Reactions, Allergies, Sensitivities, Doesn’t Agree with me….

Have you ever dealt with any of the following during your healing journey?…

  • Mystery Heart Palpitations
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Food Sensitivities & Intolerances
  • Environmental Allergies
  • Histamine Reactions
  • Anaphylactic Reactions
  • Healing (Cleansing) Reactions 
  • Viral Reactions (Flares)
  • Hives
  • Mold Reactions


People deal with various reactions every day which often leave them very confused.  What is really going on in your body when you have a certain reaction? Could this reaction be coming from detoxing?  


Let’s explore and break down what is actually happening in our bodies when such reactions occur.


Viral reactions (or flares) vs Healing reactions (detox)

First it is important to distinguish between a viral flare and a healing reaction (aka cleansing or detox reactions). One general rule of thumb when trying to recognize the difference is how long it lasts and the intensity. A healing reaction will come and go more quickly, whereas a viral flare can last for weeks. 


When searching for a root cause, it’s best to remember that these issues have been building over your lifetime, and what you had to eat yesterday or right before you felt discomfort is likely not to blame. This is what most of us do. Correlate our symptoms to the new cleanse we started, the celery juice we have been on for a month, or a new food we have brought into our regimen. However, because most symptoms that people consider ‘detoxification’ are actually viral reactions or viral flares (basically, virus is getting more active and increasing the viral load) it is very UNLIKELY that the healing food you just ate is the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. 


Are you this person? 


Many people ask me whether if their migraine increases or if they experience MORE pain, this is a sign of the new regimen doing its job and actually working for them and most often, the answer is NO. 


This is an increase in viral symptoms and needs to be addressed with increased antiviral support.


Mystery Heart Palpitations

Many people experience this sensation and believe it to be a “reaction” either to something they ate or they attribute it to the fact that they are detoxing and label it a “healing reaction.” The reality of the situation is, mystery heart palpitations are caused by a stagnant and overburdened liver coupled with a viral infection. When Epstein Barr (EBV) or other herpetic viruses residing in the liver, create so much toxic byproduct on an already overburdened liver, that byproduct becomes a sticky jelly-like residue.  This residue can leave the liver and get pumped to the heart and end up in the mitral valve, causing this valve to sometimes stick slightly which results in an irregular heartbeat.

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison + viral load in the liver 
  • Chaga Tea 
  • Rose Hips Tea 
  • Lower fat levels 


Chemical Sensitivities

Many who experience this are diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Those who experience reactions to chemicals are dealing with a sluggish and stagnant liver that has been overburdened with toxins and pathogens.  When the liver becomes too burdened to handle any more chemical, viral, and bacterial waste matter, the overflow goes into the bloodstream which also becomes overloaded with the toxins and destroys our white blood cells (which make up our immune system).  With a compromised immune system, it is the most opportune time for a virus to strike.  Resulting in the central nervous system becoming inflamed, causing the person to present a chemical or food sensitivity. 


A common example of a chemical sensitivity presenting when eating a food, is a burning sensation around the mouth when biting into a piece of fruit (typically an apple).  This happens because you have eaten a conventional apple in the past that was filled with pesticides or DDT.  When you bit in, a chemical reaction occurred.  After this, any apple you eat can trigger a similar reaction if your liver is overburdened.  The best way to combat this reaction is to eliminate foods that feed a pathogen.

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison load in the liver 
  • Follow Chemical sensitivities protocol in the Liver Rescue book by Medical Medium
  • Go slow on supplements 


Food Allergies

Many people experience symptoms like bloating, stomach ache, headache, fatigue, itchiness, or burning sensations after eating certain foods. If you have had this experience, you may have been told you are allergic or think you are allergic to something, however, science and research doesn’t know what actually happens when food hits your stomach. 


In order to understand allergies, you must understand that the food theories out there are not built on a foundation of truth. For example, the theory of fruit sugar being harmful like processed sugar…unequivocally false!  It is harmful theories such as this that prevent us from heeling. Fruit sugar is critical for our survival.  


The testing for allergies can be just as harmful.  IGG (immunoglobulin) testing for seasonal or food allergies is woefully inaccurate. 


We don’t know what food does inside our bodies, so how can we say it is causing an allergy? In many instances a healing food will help kill off pathogens, and it is the die off of these pathogens that will trigger a “reaction.” For example…the “celery juice allergy” results from celery juice killing a pathogen, that pathogen is releasing a stored toxin, and creating histamine. Celery juice kills H. Pylori, strep (SIBO), and disarms mold. So the allergy tests are picking up the inflammation from the pathogens you are killing off – detoxing. It is misleading to use the IGG tests to claim certain food allergies, and then be put on an elimination diet based on these false results. The result is that most people miss out on healing foods that could really help with their symptoms. 


Also remember: You cannot have a TRUE allergy to a natural healing food like fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild foods. 

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison load in the liver 
  • Follow Food sensitivities protocol in the Liver Rescue book by Medical Medium



Environmental Reactions

Have you ever suddenly been struck with a runny nose or sneezing seemingly out of the blue?


The culprit in this instance is a low grade bacterial infection in the walls of the sinus cavities. Strep lives in the liver and lymphatic system, which will keep it in the sinuses.  As long as you have strep in the lymphatic system, you will have strep in the sinuses. 


Many people mistake this reaction for an allergy because when they remove gluten, they begin to feel better.  However, gluten is just a trigger – it feeds the underlying pathogen which is streptococcus, and it is strep that is causing the runny nose and sneezing.

Best Treatment: 

  • Remove troublemaker foods (eggs, dairy, wheat/gluten)
  • Follow strep healing protocol in Cleanse To Heal



Histamine Reactions

When a food feeds pathogens in the body, that food creates a food allergy, and with sensitivity to certain foods, histamines can build up. So when a virus is being fed, more neurotoxins are created (as the virus has to excrete if it eats…and what it excretes is a stronger neurotoxin).  These neurotoxins can inflame the digestive tract. With dairy allergy for example, the sufferer feels it the very minute dairy is consumed.  This is because the poison that is being eliminated by the virus is far more toxic than the dairy itself.  A person is not actually “lactose intolerant.” It is that lactose which is feeding (in fact hyper feeding) a bunch of pathogens in the intestinal tract, and then they eliminate what they have eaten in the form of a poisonous toxin that makes the person feel sick and a sense of bathroom urgency.  


Some foods to which we are sensitive are in fact medicinal.  Such foods are cleaning and detoxing us, and may give a healing effect. They may be killing off pathogens which triggers the allergy test. There are good foods that eliminate ammonia, formaldehyde, byproducts, jelly substances produced by pathogens, and DDT, when they detox they produce histamine reactions or some other type of reactions, and can be mistaken as allergenic by the allergy tests, but in reality the test is just picking up on the inflammation caused by the viral die off. 

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison load in the liver 
  • Curcumin 
  • Reishi
  • High Dose Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin B12 



Anaphylactic Reaction

This type of reaction is considered a true allergic reaction. When one develops a food or substance allergy that when ingested (in the case of food) or injected (in the case of medical treatments or a bee stinging) and in a brief time the person’s face swells, skin rashes occur, the person’s throat for example gets swollen, preventing normal breathing, or producing vomiting or choking, and even render the person into life threatening shock. 


This is why Medical Medium® strongly warns against B12 shots, for example. The person will eventually get anaphylactic shock from B12 if she/he has had too many B12 shots as years go by. The body will make antibodies to B12 because it is entering the wrong way through the skin.  A true allergic reaction can develop with substances that are injected into the muscle.


When we are stung by a bee, the reason why the pain is there is because the body is sending an army to the spot, and it swells up. The same is true with antibiotic shots. If antibiotics are prescribed, they must be taken orally and not via injections into the muscle. Otherwise the person can become allergic to whatever has been injected, because the body builds antibodies against that foreign substance. 


I have seen people healing from anaphylactic reactions as they clean up the poison load in the body and specifically in the liver. Sometimes the reactions don’t entirely go away, but they can reduce and become less life threatening. 

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison load of the liver: Lower fats, multiple 3:6:9 Cleanses by  Medical Medium 
  • Reduce the viral load in the body 
  • Morning Cleanse and Fat Free Mornings 



These are often considered a histamine reaction but this is not always accurate. Almost all skin conditions come from the liver.  Troublemakers such as pathogens and toxins get inside the liver.  The type of skin condition one develops is dependent upon the type of pathogens and toxins that are in the liver.


The liver fills with toxins and then the pathogens feed on these toxins.  After feeding, when the pathogens excrete, a dermatoxin can be created.  This dermatoxin can cause hives to occur.  


Chronic hives are a reaction to a toxin within.  As you clean the liver, the pathogen load will reduce and skin conditions will begin to clear.


The reason they can occur after exposure to certain foods like shellfish, milk, eggs or peanuts for example, is because these foods feed the viruses and the more toxic poop the viruses dump out can cause the liver to go over the edge and create a histamine reaction. Some people experience a reaction after eating healing foods, and that happens because the die off from the healing foods can be too much for the liver to process in the moment. 


As such in either case, the foods should be avoided. Of course, avoid toxic inflammatory foods at all times. But over time as your liver heals, you will be able to bring in more of the natural healing foods with no reactions. 

Best Treatment: 

  • Clean up the poison load in the liver 
  • Curcumin 
  • Reishi
  • High-dose Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin B12 


Mold To Activate Viruses

The immune system attracts and gathers mold spores as soon as they enter the body in an attempt to stop mold from getting into the brain. Mold can cause the person tickle on the throat, itchy ears, energy loss, runny nose, headaches, scratchy throat, irritability, and in the worse cases mild fatigue. But when the person is away from the mold, the mild fatigue goes away instantly, as do many of the other symptoms. 


Can it make a person bedridden with severe neurological symptoms? NO. 


Mold on its own cannot make a person bedridden. However, it can trigger a virus. Once a virus is triggered, the person stays sick even away from the mold. To reverse this, the viral issue must be addressed. 


Mold can also trigger bacterial infections like UTI’s, sinus infections, bladder infections, kidney infections, sore throat, ear infections, styes, bacterial vaginosis, SIBO, bloating, IBS, all caused by streptococcus bacteria.

Best Treatment:

  • Clean up pathogen load in your liver
  • Zinc
  • Spirulina
  • Vitamin C
  • Aloe water daily 
  • Core 7 supplement protocol (B-12, zinc, lysine, vitamin c, cats claw, lemon balm, licorice root) 


Moving Forward

In order to free yourself of these various reactions, you must remove ALL no foods from your diet.  This includes eggs, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, canola oil, and natural flavors.  


Start by eliminating one or two foods…eggs and dairy. Then begin to bring in more healing fruit.  Always focus on getting an abundance of the Holy Four (fruits, vegetables, herbs/spices, and wild foods) in your diet.


It is important you stay in tune with your body and learn to recognize the difference between a symptom flare and a detox reaction, so that you will know how to support yourself.  


Always remember that healing takes time and patience.  You will be successful if you are committed.  Although there will be ups and downs, this is all part of your journey – try to embrace the ride.


To your health & healing,




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Geetanjali Bhagwani

I loved the part where you have differentiated a detox and viral flare based on the time factor…so easy to understand.Thank you

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