and the right herbs and supplements have the power to do this. I hope this gives you faith and hope that tooth issues that are not complex can be resolved with some simple home protocols. And thank you Medical Medium for this powerful healing information.

Many have asked what dental products we use. Here is our list: 

Heal Dental and Oral Issues from the Inside Out

We know from Anthony William that the key to good oral health is good gut health. Take care of your gut in order to take care of your dental and oral health. Celery juice is key for maintaining good gut health. Check out the Medical Medium “Celery Juice” book to learn all about it. Celery juice is so simple and so mind-blowingly amazing.

Let’s talk about some common dental and oral issues and how to heal them. What about bad breath? If you have it, you may try anything to cure it. Bad breath is caused by rotting food in the gut, ammonia permeability. It’s acids coming up from the gut. Celery juice is the thing that heals that. It neutralizes the acids. It takes away ammonia permeability. It helps the liver. The gut is why you have bad breath. It doesn’t start in the mouth; it starts in the gut. Watch Anthony’s live on YouTube with the two dentists. They talk about how gut health is teeth health. The issue starts in the gut.

Tooth sensitivity is also a big concern for many people and is usually due to sensitive nerves in the mouth caused by viruses. For example, some people have a hard time chewing dates. It’s not the date that’s the problem. It’s the date texture or the stickiness that causes a problem for nerves in the teeth that are already sensitive. Sensitive nerves are a neurological issue. Heal by focusing on antivirals to address neurological issues. Add in more support for the nerves, such as Neuromag, magnesium glycinate, CA poppy seed, passionflower, and lemon balm.

I have been asked by many of my clients whether or not they should have their mercury fillings removed. Anthony says that if you have a chronic illness condition, don’t take out your mercury fillings while you are still sick. The mercury is in the mouth, but it is contained in the tooth. As long as you’re having the HMDS every day, you are removing whatever vapors are coming up. But when you take it out, it can release a whole bunch of mercury that can go all over your system. I have had so many clients that had their fillings removed just as they were getting sick and having a lot of viral symptoms, and what ended up happening to them is that they got even sicker and had even more symptoms. If you have mercury fillings, do not remove them unless they crack on their own or they fall out on their own – then deal with it. But don’t go out looking for it until you are actually strong and healthy again. And if you do it, he recommends taking out one at a time.

I will be following up this post with a Q&A on dental health. So watch out for that post – it will be coming soon.
In the meantime, what is your biggest dental health concern? Tell me in the comments below.

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