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What is Energy?

by | May 24, 2012

Well, its everything. Everything is Energy. I know that sounds a little airy-fairy, woohooish, new-agey and out there, but that is what Einstein, yes – Albert – actually said. Everything Is Energy. If you’ve watched the movie ‘What the bleep do we know?’ you may know what I’m talking about. If you’re still totally clueless like I was when I first heard this, I will attempt to break it down further. This is kind of where Quantum physics meets the yogis, so yes  what I am saying is that there is SCIENCE behind spirituality!

So as Quantum physicists delved deeper and deeper into their understanding of what an atom is, they discovered that in fact, around what they called the nucleus (a condensed positive charge), there is a lot of space, and then these fairly organized yet random electrons (negative charges) spin around the condensed positive charge. In between is all space. So the only thing holding it all together in space was energy. A kind of organization of the electric charge. What we DO know is that everything is made of atoms, so really, everything is made of energy. Are you with me? I hear some people saying well the nucleus is matter… actually they have blown up the nucleus (you know, like in nuclear energy) and found that when you break it down, it releases – you got it –  energy.

If you extrapolate this idea further (i.e. that since we are all made of energy we are not really matter at all), any imbalance in the body is really an energetic imbalance – you can call it cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma or pain,  then its easy to see how the Chinese, Yogis and Ayurveds got it right. When you focus on and heal the energy centers of the body (acupuncture points are energy points in the body or in the Ayurvedic system they’re called chakras), then energy stops being blocked. The release of blocks creates the free flow of energy, which in turn restores health and normalcy in the body.

The same applies to emotions. All emotions are is condensed energy. What precedes emotions is thought. All thoughts are energy a certain vibration. When you laugh it feels like a different vibrancy than when you’re mad, right? One feels good while the other doesn’t. When you clear energetic blocks, the free flowing energy that is the TRUE you, the real you, starts to shine and come forth. Usually what feels good to us and what flows, is a reflection of our true selves or essence. What doesn’t feel good is blocked energy. Just like when you’re sick whether you have a cold or you have diabetes, your body has blocked energy (it doesn’t feel good), but when you’re healthy and vibrant (think back to when you were younger and had tons of energy), you had free flowing energy in your body.

I learned how to read energy of a person, myself, a situation – and I know it sounds all cool and amazing that I can read energy (which by the way it really is!), but I’ll tell you something – we ALL have the ability to read and intuit energy. Its part of how we are created. We’re just never taught that its something we can master so we never do. Like if you were never taught to speak English you will not be able to speak it, but you still have the ability to speak it, even at at later stage in life. That is an exact parallel to learning to hone your intuition, which is what reading energy is about. Oh and Einstein said something else – that the only real thing IS your intuition and like your imagination (your ability to create mental images), its actually more important than knowledge!!! Yes, I know, EINSTEIN said that. Even though I’ve known this for some time now, it still blows my mind away. We have all experienced moments of ‘intuition’ that gut knowing, which often we doubt or ignore. But when your heart is getting pulled in a certain direction over and over again, or that a job you were offered doesn’t seem quite right, that is your intuition communicating to you. It is your inner GPS. Einstein thought it was pretty valuable so I thought, maybe I can trust this guy – he is after all a physicist!

In energy coaching I not only read your energy and where you are blocked but I also help you heal and clear energetic blocks (think acupuncture without needles!). The results of this are that you start feeling better and your life begins to totally shift.

Imagination is more important than knowledge ~ Albert Einstein
The only real valuable thing is intuition ~ Albert Einstein
Energy coaching will help you with:
Money issues
Health problems
Career & business
Healing stuck emotions or patterns
and more!

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