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A simple DO-IT-YOURSELF, [where you can pace your cleanse] PLUS…

A 7 part video course which includes:

  • Adrenals & Autoimmune Illness
  • Connection Between Thyroid & Adrenal Glands
  • Liver Is King
  • The Importance Of the Lymphatic System
  • Detoxing For Life – Determine Your Stage
  • Emotions & Detox
  • You Can Heal! Building Faith & Confidence in your Healing Journey



  • Do you find travel is too hard on your health, and you miss out on life?
  • Do you daydream about taking vacations but cannot go, because you get sick or go into a flare, or just don’t have the energy to travel?
  • Do you crave wonderful travel experiences without fear or distress?


  • Do you feel that weight loss and health is not achievable no matter how hard you work?
  • Do you know, deep down, that losing weight goes beyond just diet (and exercise)?
  • Do you want to experience a deeper understanding of your body so you can lose or understand your weight and get healthier?

Homeopathy For You And Your Family

This class will help you learn how to heal yourself and your family using natural remedies and avoiding toxic, common protocols.

Greening Your Home

Powerful masterclass that will teach you how to avoid toxic fumes and residues in your household to make your family healthier, plus I’m revealing all of my favorite non-toxic and safe beauty products for the very first time.

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