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Summer Emergency First Aid Kit

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Summer Emergency First Aid Kit

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Summer Emergency First Aid Kit

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Summer Emergency First Aid Kit

Reference Sheet

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Muneeza Ahmed

About Muneeza Ahmed

Hello, I’m Muneeza. I’m known as the Intuitive Medicine Woman™.

I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I would walk around with my medicine bag full of imaginary healing tools and herbs and offer them to whomever was in need. The calling only grew, and I learned about homeopathic healing and healing using intuitive techniques. Now, as an adult, I still have a medicine bag well stocked with a blend of herbs, minerals, homeopathy and essential oils.

Over the past 12 years I’ve supported over 7,500 people around the world to discover and understand their bodies’ intuition and unique needs to heal from within. Using Medical Medium® protocols that include natural remedies, the best foods, and aligning emotions with the physical body, I help people heal from illness and enjoy a thriving, joyful life.

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Nothing in this website and/or programs should be construed as healthcare advice, medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription. Information or guidance provided by Ahmed, should not be construed as a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Ahmed, makes no guarantees or warranties related to her products or services.