Dear souls across the world, I want to ask you if you’ve been living the life you desire…

  • Do you find travel is too hard on your health, and you miss out on life?
  • Do you daydream about taking vacations but cannot go, because you get sick or go into a flare, or just don’t have the energy to travel?
  • Do you crave wonderful travel experiences without fear or distress?

The solution to shifting your health lies just ahead,
but I also want to ask you…

  • Do you feel that weight loss and health is not achievable no matter how hard you work?
  • Do you know, deep down, that losing weight goes beyond just diet (and exercise)?
  • Do you want to experience a deeper understanding of your body so you can lose or understand your weight and get healthier?

Most of all, wouldn’t you enjoy having support and guidance as you tap into your intuition to heal, lose the toxic weight, and cleanse your mind and body?

That’s why I want to invite you to join me for two new Master Classes where you can feel empowered with healing knowledge of Medical Medium® teachings!

Travel Made Easy for Followers of Medical Medium®

Get access to the class immediately

and watch it any time you like.

For only $30

During this live Master Class, I will guide you through:

  • Understanding how to travel, even if you struggle with chronic illness and autoimmune disease
  • Using Medical Medium® teachings to heal and maintain a life free of sickness and pain
  • Using the information I provide, supplements and ways to heal when you are in a flare, so you can tap into your intuition and not stop your life
  • Packing remedies and supplements to keep you healthy because traveling can expose you to new pathogens and toxins.

By the end of this class, YOU WILL:

Have a deep understanding of the Medical Medium® teachings so you can come out of a flare or repair when you are on the go or traveling.

Know the remedies and supplements that I use to keep myself and my family healthy on the go.

The second Master Class I am excited to teach provides guidance for healthy, sustainable weight loss in keeping with Medical Medium® teachings!  

Weight Issues for Followers of Medical Medium®



For only $30

During this live Master Class, I will guide you through:

  • Understanding how autoimmune disease and illness can affect your ability to lose weight..
  • Using Medical Medium® teachings to manage your weight
  • Releasing toxicity from your body that causes you to hold on to bloat and unhealthy fat
  • Discovering the best foods for you to eat to support weight loss

I understand how hard it can be to lose weight but with this class the madness ends.

Whether you are new to Medical Medium® or a seasoned student of his work, you can learn how to release the toxins in your liver that cause your body to retain weight.  You will understand how to nourish your body with whole, clean foods that will allow you to thrive in incredible health while releasing the toxic weight, once and for all!

Get the support you need to lose the weight and rock your life, TODAY.


When you register for both Master Classes,
you’ll receive these special gifts from me:


Flare-prevention Supplements During Travel:

A supplement list to help prevent and slow flares when travelling.  


Foods for Weight Loss:  Learn which foods help the body release toxic weight.

For two opportunities to empower yourself, understand your intuition, and unlock true healing, register for both classes for just $60 and grab these amazing bonuses!  

End the madness. Let me help you de-mystify these life changing tools by Medical Medium®.

About Your Presenter

Muneeza Ahmed – Medical Intuitive

I am a Modern Medicine Woman. I have had a calling to be a medicine woman and healer since I was a little girl. I would walk around with my medicine bag full of imaginary healing tools and herbs and offer them to whoever was in need. The calling only grew, and I learned about homeopathic healing and healing using intuitive techniques. Now, as an adult, I still have a medicine bag well stocked with a blend of herbs, minerals, homeopathy and essential oils. My mission is to help women and men discover and understand their bodies’ intuition and unique needs to heal from within. Using Medical Medium protocols that include natural remedies, the best foods, and aligning emotions with the physical body, I help people heal from illness and enjoy a thriving, joyful life!

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