Praise for Muneeza

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Praise for Muneeza

Muneeza has been a blessing in my life when I desperately needed one.

Sometimes people come into your life at your lowest point. That explains the time in my life when I was introduced to Muneeza. For over three years now, Muneeza has helped me both emotionally and spiritually. She is truly my “angel”.

With nowhere and no one else to turn and with all of my options exhausted, Muneeza knew exactly what was wrong with me – putting me on the right track on my healing journey. She intuitively advised me on the right dosage of supplements to take along with the encouragement and support I needed to keep me focused.

Oftentimes, Muneeza would return my calls in the middle of the night because she knew I needed her. She never disappointed me. She is a caring, kind individual – always letting me know not only that I can heal but, more importantly, that it will happen. She always tells me she will never give up and neither should I. Muneeza always gives 100% of herself all of the time.

I thank my friend Anthony William for sending me to Muneeza. She has been a blessing in my life when I desperately needed one. My healing journey has definitely been touched by her love, kindness and support. But, most importantly, her friendship.

Kathleen Loso

I highly recommend a series of sessions with Muneeza.

Muneeza embodies love and exudes joy—a joy of life, the joy that comes only from a deep, innate knowing that we are love and limitless possibility and that all things can be evolved and transformed.

I have had several series of sessions with Muneeza. She is a rare and gifted healer. She has the ability to connect directly with your subconscious, to ask, listen, and hear what your body needs to heal at a deep level. In this timeless union one can traverse lifetimes, lineages, and physical limitations and create miracles.

Through Muneeza’s mastery, any issue—however impossible, overwhelming, or hopeless it may be—will be soothed, healed, renewed, and enlivened as if by the breathe of God.

I highly recommend a series of sessions with Muneeza. Your body and soul will find a new level of well-being and peace that is priceless.

Taylor Call

Within 6 months of complying completely my health symptoms reduced 80%.

I had recently received a diagnosis of MS and I am eternally grateful to have been referred to Muneeza to help me begin my healing. For most of my adult life I sought help from so many doctors and practitioners only to be disappointed with no significant changes.
Within the first few minutes of my call with Muneeza I knew I was in very good hands. I could feel her compassion as well as her accurate read of the root of my health challenges. Her complete confidence that I could heal helped me believe it was possible.
Within 6 months of complying completely my health symptoms reduced 80%. I totally know that in time I will heal 100%!
She has guided my family and myself to improved physical and emotional health over the last 9 months. I have tremendous respect for Muneeza and I trust that we will be connected for the rest of my life journey.

R from Katonah, NY

Muneeza is compassionate, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable.

I started working with Muneeza in February of this year following the protocol of the Medical Medium for the Rheumatoid Arthritis I have suffered from for 15 years. Muneeza gave me a lot of hope and encouragement in knowing that I could and would heal myself with her help and dealing with releasing emotional energy and sticking to the protocol. She is compassionate, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable and although I have a long way to go with my healing, its wonderful to know she is holding my hand through the journey.

JJ from NY

I have learned volumes from Muneeza.

I started working with Muneeza many years ago. I had an Emotion Code session with her that quite literately rocked my world. It was way more that I ever expected and really sent me on a path that I will always be grateful for. She also introduced me to Anthony William. I have always admired the amount of knowledge she has and even more than that I love the way she maneuvers through her mountain of training and knowledge to focus in with almost lighting speed intuition to what ever is the best piece of information needed in the moment. I was so lucky to have worked with Anthony but when doing so I was equally impressed with the fact that Muneeza was so spot on all the time.

When Anthony was no longer available for private consultations I was not worried at all because I knew and trusted Muneeza to guide me and my family. She focuses in so quickly on what is happing for my kids and both my husband and I, and with confidence and assurance directs us to the right combination of foods and supplements to helps us heal and rebalance. When I work with her she resonates with such strength and confidence that I just know it is all going to be ok. Her knowledge and intuition is amazing but the knowing, strength and compassion that she emanates when working with me is the true gift she gives.

I have learned volumes from Muneeza and she has coached me and saved me, as a mother, more times than I can count. I encourage you to listen to her interview and you will feel for yourself just what a beautiful soul she is and how she is driven by compassion to help.

Eileen Crispell Ford

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