Jeanette, Milford CT

I started my sessions with Muneeza when I was five months pregnant. It was a very dark time for me and my children were constantly sick with allergies, not to mention we ate way too much meat and unhealthy carbohydrates. A friend of mine recommended I call Muneeza because of my pregnant state and chronic asthma. At the time I was very depressed and fearful as my earlier pregnancies and deliveries did not bring back good memories. I would wake up two to four times a night to do nebulizer treatments because I couldn’t breathe, not to mention the various steroids I was on. My deliveries were all induced and I was given an epidural all three times resulting in very disoriented, painful and anxious vaginal births. I also had problems nursing with my first three children not to mention severe depression after their births. The worst part was I couldn’t share this with anyone – else they’d think me ungrateful for being blessed with three beautiful and healthy girls.

I know now that with prayer I willed Muneeza to come into our lives.  She showed me how to control my asthma with what I ate and drank and what natural remedies would work. As a result our whole family began to eat more consciously, not to mention how my children love her kale and sweet potato recipies.

In my thirty second week I decided I wanted to have better birth experience and this was my last chance to make it happen.  Muneeza’s introduction of HypnoBirthing opened many doors for me. Her experience of HypnoBirthing was priceless and gave me great courage to trust in my body. That week I found a local instructor called Lynn Lyons. She told me usually it takes months to complete the course but we were going to do it in three weeks. In the second week after seeing a couple of water births I decided I wanted to try a water birth, (the type I always wanted but because Yale didn’t have the facilities – I always went with the conventional type.) It meant I would have to find a birth center close enough that catered water births and I would have to leave my local gynecologist and find one that would be willing to assist me in a water birth…. all while I was in my 36th week of pregnancy.

Impossible to some but not to me because Muneeza had given me this new toy to play with called you can do what you put your mind to.  There’s more to it obviously. But in a nut shell you are in charge.  So in my 36th week I found a hospital that had a birth center which encouraged water births, that was close to home.  I also found a gynecologist   close to the hospital that agreed to birth me. So far this was just unbelievable.  But the best part was yet to come … the actual HypnoBirth of our baby girl….. In the water…… pain and medication free. It was the most empowering experience I have ever had.  As a result I had a very speedy recovery and a baby who learnt to nurse very quickly. She is the calmest of my girls and like a fish in water.

I have almost reached the end of my sessions with Muneeza. It has been a wonderful journey of knowledge, understanding, faith and love. She has given me these incredible tools that I have learnt to incorporate into my everyday life. With each session I discovered how to simplify and prioritize what was really important. I think very differently now about what goes into my body. Muneeza has taught me how to illuminate cravings, nourish my body with super foods and channel my mind to what I really want in life. As a result I went from being depressed and lethargic to excited, full of energy and in control of my emotions. I never felt rushed in our sessions and always got the feeling I was talking to a good friend who never judged me. However the most important part about Muneeza is that she is one of those very rare individuals that actually practices what she preaches.


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